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  1. I'll be honest I didn't either. Hang on to the draw I was telling myself. But when that went in me and the kids screamed that loud my other half rang the neighbours to apologise for the noise . A few twists and turns left yet mate, that's why we love football
  2. Maybe I've just come across the wrong Rotherham Owls but through most of my life they've took the ******** out of their home town. To me it's just bizarre. You should be proud of where you live shouldn't you? I'm a proud Rotherham man and should ignore the Toytown/six fingered/peado/jobless/inbred/scruffyshite jibes and tell myself it's just football. No offence meant buddy.
  3. Sorry mate, genuinely wasn't directed at you. Not sure tbh why it was a reply to you specifically
  4. Good Post. Clearly you care about your club like I do mine. When you're a true supporter it hurt when things aren't right. All proper football fans understand that. I do wish all true Wednesday fans the best and I do mean that. Without fans and banter football is nothing.
  5. There is no where near as many of any fans in Rotherham as Wednesday. At least going on my mates and when I was at Oakwood Comp in the 90s. Anyway, I equally dislike Sheff U and Leeds. In fact Leeds are probably the thickest wannabe hardmen in English football
  6. I'm good aren't I? Just looking forward to the match. I'd normally be plastered by now wandering around Walkley so this is my pre match bants
  7. Mate, seriously, having been inside Hillsborough probably a hundred times, and driven past hundreds more, you are in no position to slag off Rotherham's ground!
  8. That's a really strange thing to say isn't it? I'm pretty sure Mansfield or Swindon haven't beaten you 3 nil already this season, aren't above you in the league, aren't fighting with you to stay up and don't have a 15 mile border with Sheffield!
  9. I've said before I don't 'hate' Sheffield Wednesday the club. I've family who are fans, I used to work for the club in the late 90s. But I really do dislike you Rotherham Owls. You know that much by now don't you?
  10. No, without Tony there wouldn't be a league club in Rotherham. I'd be watching a Rotherham phoenix club play in the 10th tier somewhere. As I've said numerous times, the bucket collection helped keep us going on a week by week basis and we've always been grateful for that from fans across the country. Weird how a few hundred pounds from 1 bucket collection 16 years ago is brought up on here for an eternity. Didn't know you held onto your wallets for that long in Sheff. We owed £2.5m at the time and would have simply gone to the wall as Bury have done if it
  11. There is absolutely no way we will be paying 11k a week for an unproven, unplayed kid who'd not played a minute of senior football in his life. Especially when our most expensive wage is less than 6k a week. If we had that money we would sign better players ourselves. So on what basis does your imagination allow you to believe that a club as wealthy as Leicester would not pay half his wage simply to get some senior games under his belt?
  12. No cos he's not a Rotherham player is he? I haven't got a clue how much Leicester will be contributing but imagine it's at least half.
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