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  1. Social distancing is one of the biggest scams pulled on the people ever virus are not living things and cannot be spread by touch or picked up off surfaces its a psyop to control us, make us live in fear and install Orwellian rules and laws around us start educating yourself
  2. Never ever ever will you get me wearing one of those things especially at my church
  3. FFS folk still think there actually is a virus and haven’t worked out it’s just a pysop to control the masses Utter madness
  4. Great interview from an underrated and top player Top character Give me 11 of those any day over the politically correct media trained drones that spout out the same boring dull platitudes every time you hear them speak
  5. And the primary evidence to support the story being perpetuated by the controlled media is?
  6. Fair enough your site your rules Sounds like only the mainstream group think thoughts are permitted Very Orwellian
  7. BUMP 6 shots faced 5 conceded yesterday granted the abject surrender in front of him doesn’t help but Westwood doesn’t stand for that in the first place before facing the shots This is Jos’s last days all over again and you all seem to have short memories Westwood best keeper in the league
  8. Removed by the Owlstalk Thought Police suggests it’s truth given half the other crap spouted on here is allowed to stand
  9. I’ve posted an article about Paixao and Doyen in a separate thread but the Owlstalk Thought Police have removed it Suggests it contained truth
  10. I’d start a road cone over Dawson But granted Wildsmith did very well tonight
  11. Yeah because this new found unity without naughty Westwood and Hutch has really improved results and the team hasn’t it FFS keep on lapping it up lads whilst no mark players waltz through our non existent midfield like a knife through butter before rolling a pea roller past the chocolate Fireguard between our posts
  12. Says more about you if you accept Dawson as being acceptable hes awful simply not good enough keep clapping though yeah you Owlstalk expert
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