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  1. In his first 2 full season very little criticism went his way. He was going to games whenever he could, I don't think many expected him to go to Alfreton and Ilkeston in pre season. He was doing and saying the right things, of course we know this was mostly build on sand but at the time Chansiri came across as a likeable owner who seemed to be doing OK.
  2. Think it's a bit unfair to call Windass "injury prone". He's had one injury, that injury I think was underestimated by all involved when it happened. If he had the injury record of Hutchinson or Luongo, fair enough but one injury seems a bit unfair to put that label on him.
  3. I get this was probably a wind up but here goes... Steve Evans is one of those where I think football is starting to pass him buy a bit, gone are the days where shouting and balling at players is going to get you results. His last two successful spells at Crawley and Rotherham he had the biggest budgets (granted the promotion from League One with Rotherham was a pretty good achievement but it was 8 years ago now), he was able to shift players in and out with ease, especially at Rotherham. I think the scrapping of the short term loan window was a real blow for him. You can't really have the attitude of "well if this does work I'll bring 3 players in next month" in 2022. Since leaving Rotherham he's manager Leeds, Mansfield, Peterborough and Gillingham, none have gone that well have they? Added to that he's very unpopular, he's had high profile incidents (that isn't even touching on Boston) and he's made some pretty disrespectful comments about Wednesday in the past. It would all add up to a recipe for disaster. He isn't popular in the world of football, even players who had success under him don't like him, there has to be a reason for that.
  4. Loads of factors, one being regular game time after being frozen out at Cardiff I'd imagine. I think it's easy to look at it and say a player has gone down with one club or hasn't set the world alight and therefore won't have any interest without looking into other sides of it. Take McGoldrick at United, Ipswich fans weren't bothered that he left, he goes to United, ends up their player of the year in a promotion winning side. Loads of our fans said Reach, Lees, Rhodes and others wouldn't get Championship or equivalent level moves. Most have gone on to do so.
  5. He easily gets a Championship move based on last season performance at that level and previously for Cardiff. His utility which is often a downside of many players is probably his biggest strength. I don't think any club will be signing him to bang in 20 goals for them.
  6. Can 100% believe that Wednesday would ask that.
  7. Well that's one of a number of things that needs to change with the club. Fully agree we need to do things differently. Said in another thread that unless Chansiri changes his way of working then things will just continue as they are.
  8. That's literally the point though isn't it. Sheffield Wednesday Football Club under Dejphon Chansiri in League One isn't the environment to chuck a young lad into. I've no issue with giving the lad a go in general but we have to remember he's 16 years old. Not everyone is Jude (or Jobe) Bellingham. People develop at different rates, the lad seems switched on granted and I wouldn't be stunned if he doesn't get some kind of chance in the next couple of seasons but it has to be done with the right kind of attitude behind it, not lets chuck the 16 year old in because the first team lads aren't firing (not saying you're saying that but I've seen it elsewhere).
  9. In my opinion chucking a 16 year old lad into the current environment isn't the right thing to do. I understand the argument of if you're good enough you're old enough but we all know that if he did get a few games and the goals didn't come then there would be moans and groans from the stands. He's scoring at his age group and that's fantastic but he probably needs a season or two with the U23's before we properly know how good he is/can be. Lets be honest, if we hadn't lost the last two games there wouldn't be these shouts to put him in the team now would there?
  10. Half time against QPR, 1-0 up and we flashed up the score at Stamford Bridge on the big screen where Chelsea were playing Sheffield United, it was 2-0 to Chelsea. Now don't get me wrong, I like a laugh at that lot losing as much as anyone but they were playing Chelsea, away from home. It was hardly 4-0 away at Gillingham was it? I remember saying, "that could come back to bite us" and low and behold it did. We lost 2-1 and they drew 2-2. Maybe not the most cringe ever but it was certainly a moment where you just think, why leave yourself open?
  11. The way I see it is like this. Corbeanu wanted more game time, I think he came here thinking he'd start every week and in his natural position of on the right wing. That hasn't been the case and the player and Wolves probably both got frustrated by this. He's a Wolves player so they hold all the power regardless of what Moore/SWFC does or doesn't think about the player. MK Dons have probably guaranteed him the game time he wants and if I'm honest if I was Wolves I'd rather he went there than stayed here for a number of reasons. I do think there has been a bit of an overreaction to him going, he's an exciting player granted but his end product is lacking. He's got two goals and two assists from his League games so far. He's hardly ripped it up has he? I've seen a few people elsewhere comparing it to Ben Marshall going 10 years ago, it isn't that as Ben Marshall was comfortably in the top 3 performers that first half of that 2011/12 season.
  12. I wasn't so much referring to previous plans at this club to be honest, that's kind of part of the problem. We've just bounced around being average for so long and got used to changing managers every so often that that's just become the accepted thing. I'd like to try and do something different, have some kind of philosophy that runs through the club. Be it we focus on youth or we focus on a style of play or that we have a recruitment strategy in place that can grow the club. Just something to get behind beyond 3PM on a Saturday or 7:45 on a Tuesday evening.
  13. Realistically though, how many seasons have we actually been in a position to challenge for a return to the top flight? Bare in mind in those 22 seasons 5 of them (and probably at least 1 more) have been spent in League One. 2015/16 and 2016/17 we got into the play offs, we finished 9th in 2006/07 and 12th a couple of times. Apart from that we've been average to rubbish.
  14. Rowett would have done similar to Monk in my opinion. Both have done OK in the Championship with other clubs and not so well with others. Monk had a sh*t situation to deal with, fanbase had just about given up after Bruce left. Clearly off the field issues affected us massively despite a good start. Would he have kept us up? Maybe, it's hard to say but personally I think you can only lay so much of the blame on Monk. He made mistakes but when players aren't being paid, points deduction for something that happened ages before he arrived, and a squad that had just come to the end of it's time together as a whole you can only ever do so much.
  15. It was still wrong though. Spin it however you want, Chansiri got that one wrong.
  16. Unless Chansiri has a sudden change of tactic the future doesn't look great. With the way he runs the club at best I think we'll only ever be a mid to lower half Championship team that bounces between there and League One. What I mean by that is you're basically relying on appointing a manager who can perform miracles and get you beyond that point. There's no plan, there's nothing really for the fans to get excited about, the current manager doesn't have the backing of the fans. For me in the summer (well now really but it's easier to do in the summer) there needs to be a proper look into every area of the club, come up with a plan that can help both the footballing side and the off the pitch side to reach their maximum. Appoint a director of football and a chief executive to run the club. But he won't do these things and that's why you can't get too excited about the future. Wednesday will probably always be able to attract players at this level but you need more than that, why has this division sucked in Sunderland and Ipswich or Portsmouth and Charlton. All with more recent Premier League experience than us. One season can easily become three or four.
  17. Think people are being very precious here. He probably didn't like it here, away from home, young lad, in a not very good team. All fair really. Went on to have a decent career, Villa's top Premier League goal scorer. Not every player is going to take to the club like the fans do.
  18. They've still had to isolate and therefore can't train regardless of who had it or who didn't.
  19. That tweet was about the Arsenal V Man City game on Saturday.
  20. It wouldn't shock me. I think anyone who has followed the club in any detail over the last few years wouldn't be shocked by anything really. The only proper counter to it is what McRightSide has said. It's an automatic punishment according to what was said back whenever the statement came out.
  21. Maybe so, maybe not. I genuinely think we won't really know fully until the summer.
  22. Yeah he did widen the pitch, in fairness he signed wingers they just were on the decline as players and didn't really work out. The club was a mess as well, on the back of relegation there was a real down feel about the place (sounds familiar) so I don't think you can lay all the blame at Irvine's door. I think he's alluded to the fact being a manager isn't really for him since.
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