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  1. Positives to Holloway -Wants the job -Gets Wednesday as a club and would understand what the fans want - Always tries to play an attractive brand of football -Promotions with Blackpool (f*cking incredible achievement really) and Palace -Knows Barry Bannan well and would probably build the team around him Negatives -Millwall didn't go so well for him -Can split opinion (This thread kind of proves that) -Not managed a club this size Not saying he'd be my first choice but he sure wouldn't be my last.
  2. Ah yes Richard Keys, a man with all the intelligence and charisma of a brick. The bloke is a complete d!ckhead.
  3. I doubt the club would be putting him in the Instagram videos and things like that if he wasn't signed up.
  4. No. The points made against Ruud Gullit and Danny Murphy by most Wednesday fans remain correct. They were exposed for poor research and a general lack of compassion for the situation. Alex Scott tried to put that point across but was talked over. If they'd have said, "He'll jump ship quickly him" then OK yeah I'd apologise but they didn't so I won't.
  5. I think the term 'snake' has just become something people tend to say about any move really. I have no issue with Steve Bruce wanting to manage Newcastle. I fully believe that it is his dream job and I've seen a few people say he's 'gone for money', By all accounts he's on less money there than he was here. What I have a problem with is his resignation and his trying to force the hand of the club. He courted the job and then stood and said it was down to both clubs only to then resign and that to me given we'd been good to him by giving him an opportunity in the first place and to agree to the delay, is very wrong. Yes it's football, I get that but he's thrown away the rare commodity of respect from 99% of the Wednesday fans. He isn't what I'd call a 'snake', he's just a bit of a silly old man with not a lot of footballing loyalty who knows how to play the media well. Hence the 'Good old Brucey' routine from the media.
  6. Bullen takes charge. Wins every pre season game with fantastic performances. Hector signs. Bullen gets the job. Lose 2-0 at Reading.
  7. Why, in your perfect season would you not have us up as Champions?
  8. Yes. It's football. Some people are being far too precious over this.
  9. Nigel Pearson Schteeve Megson Pardew McCarthy Monk Anyone who doesn't have any experience managing in the Championship.
  10. The thing is though, that just isn't true as more often than not the tickets will still get sold.
  11. All three would be able to take part in any friendly.
  12. Personally Reda Johnson's conversion from centre back to left back was a massive (very appropriate word) reason why we got promoted in 2012. It allowed us to keep him in the team, a huge threat from set pieces along with the likes of Rob Jones, Danny Batth and Miguel Llera while also having the defensive prowess at that level. He won us some huge points and personally it went underrated. Plus he's a top fella as well.
  13. Very much doubt that £5M for Clarke is all up front.
  14. So we aren't allowed to express our opinions on a player's ability anymore?
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