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  1. It could be a decent move for him IF Derby manage to get themselves sorted out. I actually think if they do then sticking with Rosenior would be a wise move. Wildsmith needs to play regularly, if he can do that at Derby then potentially he either gets a move back to the Championship or goes up with them, his career stalled massively here, he's not really kicked on since he had that initial run of games under Jos. Wish him luck if he goes there though.
  2. One thing that it would stop is other sets of fans calling us just "Sheffield".
  3. Wednesday over paying for players cost us massively in the past. Personally think this one will drag until near the start of the season or after the campaign is underway. Hull want the best deal possible, that's fine. We shouldn't be held to ransom though, he's a good player, he'd be a great signing but he's not the only footballer out there.
  4. What happens if we're 3rd on goal difference with two games in hand?
  5. Agree. Maybe not in the next few years but eventually it'll happen.
  6. He'll be a much better manager for having got through last season. People forget he's still a young football manager, playing only prepares you for so much, coaching the same. You need to actually experience it, especially in today's football. A lot of the things people were critical of him for were things that either were rectified in the 2nd half of 21/22 or things that were beyond his control. Some will disagree with this and that's fine but he overachieved last season for me, yeah you can talk about quality of squad but how often was all that squad actually available to him? Nowhere near enough, that is something hopefully this summer's signings will rectify which again is mostly down to him and the recruitment team. Said in other threads over the last couple of months, if we carry on the trajectory we have been on since January, sign the right players (which so far on paper we have) then I don't see any reason why we shouldn't challenge for the top two. There will be more pressure this year, no doubt about that and people like myself will be less forgiving if we have a slow start but I don't think we've got as many obstacles in the way that we did last season. We don't need to rebuild a team or sign 16 new players. We need to add in key areas and keep hold of ones we already have. One thing you have to credit him with is he doesn't get too down when we lose or too high when we win. His interviews are much the same regardless of result, I think that's a good thing, you need to keep sight of the end goal. There will be bumps in the road, the key thing is not to overreact, don't throw the toys out of the pram if in a three game week he might make changes after a win, it's managing the squad, something we didn't do very well during other manager's tenures. Away from the pitch he's the kind of person you want, well liked, well respected, you feel that teacher aspect to him in that you like him but know you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him or let him down. There's a reason we've seen so many players take that decision to either drop a division or to stay when they could go elsewhere, it's not just the size of Sheffield Wednesday, it's who's in the dugout.
  7. So you'd rather your prediction comes true than Wednesday have a good start? An odd thing for a Wednesday fan to want to happen I have to say.
  8. A very clear memory from that game is a frustrated Jack Grealish trying to take him out and Joey knocking the ball past him like he wasn't there. Whenever the debate over Grealish' talent comes up I always thing of that game and that moment.
  9. He would have been best doing what all the other local press have done on it and said nothing.
  10. It was a really odd take he chose on this one I have to say.
  11. Yeah the last one they had on terrestrial I think was Liverpool V Cardiff in 2012. Only reason I remember that was at half time they showed the goal from our win over United which took place the same day.
  12. Of course they do. It's a nonsense argument people make to suit their own idea that they don't like it. Which is fine, if they don't enjoy it then that's down to them but lets not pretend the likes of City and Liverpool don't want to win it. It'll be hard to give it the exposure the FA Cup gets due to when it's played.
  13. It's still disrespectful to call it the mickey mouse cup though. No achievement this club has done is shouted about more than that one, rightly or wrongly. Oh and when was the last time a non "big club" actually won it? Swansea? That was nine years ago, think this idea they don't take it seriously is a bit of a myth to be honest.
  14. Nobody preaches that more than I do I can assure you. My post wasn't a slight on Vaulks, I think he's an excellent signing for us.
  15. The same Mickey Mouse cup we make a big thing of winning 31 years ago?
  16. Luongo probably is a better player than Vaulks but the way I'd look at it is if Luongo was an 8/10 for 60% of the season (not got any actual figures to hand just a rough guess.) then Vaulks might be a 7/10 for 90% of the season. I have no doubt that you'll get more games out of Vaulks which we probably need, as good a player as Mass was for us, he missed large spells in all three seasons here.
  17. Not enough players will be jetting off from Leagues One and Two to play in it. Would be pretty hard on those clubs further down the pyramid if there was a months break when often you get the biggest crowds of the season.
  18. Until Derby get bought I have many doubts as to that fixture taking place.
  19. First Home: Cambridge First Away: Plymouth Boxing Day: Derby (Cancelled due to Derby not being allowed to compete.) Last Day: Oxford (Home)
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