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  1. Before we hadn't had a penalty in 10 months, now we have had 4 in 10 games it's crazy.
  2. Can't argue with that to be fair. Still feel we could have done better with our business in the summer though.
  3. They are the perfect example of what we should have been doing this season. They made some solid championship signings in the summer Vaughan, Hogg, Paterson and Stead just to name a few. Okay Paterson and Stead aren't great players but they are good enough to cut it at this level. They played some decent stuff on Saturday albeit our defence was terrible and they are sitting comfortably in mid table which is what we should have been aiming at.
  4. I saw Maguire at about 2:30 in the car park getting into his car knew he wasn't in the squad then. I don't blame him for not watching the game.
  5. He says "I'm glad its august 6th and not may 6th" That statement says it all really. Its from the article on the website.
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