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  1. Shows we are in a false position in league. Very poor, no threat hardly. Outclassed by a much better side, a team in dire need of some money spending and shipping out the crocs (of which there are many). Also how is Dawson number 1 keeper, that's laughable, he can't catch or punch.
  2. Sheff44

    Another good game

    The neggers are there for obvious reasons, this is a forum which accepts negativity as well as positivity. Plus we demand as an average side,plenty of negativity and expectation levels have increased due to 2 play off challenges. Which unfortunately look like a distant memory.
  3. Sheff44

    I'm still feeling positive

    Dominated ? Lol
  4. Sheff44

    I'm still feeling positive

    Yes, agree with above replies, we are an average side, the person who wrote this original post is 1 of many deluded Wednesday fans, we will finish mid table at the best if you want good management and shrewd buying of players look across the city, our time had gone for now, it's their time now.
  5. No we just need to spend money, when we can, that's what gets u promotion, it all depends on Chansiri and his wads, if he has got any
  6. Sheff44

    Dawson and Baker

    No the lack of quality has shown through tonight rather
  7. As above, best Leeds side I've seen for years, outclassed us, a fortunate point, cheque book needs to come out when possible I'm afraid.
  8. Within our constraints I think we've done well. A decent start considering circumstances off the pitch (embargo). Looking forward to 3 players coming back, Hoops, Lee and Winnall (I hope we give this guy a chance). Still think we are will finish mid table, but u never know, gotta stay positive.
  9. Sheff44

    Feel good factor returning!!!

    Incredible. We beat 2 moderate/poor sides then sign a centre half who has never played a game for Chelsea and probably never will, a young kid who hardly anybody's heard of. I've heard Hector is poor, and well hopefully the other is ok. The delusion on here is unreal sometimes. We are at best a mid table side with too many slow, hangers on who no one will buy.
  10. Sheff44

    The youngsters - quality

    Deluded, we won't do anything this season, with this squad, especially if we get injuries.
  11. Write this season off I'm afraid, gonna be a poor one like last season. This is due to how football has changed, never known a season where we haven't signed anyone in the summer. I'm 49. I know the reasons why of course, ffp... Hopefully next season will be better, when we can spend money, u don't get anywhere without doing this. Well done season ticket holders, u are brave ! If we get injuries then we are in relegation trouble. Way behind sheff utd again this coming season again, Woodburn cracking signing, so wish we cud have had him. Anybody who thinks we gonna do well this season is deluded !
  12. Sheff44

    Hopefully not

    Venancio not signed, can't attract players, financially weak, proven point. Not confident at moment for new season.
  13. Hunt gone, hopefully not a sign of things to come. I think we are now again not very attractive to players as a club, eg:Hunt leaving for mighty Bristol City, and last season's poor performance.