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  1. A keeper of Westwood's quality should be holding onto that for me. Not the worst of mistakes by any stretch. If it had been Dawson fans would have been slating him, can't be one rule for one and one for another.
  2. Some odd calls tonight. Strange how some of the blades who would be all over this story if it was Wednesday are absent. Yes Michael you wheezy b*stard, I am on about you.
  3. Yeah can't disagree with that. You can tell by the way he throws himself into things that he's a lot fitter and we're all the better for it. Long may it continue.
  4. Had a very good last 12 months to be fair to him. I've probably been his biggest critic since he arrived but I hold my hands up, it's his shirt to lose at the moment and he's had a very good start to this season.
  5. He wasn't great, I don't know if I buy into this 'he doesn't work hard' idea. What I do think is that his decision making isn't great. Still early into his time here, plenty of time to kick on. Probably won't start against Fulham.
  6. Pardon me for giving an opinion. Surely that's why you started a thread, to gage people's opinion. Or was it just to be a d!ckhead as with most of your threads?
  7. I agree but we've had to start again haven't we? The manager hasn't even had a training session with all his players. It's easy to say now, he's sh!t get rid but Monk might get the best out of someone everyone expects to be on the way out.
  8. There are 40 league games left of the season. So many different things can happen within that period of time. To be discussing who we should or shouldn't offer contracts to at this stage of the season is pointless and slightly unfair.
  9. The thing is though, the offers came from clubs we were at the time competing with for promotion. Do you really want to strengthen them and weaken yourself? I can't think of an example where a team has sold a player to a promotion rival and it's paid off for them in this division in the last few years (Happy to be proven wrong on that one by the way).
  10. Not disputing that but that's a discussion for as and when that happens. Doesn't change the fact we have 40 league games to play. So much can happen in that time.
  11. String him up..... To be honest he could have celebrated until now and it wouldn't bothered me. He's played for them a hell of a lot longer than he did for us.
  12. Garry Birtles years ago used to always seem to dislike us. I remember once hearing him praise us and I nearly fell off my chair at the time as I was that staggered. Don Goodman always seemed to prefer United in the derbies. Always remember him being very annoyed Killgallon got sent off for that stupid high tackle on McAlister.
  13. Nonsense thread, it's September the 12th.
  14. Nope, he didn't celebrate at all when he scored against us at Hillsborough.
  15. Was a risky signing that was worth the gamble as at the time we had no money. I think he only ever saw it as a short term move to try and get a better deal somewhere else, nothing wrong with that. It's a short career. He showed flashes of great skill and that one against Blackpool was fantastic.
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