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  1. I think you're underestimating the job he has on his hands here and the job he did at Swansea, Leeds and Birmingham. Lets say he did leave at the end of the season, he'd definitely get another job in this division. As for the first point, I don't think that matters, most fans turn on the previous manager of their club and say they don't want him back, it's natural football fan behaviour. Like I said before, none of them are better off for having sacked Garry Monk and I don't think Sheffield Wednesday would be either to be honest.
  2. The Lowe shout is an interesting one, he's done well in his first two years in management and won two promotions playing decent football. Speaks well, likeable and clearly ambitious. If we did make a change I think he'd be worth a look at least. Ideally you'd probably want to see how he'd go on in League One and maybe another job in between Plymouth and the Wednesday one but the world is rarely ideal as we all know. I think the one thing I'd say about Lowe that he has over anyone else being mentioned as a possible replacement is that he's seen Wednesday be successful, all be it from League One but he's still had that taste of Wednesday winning promotion and playing in big games for us, Sheffield derby win at Hillsborough, Wycombe game etc. The phrase I associate with Lowe when I think back to his time here is "unfinished business", he should have been given a chance in the Championship as a player, maybe there's something in it as a manager for him.
  3. Leeds didn't sack Monk and it seems to be forgotten they didn't go straight to Bielsa. They had Thomas Christianson and then Paul Heckingbottom before going for Bielsa. It's fair to say none of the clubs who have sacked Monk have drastically improved upon his departure. As would be the case here, hence I think we should stick with him.
  4. Slightly out of context of the thread's title and haven't read it all so apologies if this has been brought up already. As we know Monk was sacked by Swansea, Middlesbrough and Birmingham. Are any of those clubs better off for doing so? I'd argue not.
  5. I'd say so yeah, I think judging from the things I read and hear people wouldn't want a kid who might be amazing, they want someone who can put the ball in the back of the net now. Take when we took Wickham the first and second times for example, that was slightly different as he had a reputation already as being decent at this level. Don't get me wrong, I understand the excitement of signing a young player with a top reputation but I don't think that kind of signing would get the fans as excited as say an Ivan Tony or someone of that profile. (That's not me saying we'd get him, we'd have no chance.)
  6. I think more would want someone who's actually done something at first team level to be honest. Sharpening up a youngster for Leicester ,with a decent chance he'd end up going back in January if he had a decent start and going somewhere else, doesn't really appeal to be honest.
  7. I think he'll move on at the end of the season. I don't think he's been as bad as some have made out but It does feel like a natural time to leave. I agree he isn't a captain, he's never suited it. He's a good defender but when he's having to worry about others his performances take a major hit.
  8. Would we? I honestly don't think people would.
  9. Does he not need to be playing proper football though? It seems to me he's in a comfort zone since leaving Hillsborough. He wouldn't be the first to be very prolific at that level but do little at first team level. I agree he wouldn't want to come back here and that Wednesday wouldn't want him.
  10. Well people are speculating about Garner aren't they, I doubt most saying he'd be a good signing have ever seen him play. Hirst's record at actual first team level is poor, he isn't what we need and represents an unsavoury chapter in the club's recent past, not all on the lad himself I accept. Like I say, Sheffield Wednesday need to move on from George Hirst.
  11. If his name wasn't Hirst nobody would be interested in taking him back on loan next season. Forget him, move on.
  12. While it could be argued Winnall didn't get enough opportunities during his time here he also didn't really take the ones he did get. I think Monk did in fairness try to give him time on the pitch but it just never seemed to click. I think from his point of view if the chance had been there he'd have signed for Derby and I do think if Rowett hadn't have gone to Stoke he probably would have done.
  13. Not really as they've only had the same time Monk has here and like Monk haven't had a proper chance to put their stamp on the squad. The point I was making is that it isn't easy to change the culture of a club. Look at Sunderland, different owners and managers have struggled to change it.
  14. Huddersfield are just in a mess really, it's not really any reflection on the Cowley brothers to be honest. They've got a losing culture which can take a long while to shift. The squad probably should be slightly higher but as we know ourselves, talent needs to be matched with application.
  15. Obviously before my time but have watched it on YouTube a few times. To me it looks deliberate, that tackle a few moments later from Graham Barrow isn't too clever either.
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