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  1. A shame it didn't work out for him here.
  2. OwlOnWheels

    That survey

    Let's wait until the window closes shall we. For all we know we might be saying screw FFP and about to spend a fortune. I doubt that's going to happen, but judgement can only be made once we know what has happened during the entirety of the transfer window.
  3. Surely that’s just moving the queue from the park to the car park. Won’t be as big, but those who have to have it day 1 will be queuing regardless. Good to see it out nice and early this season. Let’s make it all 2/3 by the start of the season.
  4. We really need to have a good start for once. These fixtures should give us a chance of doing that.
  5. OwlOnWheels

    Would you rather...

    As much as I'd like to see us in the top 6 again, it's got to be England winning the world cup for me. That would be a once in a lifetime event. Top six has been a twice in the past three years event already. Now, England win the world cup, or Wednesday win the Premier League, that's a different question...
  6. Like many, the Michael Owen hat-trick stands out in my memory. Totally unplayable, such a shame the injuries ruined him.
  7. OwlOnWheels

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    I like the new badge, but I also like the old one. I don't see we can't utilise both. I think the old one in particular lends itself to merchandise. A subtle old owl on some stuff. The new badge doesn't lend itself to being small and discreet. Would allow a broader range of merchandise. Anything we can do to improve that revenue stream should be looked at.
  8. OwlOnWheels

    Anyone remember this guy

    Definitely one of my favourite players at that time
  9. OwlOnWheels

    How far behind are we?

    We’re some way short of automatic promotion, that’s for sure. The lower half of the playoffs is attainable with one or two additions. It’s so difficult to tell, at the moment Millwall are going great guns. Likewise earlier in the season, Bristol City and United. I doubt many would have expected any of them to be challenging for the playoffs at the start of the season. More than anything consistency is what’s needed if you’re going to be up there. We’ve been sadly lacking in this department all season. I think we could do it, but as it stands I see mid table as where we’d finish next season, so tweaks must be made in the summer.
  10. OwlOnWheels

    So David Hirst regrets

    Can’t really blame him. A chance to play for the biggest club in the country for any player is one you’d want to take
  11. OwlOnWheels

    Player of the season?

    Adam Reach. He's not necessarily had as high a high as some players, like Nuhiu is in at the moment, but over the course of the season he's been the most consistent.
  12. I'm a regular lurker, don't post that often though. I can't keep up with all the threads!
  13. I'll say hello. I'm a disable fan, hence the name. Had a season ticket since 93/94. Have to say the club have always been good for disabled fans from my perspective.
  14. I'd go with exactly the same line up.
  15. OwlOnWheels

    Have we got enough? The embargo thread

    Its not that easy to just git rid of players, we'd either have to pay them off, so saving no money, or get a buyer. I can realistically see some players being attractive to other clubs, but even if they meet our requirements, will the players want to leave us and go elsewhere? Given a mostly fit squad has done well for us in the previous two seasons, I think a fully fit squad next year could do well again. They're older now though, so that could cost us. I could see us challenging for sixth, should we be lucky with injuries next year, but reinforcements would be needed to be aiming higher I'd think.