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  1. SHEFFIELD Wednesday football club prioritizing children in SHEFFIELD? Never. Don't get me wrong I understand why this would be annoying if you're Rotherham/Barnsley/wherever based but that's not the clubs fault is it. Tin Hat firmly on.
  2. Mcburnie

    He'll not be there next season.
  3. I hate the argument "we won't have anything to talk about down the pub if we have technology". Really? Of course we would, we'd actually be able to talk more about the tactical side of the game and things like that rather than weather a decision was correct or not.
  4. People who are still moaning on about Norwich away last season need to get over themselves. It happened, he apologised and got his head down. You can't change the past but he can have a massive say in our future as a club.
  5. I wasn't criticizing their approach, just the attitude of some of their supporters.
  6. I'll be completely honest with you, I don't care. As long as we're fine I'm happy. I would just find it funny (for half an hour or so) to see them go down after some of their fans were predicting a top 10 finish based on the fact they had signed a few average players.
  7. Throwing points away

  8. Some Cardiff and Wolves fans will have said similar things last season.
  9. I respect the issues they've had and did very well last season but I also remember the slating their fans gave our club for doing nothing wrong over the Winnall transfer. Respect works both ways.
  10. Throwing points away

    The words Pope and dead spring to mind.
  11. From the ones that can realistically go down this year I'd like to see Barnsley go. They went off in the summer about how amazingly they had 'rebuilt' their team. Sunderland have been asking for this for years. I do feel for the fans but not the owners or players up there. It would also be funny if Reading got dragged down as well, how they finished 3rd last year still puzzles me.
  12. I agree with Daniel the blade, Barry brought a tear to my eye as well...... ..... for being that flipping boring. Crickey, could put a glass eye to sleep him.
  13. Jesus, how miserable can you get millers. Best run they're been on in years and two defeats and they're that down about it? Cheer up you miserable tvvats.