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  1. Funilly enough I finished reading his autobiography last week. We're not mentioned in it. Chelsea came close, apparently, as did Spurs. Harding wanted him when he was chairman. He had a contract agreed with Spurs I think and it was setup to go through at the end of the season but pulled out because his wife wouldn't leave Southampton. Decent book - David Hirst gets a mention as being a decent guy when he joined Southampton from us.
  2. Just got back. Battery did die. No takers on the ticket in the end. Thought people would’ve snapped my hands off to watch our 3rd string run out against the Brian’s Cum... sorry autocorrect... Cumbrians.
  3. Was planning on taking my dad to the match tonight but I'm currently sat in A&E chaperoning a student from my work due to an emergency. If anyone would like my tickets free of charge then PM me. Both together on South Stand.
  4. I'm chasing one solitary ticket. Prepared to sit next to the devil himself. No sob story, no begging. If you can help please do.
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