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  1. Quick review of first few games: Ok but could do better. Defence looks dodgy, worrying amount of goals conceded from crosses into box. Good sides don’t allow this. Fortunate to win against Charlton. They were a lot better than us for 70 mins, they should have done better. They look a better side than us. We are scoring goals which is good. But not convinced yet of course.
  2. Watched with some interest at our summer signings as I always do. some good signings in there but not enough defensive signings. Moore was a centre half you wud think he would specialise in this area. Our lack of central defence signings is alarming. There’s still time I know but…. Low and behold first match and there’s the result. Get yer money on Derby, if we win league I’ll run round Sheffield b****** naked.
  3. Really enjoyed that performance tonight (except for last 11 mins of extra time) ! Where did that come from ?!! Made my saturday night i tell u. Got to mention the boy Bannan , superb goal, boy did we cheer !! Proud tonight, cracking result and well Darren Moore too. UTO
  4. All is a waste if time now since Murdoch changed everything. We are a million miles from the promised land. Football has changed for the worst, big style. Capitalism rules in all walks of life unfortunately.
  5. Im too young (only just ) to remember the dark days of the 70s. But tonight losing to Hartlepool and being outplayed is shocking. Yes i know its the Pizza trophy and it dosent matter or does it ? Dark days indeed, saw them against Oxford and they were shocking. Its a pity Bruce left, we were looking good then.
  6. I went on Saturday, first time for 4 years. I still of course love the old place, but of course when I go it reminds of past glories and matches of old. We are not that club anymore of what I used to know. I sat in the South stand, there were 5 people on my row. Sad times yet again. We were poor, like the last game I went to 4 years ago. But still I'll go again, football has changed and Rupert Murdoch is to blame, long live SWFC and get rid of SKY TV, the Premier league and all those capalist b**tards.
  7. A squad to take us to non league and playing on your local back field.
  8. I really hope they dont let any fans back in this season, it will be such a toxic atmosphere. Chansiri will need 27 bodyguards too ! Who wants to go anyway. I'll run round Sheffield b****** naked if they stay up. Truly awful state of a club.
  9. Did a bit of reserch on how bad we are, which is very bad. Pro rota we are on for exactly same points as Rotherham in 2016-17 which was 23pts. 0.5 per game. So at the moment we are joint worst in history. We can be the worst. Also to see one of players high fiving Grabben after Forests goal is awful. One of the worst moments in our recent history, he should be sold, the only thing worse was the defending for the goal, boy we are s***. But that was bad to see. Bad.
  10. Trouble is no one with potential quality or any quality really will sign for us, plus its a club backwards yet again.
  11. Ref only saw it at full speed. Cant go in with studs showing. Spoilt the match for us, shame, but we struggle to have one shot on target with 11 men. Near mind 10. Also terrible disciplinary record. Very little technical ability, worst attack in division, not one decent striker at the club. Sold lucas joah who had some skill and height, but bought a has been for a ridulous amount of money, obvously Rhodes. The club is embarassing at times. Sooner this chairman sells to somebody hopefully rich the better, we are so far behind even championship clubs.
  12. Definite red, ref only saw this at full speed. Cant go in with studs showing. Poor discipline from a very average side who create very little every game. Probably just miss relagation, which is an achievement for us.
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