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  1. OK fellas, time to wrap this one up now. 17 pages and 20,000 views for a kid that's never played for you, belongs to Leicester and is now at Rotherham United for the next 12 months! Surely you have more pressing matters to discuss like getting to zero points ASAP.
  2. I'm just glad he's stayed off the pork pies, unlike his dad. I'll let you know if he's any good
  3. Hey, it was a brilliant night out in Masbrough. About 25 pubs back in the day. There were still 11 open when we left Millmoor. Although by the time I was singing this in the 90s we had changed the lyrics to a 'Night out in Rotherham' cos at the time that was also a decent night out. Not now tho obviously.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-south-yorkshire-53908567?__twitter_impression=true Haha, they wouldn't listen. Unique my ars@
  5. No time to celebrate Inspector. I have to think about all those poor Rotherham Owls in these unsettling times. They will, without doubt, be besides themselves with these predictions from SkyBet. My heartfelt sympathies go out to them. They must feel really dumb today.
  6. Let me get this straight. -Chansiri came in 2015 -Projected PL by 2017 -All in, has spent well over £100m -Spent inflated wages on ageing players -Hiked ticket prices to an obscene level -Fiddled the club's accounts? -Now starting on -12 in Championship -Have Gary Monk as saviour ... and now the bookies have Rotherham United finishing above them next season. Have I got that right?
  7. If he 'goes home' you are finished. I presume this is some sort of wind up?
  8. In all honesty, from what I've seen of your squad, I wouldn't swap a single player for one of ours. Yours seem like a bunch of journeymen and Billy Big rounduns fleecing you out of 20 or 30 grand week before they retire. Where as most of ours are freebies, mostly young and hungry players on 2 or 3 grand a week. It's a pleasure to watch ours. Warne makes a point of not signing Bell Ends. Suits me fine.
  9. Well given that I've never text or phoned Radio Sheffield in my life then no. I know who you mean though. From what I've heard he's a complete and utter tail. Lee Bush is his name I think
  10. That's my point. You don't have the prospect of playing Sheff U for years to come. So you may as well admit that we are your derby next season if you somehow manage to avoid League 1. You can't say it doesn't mean anything to the 4,000 Wednesday season ticket holders who call Rotherham their home can you?
  11. "because we're jealous and bitter of the most successful team in the area"... what success, the 1914 FA Cup?
  12. Well, on that subject, the only difference between Rotherham/Rochdale and Sheffield is that most of ours have been caught or are in the process of been investigated and prosecuted. Yours are all still on the loose!
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