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  1. Yep reminds me very much of Antonio He signed on loan at a similar time in the season and made a slow-ish start And we all know what happened after that...…….
  2. They played Prodigy at the start of the 2nd half against Preston the other week.....
  3. Reminds a little bit of Antonio in his style and how he runs he started life quite slowly for us in Jan/Feb time on loan and then look what happened.....
  4. How good did that sound coming out to the 2nd half last night Really set the scene for a great start once again
  5. Dross has just wasted us an entire year it's criminal what he did to our team, our players and our club lets hope the damage isn't terminal and the new man can keep hold of these players First time Boyds played his actual position and he was fantastic today hes not a left wingback Jos you utter fooktard
  6. Ta daaaa thank you for listening whoever read this at the club Waterfront sounded epic and made the difference Prodigy at half time was also nice....
  7. I sit in the South and literally have no clue what the music is they walk out to and run out to the 15 minute build up has been killed dead and 2 years ago it made my spine tingle with pride
  8. To celebrate the end of what has been one of the most flat, dour and passionless 12 months I can recall at Hillsborough can we please have 2 simple traditions returned today: 1. Waterfront back as walk out music 2. We are Sheffield Wednesday video in full on the big screen again prior to walk out the recent experiment of random Sheffield music and little snippets of the video has failed and is synonymous with the Dross era IF we could walk out today with these 2 things and as the cherry on top Westwood and/or Hutch are in the line as well I think I'll self combust with excitement Please Wednesday make it happen lets get the pride and passion back x
  9. Might be alright if you could actually hear it sit on the South and haven't heard any walk out music since they ditched Waterfront Atmosphere and spine chilling buzz now killed
  10. The smart phone has replaced the tv as the weapon of choice of the ruling elites for Brainwashing the entire population
  11. Well said that man take a bow my friend they're like flipping zombies these days and it's all by design
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