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  1. I've supported wednesday 51 years. Seen many many mant bad times, and a few good times lol. Let's not panic, we have been poo lately, but we've been here before. (Too many times). The championship again this season is unpredictable, Wednesday need a clear out, something is wrong again at the club. Unsettlement off and on the pitch, especially off it. Too many players overpaid and overrated, who probably want out now. We need new players, more investment, new chairman, club needs to be sold. Football is so different these days to what it was when I was younger, money has changed the game incredibly and for the worst. Its very difficult to be successful now. There are exceptions of course, sheff utd are one, but money talks and we now stand in the same position as when mandarin was wanting to sell the club. Until this happens, we are going nowhere.
  2. Good result tonight lads. I really think we should go for it this season now, for me this league is wide open up to now. There isn't 1 or 2 really strong clubs, We have a cracking chance, with this boy Harris has rejuvinated us, amongst others, we can do it !
  3. I agree, I think we are doing well. He was the best choice available, and hes pretty well delivered up to now. I honestly think this league is wide open, not seen any team that is really strong. I think we should go for it, big style.
  4. Days like this (+ most of last 3 years) reminds you of the cost of watching wednesday, £39 ! What a joke ! Plus we need a new manager asap.
  5. We are lacking a top/good striker. Dont get me wrong I like Fletcher, but hes nita 20+ goal a season man, which is what u usually need to get promoted. Rhodes is a has been. Win all is just ignored for some strange reason. We've got the ammunition now, just need someone to pull the trigger.
  6. Always amazes me how long it takes to employ a new Manager. It just drags on and on (why ?). Surely it doesn't take long to interview your applicants (holidays prevailing I know). Then you offer them x amount of money to be the manager and y transfer kitty. It's simple. If we've had 100+ applicants why the hell does it take so long. Surely it could be done in a week, like employment in we all work in ?....
  7. I'm afraid realistically play offs are beyond us, but well done the players and Bruce for having a cracking go at it. Never wud have put in this position 6 months ago. I'm still gonna dream but tough run in. But u never know. Wud luv us to beat Leeds on Saturday. Wud raise sum eyebrows lol.
  8. Absolute shocking penalty effort from Fletcher. Embarassing I'm afraid and third goal defending was extremely embarrassing.
  9. Great result again, loving how we've performed recently. Surprised and elated. But what's the latest on kieran Lee? I think if he came back, the ridiculous reality of us getting into play offs could happen lol.
  10. Thought we played well to moderate. Held our own against a top 3 side. But they played poorly, expected alot more from them. That helped us. We showed very little attacking threat, substitutes were negative. Boyd is s***. Impressed with Hector, luv this guy. Deserved man of match. But as stated as before the dish needs to be spent for next season.
  11. Read DC,s comments from last night. To sum up, thanks though him for having a go at it (it's reported he spent £70m on everything involved at the club). We had our best chance in his 1st season, just that we didn't turn up in the Play off final against Hull. He's had enough obviously, we now need a new rich owner and new manager to go forward again, and to be honest DC doesn't know anything much about football and he's been poorly advised. Also if his comments are true, Abdi should have never put a blue and white shirt on ever again. Still love the club as much as ever, we can come back !
  12. Saw all this and predicted all these problems at beginning of season, new wed struggle, cracks started to appear in Carvalho's second season in charge. Transfer embargo and injuries/fall outs to key players have crippled us. Manager not good enough, look over the city for a good one. Answer: Spend, spend in January !
  13. Ship the crocks out, if anybody will buy them and buy, buy, buy ! If we can't ship them out, still buy, buy, buy. Only way we are gonna stay up or mount a reasonable league position, and of course sell and buy wisely. It's not rocket science, if Chansiri can't spend the dosh, then get out and sell up.
  14. Shows we are in a false position in league. Very poor, no threat hardly. Outclassed by a much better side, a team in dire need of some money spending and shipping out the crocs (of which there are many). Also how is Dawson number 1 keeper, that's laughable, he can't catch or punch.
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