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  1. R.I.P Big Jack you gave me some of the best memories as an owl. I’m honoured to have had you as our manager. WAWAW UTO
  2. As much as I would love to see Jos Monk go we will have bully till the end of the season and I'm afraid he is part of the problem. Let's just hope we avoid relegation sack Monk and the rest after the last game and move fwd from there. UTO
  3. Dreading Wednesday night especially if Jos 2 is in charge. thrower of a manager with a team of lobbers. Get some flippingfootball played ya set of lazt tvvats UTO
  4. Two teams look short of confidence. Referee who is vvank for both teams deep joy. UTO
  5. Come on u blue and white wizards UTO FTB and Dirty L***s
  6. Out and out now get on the phone and beg Bruce to come back.
  7. We knew it would be a battle but we gave effort no easy game in this league. We were unlucky we controlled game 2nd half. Sick of the excuses sick of the tactics and sick of the players not playing. UTO
  8. As much as I love Hutch he is starting to become a liability silly free kicks. Now I’ve called him come on score UTO
  9. poo Ref or not we cannot keep sitting back inviting pressure. Ffs up the owls
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