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  1. 2-1 for the mighty Owls just before Pochettino takes over UTO FTB
  2. We need help we are utter dog. Christ we would have been better with Bullen in charge. This hurts my eyes so much I will always be an Owl just not a happy Owls. UTO
  3. Utter vvank another 75 mins before he make a flipping attacking change UTO
  4. Each game I think it can't get worse, but it does. I just want to watch a game where I don't feel like I've been kicked in my old man sack. I hope we turn up against our six fingered cousins. UTO
  5. We really have no bollix an utter toothless display and no sign of change from our manager. What the fu*k are we doing
  6. FFS this is dog what the hell is happening at Wednesdays. This team not fit to wear the shirt. We have zero ambition and even less of a clue. UTO I think
  7. At least we didn't lose that's a bonus you can see Pulis has hardened us up. Now with a bit of luck we can pick up a win or two soon. UTO
  8. Painful to watch but at least it's warm at home and I haven't paid to go. One thing we cannot get any worse and the only way is up. UTO
  9. Going for a 2-1 win for the mighty Owls. Rhodes to come on and score the winner. Westwood to have a blinder but be responsible for the 1st. UTO and come on TP get a win
  10. How dare you threaten me like that, I will be back watching my beloved Wednesday and moaning like an old git afterwards. UTO
  11. Got to be confident 2-1 to the wizards. As much as I dislike Mr Monk let's get behind the lads and hope they make me eat my words. UTO
  12. Thank u a win at long last UTO. It maybe just papering over cracks but it will do for now Come on u blue and white wizards. Is it too early to say HMS PTL is back sailing
  13. Let's hope for a win I just want to paper over cracks and get 3 points. I don't care how we win let's just win UTO
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