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  1. I believe Moore is a good manager but not what we need in my humble opinion. Then I know sod all about football management so am willing to give him my backing. Then proved wrong. Will our clown of an owner back him who knows. One good thing will come from relegation we will be rid of the non trying wage stealers. But Mr Moore needs to develop some tactics because up to now there is very little tactical skill all be it from a group of over paid wasters in the team. UTO
  2. We are totally poo Chansiri must shoulder some blame but fizz me these players are diabolical
  3. No passion no movement its like watching the Mrs in bed come you set of jebends
  4. Come on you blue and white wizards UTO if we go down at least put up a feckin fight
  5. Come on you set of tail tuggers play for christ sakes. It's not doing my dodgy ticker any good. UTO
  6. Rachel wins as I'm a fat bald old owl and I can always watch us in league 1
  7. Come on lads fight like fookery UTO 2-0 to the wizards UTO FTB and Dirty L*
  8. Up the Owls come on lads carry on from Monday 3-1 to the wizards
  9. I hope for Wayne Rooney's Derby County this works out. Though I doubt all will end well for them. Still hope for us that a buyer with passion will come along. UTO
  10. Bazza by a mile fantastic game from him and the rest of the team. Still need this till end of season UTO
  11. Brilliant from Wednesday but how much does it pissuoff knowing they can play like this. The joys of being an Owl fan. UTO
  12. I was going for a win 2-1 to the mighty Owls. As it gets closer doubt sets in up the Owls let's beat our 6 fingered cousins. I can't and won't accept defeat UTO
  13. Ya can see why Patterson came on for Rhodes Moore asked for a goal and he delivered. Why the flip do we make it hard for ourselves.
  14. We are so meek heads down and roll over. We have zero shithousery about us. Mr Moore has a big task ahead of him let's hope he comes good next season. We need to toughen up. UTO
  15. Keeping the faith is hard but as an Owl that's all we have. 2-1 to the mighty blue and white wizards. Come on Mr Moore become legend UTO
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