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  1. The fans...

    If I were you, I'd spend the summer brushing up on my spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  2. Didn't turn up?

    Best team won tonight. Huddersfield were also best team I've seen this season when Rotherham played them away. Be nice to see them in the premier though hopefully. Unlucky.
  3. Smashing Rotherham

    I agree. With the wages your players are on compared to ours and the transfer fees paid out by Wednesday compared to ours and the fact your going for promotion and we're already relegated and the fact you're a bigger club and have more fans and the fact your a big citeh and we're a village and the fact that you are just generally massive......then yes you should smash us tonight! Anything less will be an embarrassment!
  4. Away pubs Rotherham

    Yes the police will direct away fans towards the Bridge Inn which what the OP is talking about. If you come on the train they virtually frog march you there. Decent pub for an away one though, I usually have one in there first cos it gets rammed a couple if hours before kick off.
  5. Farewell my friends

    Anyway the pressure is obviously on Wednesday tonight. It'll be interesting to see how the game pans out and how Fulham do at Derby. They looked poor on Saturday but that aside they are one of the form teams. If Wednesday don't make the play offs then its a good test to see how long Chansiri is prepared to keep putting the money in. If he keeps up the investment then its a matter of time before promotion is achieved but if he pulls out, which I don't think he will, then the bobbar would hit the fan financially. From my point of view Wednesday in the premier league is very bad new for us so I'm hoping it never happens. The same goes for the Blades as well.
  6. Farewell my friends

    Nothing to do with where you were born is it? I was born in Sheffield but I'm Rotherham to the core!
  7. Farewell my friends

    Sorry I don't converse with Rotherham Owls. I only talk to genuine Wednesday fans from Sheffield. Happy to answer questions from them.
  8. Farewell my friends

    Tom Pope is an awful human being. He was shocking for us at Don Valley, couldn't hit a barn door and had a court case hanging over his head for assault in Stoke. I wouldn't let anything he says wind you up.
  9. Our season was over a long time ago but I'm surprised by the pessimism shown by some of the threads on here. I'm guessing this is the second best season you've had in the last 15 or 20 years and many of you are acting like you're going down! Wednesday should beat us easily tomorrow and then it's all to play for to get back in the playoffs. Anyway I'm looking forward to the game, as I always do, and having a few beers so hoping for a decent game. One other thing. You obviously have a good player in Winnall but he's let himself down with his behaviour at Barnsley. He showed complete lack of class with his celebration and it only proved how much the Barnsley fans had got to him. Why not celebrate with his own fans? He's a lot to learn in that respect and in my opinion Barnsley are better off without a player with his mindset. UTM
  10. Rotherham fan

    You are welcome my little cherub x
  11. Rotherham fan

    Yes. This is my penultimate visit to your board for what may be a long time. That's why I've begrudgingly bought a ticket. Part of me thinks you can shove your £36 the week before Christmas and the other part of me thinks, pay the extra £13 and enjoy the ale crawl and see what happens regarding the football. Seems that most Rotherham fans have had enough of Wednesday and Leeds ripping off fans and just decided enough is enough. Hats off to them, I personally won't be going to Leeds on 2nd Jan. That'll be the first time I've missed there but you and them are taking liberties with fans loyalties - and Elland Rd is a lot worse than Hillsborough especially given how away fans are shoved into a corner with an awful view of the pitch. I think Barnsley's got it right with this reciprocal pricing idea. If every club did that, the prices would soon come down cos fans would put pressure on their own club to set a fair price all round. Barnsley charged us £20 this season with good concession tickets. We took just over 3,500. We'll charge them £23. Bit more but still reasonable. We'll also charge Wednesday fans £23 which I think is wrong given Chansiri's insistence and hiking the prices for us. As a result we're bring a few hundred. 4,000 less than a couple of years ago and 6,000 less than when Ronnie Moore was in charge. I know there are other factors involved for us this time like the fact we're relegated, have the worst away record in our history and its the last Saturday before Christmas but the fact is Chansiri has for it all wrong. Not many clubs sell out your away end these days and there must be 15,000 empty seats altogether so why not just half the prices, fill the ground, make a special atmosphere and encourage the next generation of fans to keep going whilst still making the same amount of cash as he is now with a half empty ground. Anyway, obviously we're most probably going to get spanked tomorrow but I don't follow Rotherham to watch champagne football. I'd watch them playing in the North Counties League if thats where we were. Bookies have us at over 8/1 which is pretty unheard of for a 2 horse race in the English league. So as ever, I live in hope. Come on you Reds.
  12. Rotherham fan

    Oh, and another interesting read for you boys from the same paper.... Some local football fans were in shock this week after it emerged that having a lot of supporters doesn’t make you any better at football. A study by the University of South Mexborough has reached the shocking conclusion that it’s possible to have thousands of deluded optimists chucking money at you every week and still win absolutely sod all. “Sheffield Wednesday are an excellent example of this phenomenon.” said Professor Ray King who headed up the study team “I know there are people who claim their grandad can remember hearing about them winning something in black and white, but there’s been diddly squat that anyone still in possession of their faculties can recall. And yet they still claim to be a massive club, just because a lot of people are daft enough to sit in a dilapidated stadium every week, watch them underperform – and pay through the nose to do it. It’s like claiming your local takeaway is fantastic because people keep going back even though there are rats in the kitchen and the food is bobbar.” Professor Kings comments bring back memories of last year’s Championship playoff final at Wembley where Wednesday fans jumped up and down like bell ends, and are still banging on about taking more fans than Hull, but the team never got a kick. “It’s a form of mass hypnotism .”said “Professor King“They’re the sort of people who would be strutting around on a working men’s club stage thinking they’re chickens given a bit of encouragement. It’s quite sad really.” We tried to get a view from Carlo Calpol, the Owls manager, prior to the clash with local rivals Rotherham United on Saturday, but nobody had any idea what he was saying. http://www.rotherhambugle.com/2016/12/14/having-a-lot-of-fans-doesnt-make-you-any-good-at-football-new-study-reveals/
  13. Rotherham fan

    A small article in our local paper, The Bugle, I thought you may be interested in.... Rotherham United fans get another opportunity to step back in time this weekend when the team visit Hillsborough for the championship clash with Sheffield Wednesday. Football fans in the middle of the last century were expected to endure appalling conditions and facilities in support of their team and the Hillsborough stadium has been left virtually untouched as a living museum and a reminder of those dark days. For Rotherham supporters, this is something of a novelty, but Millers fans attending the match on Saturday are being asked to spare a thought for the Deedars for whom this is a weekly reality. “I well remember them coming to the New York Stadium last season” said Dave Brewer from the Millers supporters association “They were wide eyed with amazement. Many of them had never had an unobscured view of the pitch, a decent seat or a wee wee in a proper toilet before. It’s what it must have been like when one of those African tribes saw an aeroplane for the first time. They were so happy, and it was really sad knowing the squalor they would have to go back to. Bless ’em. We know it costs a ridiculous amount to visit Hillsborough, even though everything about it is poo , but we’re happy to pay. Our footballing heritage needs preserving” Meanwhile, in other Millers news, TV personality Karl Pilkington has made a promising start to his temporary job as Rotherham United Manager, securing the clubs first victory in 112 days last Saturday against QPR. Pilkington has lost some weight and taken on a Norfolk accent for his new TV series, a comedy documentary loosely based on the 1980s series Troubleshooter, in which he attempts to rescue seemingly doomed enterprises. Other episodes will feature the Imperial Typewriter factory and a Betamax video production plant near Crewe. http://www.rotherhambugle.com/2016/12/13/millers-fans-to-step-back-in-time/