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  1. You can't help but love the cheeky chappy
  2. "We got Borner for nothing and Harris for free" to the tune of Dire Straits Money for Nothing
  3. Condsecending and ignorant in the same sentence well done
  4. Didnt say Ducknfield had power just said he was a mason. Presume you're fully researched on freemasonry yourself?
  5. Youve just confirmed you have no understanding of Freemasonry (which if you haven't studied it why would you so that's ok) and most masons that you or I would happen to know are as harmless as the boy scouts. It's the high level ones that are the threat What degree mason was your boss?
  6. Its ok to mock what you don't understand Its no coincidence that David Duckenfield was a worshipful master in the Freemasons
  7. Yes absolutely most so called experts that the establishment present to us are as crooked and corrupt as they come. Often lobbied, bribed and or members of secret societies such as Freemasonry their word counts for nothing if you know how the corrupt system works.
  8. So the Chansiri sponsor is extra and at £1 a letter making the shirt £67?
  9. They could have cans and bottles stored which have long expiry dates so literally no excuse for not having enough beer
  10. Haven't been in the tap yet this year it's great in there and they really should market it more to drive traffic to it if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't know it was there which sums our in ground income generation up
  11. Have they announced when the sponsored versions with Chansiri on will be available to purchase in the shop? And is printing available yet does anyone know?
  12. I feel like I need to give a more detailed example to get through to the Owlstalk experts that can't differentiate between blind criticism and constructive feedback to the club that I love. I buy at least 1, and often 2, cups of tea for me and my pals every game. For the benefit of the Owlstalk experts I do this because I like tea, I'm fully aware I can buy tea cheaper elsewhere or choose to go thirsty for 2 hours but rest assured I'm sound of mind and as a fully grown adult enter into the transaction of my own free will and that is because I'm a supporter of this great club and wish to give them as much as I can. (Hope that's ok for the Owlstalk experts and condescending know it alls) Anyway moving onto the tea buying experience itself it usually goes something like this. After queuing for anything between 0 and 10 minutes where the maximum number of customers in front is only ever say 5 maximum this is how it usually goes... Me: "2 teas and a coke please" Staff: "What's that a coffee and a coke?" Me: "No 2 teas and a coke please" Staff: Struts off to the other end of the kiosk and comes back "we don't have any coke" Me: "ok what have you got" Staff:"err not sure" Me: "can you have a look please" Staff: Struts off to the other end of kiosk and comes back "Dr Pepper" Me: "ok fine" Staff: struts off to other end of kiosk and returns with Dr Pepper "is that it" Me: "what about my 2 teas" Staff: "oh yeah" rummages under counter and produces 2 cups then struts off down the other end of the kiosk to fill with hot water because the hot water filler directly in front of me is not working still (after being like that for at least 9 months) then returns with 2 cups full to the brim with hot water. "That's £7.50 anything else" Me: "yes how am i supposed to pour my milk in the cup with the water full to the top?" Staff: "errr" walks off to the sink and pours out half the water and returns with the cups now only 2/3rds full of water. "Is that all?" Me: having lost the will to live after an average transaction time of 2/3 minutes "yes thanks" pay using my card and then hunt for some milk and a stirrer. All in all a harrowing experience almost every time. This Saturday there were only 4 staff behind the kiosk whereas previously there were at least 6. They had also reduced the queuing points down from 3 to 2 which made matters worse. I have been to grounds up and down the country and ours is by far and away the slowest most frustrating experience I have ever witnessed. And don't get me started on chicken nuggets....
  13. The club is missing out on income by being inefficient Im just expressing my frustration as I want them to do better and take more revenue it is currently farcical how long it takes them to provide you a cup of tea or beer
  14. New season. New hope New staff behind the catering (middle of south stand) They've actually gotten slower and more incompetent. Beyond useless
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