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  1. OwlOnWheels

    Hooper and Lee ...

    What other team will offer them contracts given their lack of playing time. This could work in our favour for offering pay as you play type deals, should we wish. Big ifs on their future fitness, but they’ll be there for all teams.
  2. OwlOnWheels

    S.T renewals.

    Or a Saturday season ticket. I get a season ticket, but miss pretty much any midweek game due to not living locally.
  3. OwlOnWheels

    Nando Number Ten

    Totally agree. We got an all too short glimpse of him being fit at the back end of last season and he did well.
  4. OwlOnWheels

    Steve Bruce in one word

  5. OwlOnWheels

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    11 shots is still encouraging.
  6. OwlOnWheels

    What's happening with bruce

    Not surprised it’s not been announced yet. If he’s on holiday, then we’ll not announce. Not going to announce it with him not being present are we.
  7. Hopefully it's precautionary. 70 minutes is pretty good going given how little he's played.
  8. Is Onomah injured, seems odd to sub the sub if not.
  9. OwlOnWheels

    thanks from westwood

    Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s leaving. 24 hours ago it looked like his only chance of playing again easnif he left. He won’t know what his future holds until a permanent manager is appointed. One swallow doesn’t make a summer and one match doesn’t guarantee him staying. Think he’s just delighted to have played again.
  10. OwlOnWheels

    FF Was dropped from the team

    Which I'm sure Jos would be fully aware of. It's his job on the line ultimately. Fortunately this time it's paid off for him.
  11. OwlOnWheels

    Marco Matias

    Just hope he's able to stay fit long enough for us to see the qualities we thought he would bring to us when we signed him.
  12. I didn’t think the Ipswich player made contact - it was right in-front of me - but it can still be a red card. Had Fessi not jumped it could easily have been a serious injury. Thought their player wasn’t in control so a valid red.
  13. OwlOnWheels

    Man of the match and ratings

    Dawson 6. One good save Palmer 6. Goalline block. Lees 6. Thorniley 7. Looked the more assured centre back. Penney 7. For only his second game he did very well. Pelupessy 6. Lots of donkey work. Bannan 7. We need to get his contract extended as soon as possible. Reach 6. One of his more quiet games, still afraid to tackle. Matias 6. Worked hard, ball didn’t bounce for him when he was through. Joao 7. Two good finishes Nuhiu 6. Not the Atdhe of last season. Didn’t do much. Forestieri 7. Always looking to go forwards, draws so many players to him he created space. Fletcher 6. Too short a cameo to really rate. Largely average scores, for a largely average performance. We’ll need to play better than that if we want to get anywhere this season, but it’s a win nonetheless, so plenty to be pleased about this evening.