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  1. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    Battling performance without any clear chances still not good enough from Carlos and from me still needs to leave as soon as possible. Carlos when you leave take fox with you. UTO
  2. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    Tough game but come on you wizards need a win tonight. Sod the debate on Carlos it's all about the team. UTO
  3. If Carlos cared he would resign at least go with some dignity. Get Dean Smith in and let's see some attacking. UTO
  4. Still don't think Mr Chansiri will sack Carlos. We are stuck till end of season I fear. Hope I'm wrong UTO
  5. Words fail me we seem devoid of ideas and look a woeful and beaten team UTO
  6. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    Looks like KW might struggle to get back in team young Joe looks more than capable as a keeper UTO
  7. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    Let them play football we will score attack is best form of defence UTO
  8. Bye Bye Carlos

    love Carlos still want him to stay but he did get tactics wrong in both legs in my own opinion
  9. LZ Black Dog how can we lose today. Great thread Pauli 1-3 score, an Italian for those scrubbers and 2, yes 2 from Matias and the other from Little Tommy Lee's UTO, FTB and these Dirty Fookers from Leeds
  10. Geography not my strong point i can get to Hillsborough so that for me is good Still have a great day and be thankful i am not a sat nav
  11. Good morning all, Safe journey and have a great day to all the massive who have gone to Norfolk. Lets keep our great start to season going with a nice 2-0 win, a Matias double i feel. UTO FTB
  12. Hello all and lets have a great season. In the kop today unlike last week, still i would like the same score, but i believe 3-1 to the mighty blue and whites. Joao. Mcgugan and Matias for us, dont care for them. 26,411 UTO FTB and dirty Leeds
  13. What happened with Charlton?

    This is whats wrong with modern day Twitter, when folks go tooled up for a tweet. In my day we tweeted fair and square like men
  14. Carvalhal - YES or NO

    From me it would be a NO but lets be realistic our opinions do not count. We are not privy to what is said in the halls of Hillsborough. If he is employed as head coach then he will get my support. I would prefer some one with the word big at the front of his three letter name and his last name to begin with A. Just like Big Ron Atkinson. UTO P.S Even though i dont like Big Sam A