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  1. Map from 1890........ Green Square is where NYS is now. In New York
  2. Agree entirely. I'd be embarrassed by him as well if he supported my club with that attitude. Just watched Wycombe sh!tehouse their way to Wembley and I pray they don't go up. The way they played against us over the last 2 seasons was excruciating to watch. One match set a record for us in that the ball was in play for a total of 34 minutes. Good luck tomorrow all, should be a great game
  3. I hate to break it to you but exactly the same thing has/is going off in Sheffield. Wherever there are large populations of Pakistani men, CSE is rife. Rotherham made the news because a full investigation was carried with the Jay Report which implicated the Police and Council failings in refusing to deal with it simply because of race issues. But if you think children aren't been groomed and raped in virtually every town and city in England then you are deluded.
  4. Judging by some of the comments on this thread by you and one or two others, I'd say you are a little bit bothered by us. Like I say, I've no issue with most real Wednesday fans (from Sheffield). But this guy on 606 was a complete b*llend. To the point where I thought he might be a blade pretending to be an Owl!
  5. New York, Rotherham Named New York for at least as long as the oldest maps available.
  6. Relax fella, you'll do yourself a mischief. FYI, New York Stadium is in an area called 'New York'. This area's been called New York for as long as New York, USA. No different to Hillsborough Stadium named so as it's in Hillsborough.
  7. I've often heard Wednesday fans ask why they are universally disliked (at least locally). I've tried to give my reasons on this forum over the years, although it's the Rotherham Owls that I struggle with rather than Wednesday fans in general. Anyway, this attendance idiot on 606 tonight is a pretty good example of why many Wednesday fans are seen as arrogant. Forward to 8 mins 50 secs. Be interested in how many of you actually agree with his view of Wednesday and smaller teams like Rotherham. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0017546
  8. Good price Brad. Personally I'd ban anyone with one of those flags on my bus
  9. Think someone is having your pants down. I've just booked on our bus to Gillingham last match of season. £23 per seat
  10. Some very bitter comments on here. My 3 nil prediction didn't come off but I'll take the 2 nil. I agree with Warne. It was similar to the home fixture but in reverse. Wednesday better chances first half. I was very happy to get to HT level but hoped we would come out 2nd half with a different mindset. We just didn't seem ourselves. Was better after our goal though. I wouldn't have started with Ladapo but he did a job with Smith without much service. Nice goal from Smith as well. Richard Wood my man of the match, puts everything in and some of his blocks and tackles saved us a few times. Personally I had a great day out and eventually left Hillsborough about 7ish
  11. Put my bets on for tomorrow. But gutted they have Rotherham as favourites tbh. How can Rotherham be favourites against Wednesday AWAY at Hillsborough ? We're next to each other in the form table. Nevermind that.... - Wednesday, a team whose starting 11 tomorrow is on combined 100k compared with Rotherham's 25k? - Wednesday, a club who've spent £300m since Chansiri arrived compared with Rotherham whose entire assets total £25m -Wednesday, a club who won the FA Cup in the 20s (1920s) against a club who won the Auto Windscreen Shield in 96 (1996) Wednesday, who are a Massive club, against Rotherham who, according to many, is merely a 'suberb' of Sheffield Shows how far you lot have fallen doesn't it
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