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  1. Would be a decent squad addition. Him and Ajayi are decent players, both will probably get Championship moves.
  2. From my time watching us. Best two Worst two (the Ipswich years) To be fair to the pin stripe kit it's not a bad shirt it's just not a Wednesday kit.
  3. Here's a quiz I made about a year ago and subsequently updated. Something to maybe lift the off season boredom. Some great names in there, and some we'd all rather forget. https://www.sporcle.com/games/TomTB1995/name-the-managers-of-sheffield-wednesday
  4. It's very harsh to judge him on that period though, we were a team on the way down. Carlos was on his way out, the defence was changing quite a lot around him. None of that is going to give you a fair representation of him. We've invested in him so we might as well let him work under Bruce, if he doesn't see anything in him he'll be moved on but he literally hasn't seen him play football as it stands.
  5. Indeed he did, tell me, who put the absolute peach of a ball through for Reach to cross it in? I'll give you three guesses his initials are JVA.
  6. Should be given a chance under Bruce, some of the rubbish that gets written about him is laughable. Have a feeling that a lot of it is to do with what happened in the derby. Unfair to pin that on him, other much more experienced players were more at fault on that day. The tackle up at Sunderland that basically ended his season was nasty. Felt for him as he needs game time.
  7. Just watched it back, really hard to see from the angles available.
  8. It's football, at the end of the day Jos was entitled to pick whoever he wanted. From my point of view we've had Westwood for much longer than we should have done. He could easily have left in January 2015 and probably would have done if the takeover hadn't happened. He could easily have left in 2016 after Wembley. As much as losing him would be a blow if he can get a better deal elsewhere then he is entitled to do that and Jos leaving him out has very little to do with that.
  9. Not bothered, as long as they come and give 100%, that's all you can ask.
  10. My answers for Adam's questions. Man/Woman of the season: Steve Bruce Moment of the season: Appointing Steve Bruce. One to watch: Dominic Iorfa.
  11. A little bit like the statement in the week, If it actually bothered you, like seriously angered you then you need to give your head a wobble.
  12. Went for Madine in the end, mainly for his antics in the derby.
  13. This is such a hard choice. So many tempting options.
  14. I've probably been Fletcher's biggest critic since he arrived here. I still feel for the money he's on he's not contributed enough in his time here. This season however he's been excellent and Bruce has got the best out of him. If someone came in for him however I think we might have to consider it. While I agree it's unlikely that a club would bid a large amount for a 32 year old on £40K a week it isn't completely out of the question. This is Championship football we're talking about here. He's had a good season and someone with money who might want an extra option off the bench might come in and be willing to pay the money. If he doesn't leave then I hope he carries on the level of form that he's shown this season, if he does then we've got a decent asset in what will hopefully be a team that can challenge for the top 6.
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