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  1. I remember I was on a school trip to France at the time, so heard about it when I phoned home. The internet being new then, there was no way to see the incident until I returned home and saw Match of the Day which my parents record on video for me.
  2. Terribly young, very sad news. RIP Junior.
  3. Just outside, but his body was facing the north and the linesman wouldn't have been able to see for certain, so understand why he didn't give it.
  4. Even though it's just one game, when was the last time we were top? It must be years.
  5. Stoke City, just up the road, but was unable to get this season, so hoping to go next.
  6. The orange one is a thing of beauty. Very much like the Di Canio kit as I remember the previous orange one. Probably my favourite away kit we've had.
  7. Without a doubt the highlight is the return of Kieran Lee.
  8. Exactly, and I’d expect us to factor this in to any offer we make. It’s then up to him to decide if our terms are acceptable.
  9. We play to win, couldn’t care less what happens to any other team as a result.
  10. I’d be staggered if we don’t offer him a deal, should he remain fit until the end of the season. Whether he’d sign on what is likely to be reduced terms, who knows.
  11. Fox did nothing wrong today and put in a few decent crosses. Wouldn’t have been a thread had we drawn or won.
  12. Today confirmed it wasn’t to be this year, but despite losing there’s so much to be positive about after that game and since Lukuhay was sacked.
  13. I don't think any of us expected Hooper to start on Saturday, maybe be on the bench and come on for 20 minutes or so. Given that Bruce has put him straight in to the starting 11 as soon as he's anywhere near fit enough suggests to me that he see's the quality Hooper has got and he sees a future for him at Hillsborough. Obviously there's the huge caveat that he stays fit, but if he does, the faith Bruce has shown at the weekend makes me think he'll definitely be offered a new deal.
  14. Winall - He'll likely get more chances before the season is over, but needs to prove he's worth retaining. At the moment I suspect we'd accept a reasonable offer if we got one. Nuhui - Despite being probably the most divisive player at the club, he has a role to play. I'd imagine he'll be retained and used mainly from the bench or as a stand in for Fletcher. Fletcher - More than proved his worth since Bruce came in. Forestieri - Bruce has talked him up and is clearly a fan. His injury record over the past two seasons has cost us and him. If we're able to get him fully fit and keep him that way he'll get plenty of time. Joao - A puzzling one, he's not that young anymore. How long do we say he's got promise. Good to have around and provides a little pace which we're sorely lacking. I could see us accepting an offer if we deemed it acceptable though. Mattias - I get the feeling Bruce doesn't have much belief in Mattias. I expect he'll be gone at the end of the season. Rhodes - If Norwich go up, I can't see him staying there. If we get a decent offer I'd imagine we'll accept. Playing the way we are under Bruce would suit Rhodes better than how we played under both Carvalhal or Lukay. Hooper - This is the big one. If we can get four or five games out of Hooper and he can demonstrate just some of his undoubted talent then I'd imagine we'll offer him a new deal. Whether the terms are agreeable to him, who knows.
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