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  1. Exactly this I said at the end of August we’re fooked if Fletch gets injured or leaves he’s that critical to how our team plays You just knew when he hit 12 goals at Forest and equalled his best ever goals tally in a season that the Wednesday curse would strike him down and his record would never be beaten Our most important player and then some
  2. FFS Maddison was the player I most wanted us to sign and he ends up at Charlton of all places
  3. ‘Tanya’ has got be a transformer surely?
  4. This ^^^^^ The majority of our fans these days seem to be pre pubescent morons
  5. should be our number 1 target one of the best strikers to grace the championship in the past decade probably only Mitrovic ahead of him
  6. Totally agree like Lees he’s solid in the air but he’s too ponderous in possession and forces the midfield to come back and pick the ball off him Borner and Big Dom for me
  7. If it was anyone else you’d say ok flu can last a while but Fletcher missing 3 games with ‘illness’ when he’s in the best form of his career the bloke is nails he puts his head where most wouldn’t put their foot hope it’s legit Illness but it’s the Wednesday way for him to be off
  8. That’s fine and everyone is entitled to their opinion Personally there isn’t a single word on this earth that would cause me a single bit of offence and certainly not that I’d rat on a fellow man and wednesdayite Good though that you would never join in the resounding chorus of the ‘referees a cheeky monkey’ as would hate for you to suffer from double standard guilt...
  9. Lees won all his headers did nowt wrong rest of em meh
  10. Thank you if that is the rules then fair dos and much as I disagree with them you’ll see no complaints from me However what I do take issue is with the consistency as 99% of people swear at every game every week When the whole crowd chants the referees a cheeky monkey that doesn’t contravene the rules does it?
  11. No I haven’t but I will do i just assumed that the answer would be found here given most owlstalk regulars claim to be experts of everything to do with life and not to be questioned ever
  12. Again I simply wish to know the rules is swearing a contravention of the rules in the South Stand (not grandstand) at Hillsborough anyone?
  13. Rubbish football is about passion and raw emotion swearing is and always has been part of that either way I wish only to know the rules if swearing is against the published rules and my mate was ignorant of the rules then no complaints from me however I’ve been going to Hillsborough since the early 90s and heard swearing at every match since then so just confused that it’s now an evictable offence ?
  14. Correct this ref has a long and distinguished cv of being a bent cheat against us
  15. swearing is speaking speaking is verbal communication thanks for your holier than thou condescending input give your halo a rub from me
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