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  1. Rather have a Ferrari in the garage and get occasional thrills than pay premiership prices to sit and watch 1.5L Fiestas boring me to tears Hooper best player we’ve had since the Prem
  2. Gary Hooper Nando Fletcher Bonne.... FFS Like going from Ferrari’s to Ford Fiestas
  3. Heard about it in the paper? Have you bought a time machine or somet? Genuinely no idea if you can even buy a paper anymore
  4. You said you had proof Are you an 11 year old girl?
  5. So you have zero evidence and just regurgitate the Owlstalk propaganda like a sheep
  6. None it’s nothing but a psychological warfare operation
  7. Your proof that he has pretended to be injured is?
  8. Only 2 managers have seemingly had a problem with him - Jos and Ginger Jos the two most dour, passionless, charisma less managers you could wish to meet says all about them Don’t care if he is (allegedly) hot to handle that’s what we pay a manger for to handle Still zero evidence been offered by anyone to corroborate the conspiracy theory that our best player is a ‘bad egg’ and worthy of banishing whilst we play a mute chocolate teapot in the net that regularly ships 2+ goals per game
  9. Not interested bout other teams When he plays for my team his performances and my eyes prove he’s a class act and box office worth paying my premiership prices for
  10. Your source of primary evidence to corroborate this conspiracy theory is?
  11. Keep spinning that propaganda Maybe some of the folk who’ve forked out £640 again for the 4/5th season in a row for their ‘premiership players’ might not notice we’re still paying premiership prices but now watching bang average players
  12. Why are they wearing those ridiculous masks and latex gloves all of a sudden This farce is beyond a joke now
  13. Frightening how the majority of our fans have swallowed the hearsay and propaganda about our (still) best player we currently have on the books Nobody on here knows why the charisma-less Jos and Ginger Jos seem unable to handle our best player and I’m pretty sure he didn’t attain his 2 year contract that the club freely offered him by holding a gun to DC’s head 90% of the so called fans on here are brain dead and incapable of thinking for themselves Westwood is and always will be a class act and the sort of player I pay my premiership prices to watch
  14. It’s a ‘simulation’ to usher in more control for and completion of the New World Order The simulation is written in WHO documentation. The very scenario has been written into UN, IMF, WEF and Rockefeller Foundation documents for years and years 95% of the governments around the world are under the control of the NWO and there is effectively One World Government which is why all countries are employing the exact same measures
  15. It’s a psychological warfare operation But you’re another one who’s opinion is always right and can’t be questioned
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