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  1. anybody know when 3rd kit is available and how much?
  2. got to agree with Fuzzy Logics assessment of Kieran Lee but surprised 'cos he were in a REET mood she,d forgot to put scraps on his chips and he were crying all match!!!!!
  3. Had the pleasure of meeting John a few times and was always impressed by the way he conducted himself both on and off the pitch such a nice man and a great goalscorer .My teenage hero. RIP John thanks for the memories
  4. The long this transfer in-activity goes on the more I think MM is on his way out, after all the talk earlier in the year I feel the "takeover" talks are at an advanced stage and MM is trying to make it thru to the loan window without splashing the cash!!!would you when next week you can get the same players for no capital outlay
  5. always thouigt he would be one of the best, scored a great goal at the Lane end against somebody, cant remember who, never saw his right foot move but it flew into the net. think he went to Real Zaragoza for two and half mill and then to AV and then faded away I think
  6. as a "first time virgin" poster gotta say the negativity over this potential signing amazes me, all i know is that KD is a nasty in-your-face player who is better playing for you than against, hope he signs!!!
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