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  1. I disagree. After a good start he fell off a cliff and looked done at that level. I think he was lucky Huddersfield needed a centre half and picked him up.
  2. I'm one who gave him a lot of stick last season, I thought he (paid or not) was f*cking abysmal barring one or two games, the move has probably done him the world of good. Having the armband never helped him, not being alongside a Loovens or Hector never helped either.
  3. Things I've learned from this thread. Some people need glasses/trip to the opticians Some need to buy a new TV Some just need to grow up a bit Seriously, people having a problem with a pink football shirt is a bit weird. In my opinion I think it's a cracking shirt but even if I didn't like the design I wouldn't be going off on one like some are over the colour. As others have said, this thread wouldn't be a thing if we'd come away with 3 points.
  4. Perfect example of a Sky player. Heard their manager on radio saying he works hard, clearly that isn't on the pitch as I've never seen him work hard in a game ever.
  5. Did a great job for us, scored some key goals in the 11/12 Promotion, great bloke who has always spoken highly of Wednesday since, it would have been easy for him to feel bitter at not being given a chance in the Championship but he didn't. Clearly a good manager and will get a good reception from the Wednesday fans I'm sure.
  6. Rowett is a decent manager, probably better than Monk but he wouldn't have done any better than Monk last season.
  7. Ipswich, Sunderland and Wigan more likely than us I'd think.
  8. Think if we did go straight back up then some would be more likely to stay here either for another year or on a permanent deal. The likes of Shodipo and Gibson and possibly Wing though he's older. BPF I'd say it it continues to go as well as it has done and Burnley don't get relegated then It'd make sense to have another year here. Long way to go yet of course. Corbeanu is the only one I'd say there is no chance at all of.
  9. In fairness to him, if it hadn't been for a points deduction that was nothing to do with him he would have had Wigan in 13th in 19/20. Not bad for a 2nd year in the Championship. They'd have probably had a good go at the Play Offs in 20/21 if they hadn't been decimated in the way they were.
  10. Exactly this, until Moore Chansiri hadn't paid compensation for a manager or staff. When Moore's name was mentioned after Pulis left I certainly didn't think it'd happen due to that exact reason.
  11. We're three games in, they've signed 16 players so like us it'll take time to gel. I still think they'll be right up there challenging for automatic promotion. Cook's record suggests he will get it right there. Will also point out one of the games they've had was Burton away and they've gone under the radar in terms of people talking about promotion.
  12. Fully 2nd this. Well worth the money and you can tell they do genuinely care about what they put out there for people to download.
  13. He'll learn a hell of a lot more playing at that level for a bit than the odd game for our first team and U23's football.
  14. Difference is, this time Moore is changing it back to what it was rather than Irvine changing it for style of play reasons.
  15. It's weird how much stick Dawson gets on here. Same with Palmer.
  16. I remember it well, as I, and many others said at the time. If you can't have VAR at every game then it shouldn't have been in the competition at all.
  17. No that's correct but the point isn't about who benefits. Lets say it's in play on Saturday, us and Doncaster can equally benefit from it. But Accrington V Cambridge or Cheltenham v Wycombe wouldn't have that in their games. Ultimately throughout the season it wouldn't be fair, I personally think the EFL should prioritise getting it in at every club in the EFL.
  18. As far as I'm aware you aren't allowed use it even if you have the facility to. Would be unfair if one game had an incident that required it and got resolved and another also had a similar incident but didn't.
  19. Still a lot of variables in play, we need everything to click together for us to be in the mix. I like Moore, I think he's done well with the players he's brought in but it'll still take time to gel. We've got a tough start, Charlton, Rotherham and Sunderland all in the first 6 games is difficult. We have to be patient as a fanbase. Think it's a bit unfair to say the division is made up of a lot of "tiny clubs", the whole big club thing hasn't exactly done us much good in the past. There are a lot of decent clubs at this level who are well run and will look at a trip to Hillsborough as a game they can go and attack, we have to be mindful of that. Sunderland have struggled to make the Stadium Of Light a fortress in this division, we need to avoid making Hillsborough that kind of place to play. Personally I think it'll be a season we grow into, wouldn't be surprised to see us be around mid table and have a run at it late on.
  20. But you could argue it's a lot to expect it to all gel together straight away, we aren't the most patient fanbase and if we don't start well I can see a lot of people getting on the players backs. If we start well then anything is possible but I wouldn't necessarily expect a promotion push, as good as some of the signings we have made are. It takes a lot to change the culture of a football club and I think if we were to go up it's an overachievement.
  21. Two things. I don't get why someone saying they'd take mid table is seen as being so controversial. Yes we've had a good window so far but we haven't actually played a league game yet. As for no plan B, Moore has played with a back 3 and a back 4. We've had two up front at times and one at times. So that one seems to be a bit of a non starter.
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