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  1. To be fair, the new manager is likely to be Neil Thompson anyway who clearly Hutchinson has a good relationship with.
  2. Not saying he didn't but he does get to it. Watch it back. Again the original point wasn't to dig anyone out, it was just pointing out small things can change games.
  3. Yeah. Done alright since hasn't he? Shocking defending.
  4. Can you show me where he actually said that? Because I keep hearing it now and again and I don't remember him saying it at all. I remember him saying "We prepare the same" but that isn't the same as "it's just another game".
  5. Or Westwood's wrist not being strong enough. End of the day, if Hutchinson (who I have no desire to see come back) is still on the pitch then maybe it doesn't go in. Maybe he squares it to Huddlestone or whoever, I don't know.
  6. I'm fully aware of what both managers had to work with. I agree Laws did well with what he had. Do I think he was better "pound for pound" than Carlos? Not a chance.
  7. I hope he gets one of the other jobs then. It was an odd comment from Pulis at the time, didn't do anything to improve the mood in the camp I wouldn't have thought. Hutchinson is done. We have to move on.
  8. I'm far from a Hutchinson fan but he was marking Diame, he goes off and Diame scores.
  9. TomtheOwl95


    Won the league with AZ in my 2nd season with them. Was well clear and won it with 5 games to spare. Will have to see what jobs are available now and see where's next on the journey. As a side, anyone looking for a decent European team with some good young talent, AZ are a good shout.
  10. There has been a text read out for the 4th time tonight since the Derby County game about praising Pulis for standing up to the Chairman, fair enough that's a fair opinion. But then this text goes on to criticise fans for being pleased to have got out of the bottom three for the first time this season after that game, saying we're "celebrating being near the bottom of the 2nd tier." Nobody is doing that. Also it claims that the games under Thompson must just be down to a "new manager bounce that every manager gets" well unless I'm remembering it wrong, didn't Pulis win 1 in 10? Oh aye, reyt bo
  11. I think this is up there with one of the strangest threads for a while.
  12. No. Massively overrated manager.
  13. Still not sure Bruce walks without something else lined up. If Newcastle don't come calling I think he definitely starts the campaign.
  14. Bannan being called Bannon really winds me up. Richard Wood being called Richard Woods really bothered me as well. It does seem odd how a player can have his name on the back of his shirt and people still not know it.
  15. A club that hadn't finished above 9th in the 2nd tier since 2000? Spent 4 seasons across two spells in the third tier. Decent crowds but aside from that we weren't exactly the massive club some thought/think we were/are.
  16. Watford tend to only work with foreign managers. Forest went down the Hughton, "he always does a good job" line. West Brom went with a logical option in Big Sam and Barnsley see Watford. Derby are the only ones I'd say who would have looked at Cook but with their situation I doubt they will make any appointment until they know who will be running the show.
  17. Love him. Gives his all, plays with a smile on his face, scores goals, looks like he loves playing for us as well. Don't really get some of the comments people have made about him. It's almost like they don't know what they're on about.
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