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  1. I enjoyed this song sung by the Wednesday fans. Here's the Rangers fans singing it at the game too.
  2. I thought in the first 20 or so minutes of the first half we were poor and conceded a sloppy goal but after that I thought we were pretty solid, the second half was a lot better and I think we were unlucky not to have got a draw from the game ( It doesn't really matter though) Soon as I saw McCulloch and Cribari at CB and Faure at RB I was worried a bit but it wasn't so bad. On the playing players on trial we can only play the players who were registered in Scotland last season mate so that means, Mohsni ( if he signs) Foster, Peralta, and Smith wont be able to play until the after the 1st of September which is a lot of poo poo if you ask me. That's the worry for me about Mohsni, the guys clearly a class act but will he sign known he can't play until September?
  3. You really know nothing about Rangers if that's your opinion of us. Rangers are a proud loyalist/unionist club, it's been like that long before anyone on here was born. Take for example your 'Hence the Great Britain flags and chants' That happens at every single game you dunce. There's even a picture of the Queen in the players changing room.
  4. If it was a Saturday game there would be 50,000 there without a doubt.
  5. I thought we would have put out our strongest team ( barring the injuries to others ) yesterday but we didn't.
  6. This is one of my favorite videos of both sets of fans singing together.
  7. The Wednesday fans were good and helped to create an atmosphere as well as us. It's a shame it wasn't pay at the gate as there would have been more people at the game and the atmosphere would have been even better. I'd like to see you coming to Ibrox next season and for us to come back to Hillsborough one day.
  8. The Blue Order aren't ultras mate it's the Union Bears who are, their the ones who put on all the displays and stuff and they don't wear football tops to games. Here's the Union Bears video for the 2012/13 season it's top class.
  9. Cant say I pay much attention to the championship, it doesn't really interest me. I'll only watch Chelsea if i'm watching an English game other than that it's only Rangers I bother about. I still know players of other teams I just haven't heard of your players.
  10. Your team could be playing in the lowest league in your country and we would still show up in big numbers, it's just what we do. If I'm being honest I've never heard of any of the players who are in your side except for McCabe. It will probably be our toughest test this pre-season yet after winning all our five games without conceding a goal. The Newcastle game at Ibrox will be the biggest pre-season game for us.
  11. You're a window licker. Do you realise that it was only 40 fans out of 200,000 who actually got arrested for what happened in Manchester? We have been to Pompey, Arsenal, Blackpool, Bristol City and we have been praised for our behavior, but you get idiots like yourself who bring up things from years ago. Get a grip of yourself.
  12. 3 o'clock kick offs are great. We usually get the 12:30 kick offs because of being on TV which is a pain in the arse.
  13. So you would rather have those flaps saving money rather than your club making money? It doesn't make sense to me.
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