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  1. Given there's roughly 20,000 season tickets at the moment, there will be people with them from all financial circumstances. I think the best option the club can do is offer refunds, whilst also giving fans alternative options, such as tickets to cup games, reductions on future tickets, or even letting the club keep it. Those who are able to take the hit have the option to invest some money in the club, who will be suffering much like any other business. Those who are finding things difficult could get some much needed money back. I can only see this as the best option for both parties, both for current season ticket holders, and those who have bought for next season already, or have multi year tickets.
  2. this suspension is as much about the viability of games being played as protecting the fans. If on member of the squad or stead gets it, every member of the squad and staff is at higher risk. Can a team who should be isolating be expected to field as team still. The only option is suspension, the risks to those involved at each club would be just as high if behind closed doors.
  3. So precedent has been set for the league to be abandoned. Sure the war was earlier in the season, but abandonment has happened before. If this gets like as bad as it could do, it’s not going to be back to normal in a few weeks, we’re talking several months at least. Abandonment has to be as very real possibility.
  4. The closest example we have to this would be the outbreak of war. What happened then?
  5. Bit of a no win one for Dom this. Don't ask the challenging questions and he'll get slated. As the challenging questions and Chansiri will more than likely give politicians answers and not actually tell us anything. I just can't see Chansiri answering the types of questions we really want answering.
  6. Given that he himself is facing an EFL misconduct charge, this is very possible. Not sure what happens should it go that way. I can't imagine the EFL have any power to force a sale, he could probably pass ownership to a family member.
  7. If as many assume, were found Guilty by the EFL and we have points deducted, then surely that would be further bad news for the owners personal EFL charge. He’s been charged with misconduct. As I understand it, the EFL can punish him all the way to banning him from a role in football. I’ve no idea if they’d do that, but the future of the ownership may not be 100% up to Mr Chansiri. Nothing will happen until all EFL charges are resolved. The sooner the better.
  8. Personally, I’d take him. He was playing to the gallery when he said he’d love to manage us to take us down. He’s the most successful manager at this level along with Bruce, and will not be getting him. I think some elements of the fan base would never accept him though, so I don’t think it would ever happen. It would also be another sign of short term thinking.
  9. If there’s no hope of him getting in a match day squad, why not terminate his loan.
  10. Forestieri the only slight positive in the first half. Let's take him off
  11. The lowest ranked team left, or Man Utd at home. We’d fill the ground and there beatable. Would bring in much needed money. A run in general would be very welcome though.
  12. I remember I was on a school trip to France at the time, so heard about it when I phoned home. The internet being new then, there was no way to see the incident until I returned home and saw Match of the Day which my parents record on video for me.
  13. Terribly young, very sad news. RIP Junior.
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