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  1. That idiot Kevin Gage

    This is a tweet I put out earlier. Said it before and will say it again, Kevin Gage is a f*cking cretin. The bloke's a first rate man child with an ego.
  2. Talented Individuals

    You can't, simple as that. The idea that we are the team with no spirit or cohesion is laughable. We'll be up for it without a doubt.
  3. Increased capacity

    Spot on. All I'd like from them is a genuine explanation for the immediate step up in changes made. As far as I can remember there weren't any issues regarding dispersing fans from the ground.
  4. Increased capacity

    While everything you say there is fair we as fans still deserve an explanation for some of the decisions made over the last year or so. There has never been an explanation of what changed from the Aston Villa game last August to the Wolves game in January when it was claimed to be a sell out despite the thousands of empty seats.
  5. However bad life can get remember that you weren't a middle aged man that went down to Exeter with your face painted and a Jimmy Saville style pink wig and then did an interview on the BBC dressed in said attire. I suddenly feel nothing I will ever do would be as embarrassing as that.
  6. Di Matteo contacting Sheffield United.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday vs Sheffield United

    If all their strikers are fit which I expect them to be then I would expect them to come out at us quick. I think deep down Wilder would be pleased with a point, not saying they won't come to win it they will I'm sure but a point is pretty much a win for them. If we start like we did against Forest then we could hammer them as we could most teams. I've no worries about the players being up for it, they've been up for lesser derbies in the past. Carlos has managed big clubs in big games before he'll know how to get his players up for it.
  8. Caption This

    "They're singing Mind the Gap at the Lane you know, daft b*stards"
  9. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    A couple of very passive aggressive blades on tonight. Seem to be trying to convince themselves that they aren't in a little bit of a false position. Another point, why do they seem to think Wednesday fans don't understand Wilder has done a good job? I really don't know any Wednesday fan that is trying to belittle what he's achieved in the last few years. Also getting a little bit tired of this 'Wednesday players have no passion' argument. You don't finish 6th and 4th without having passion running through the team.
  10. When Gary Hooper Smiles.......

    I can see it now, last game of the season Norwich at home. Gary Hooper slots home the winner to seal promotion.
  11. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Couple of points, first of all Ian. Why on earth do you go to football? I have no doubt that he is a Sheffield Wednesday fan but for the life of me I can't understand why. If you can't at least try and find the positives after two very good results then I don't understand why you bother paying the money you do to watch them. It's people like him and a few of the others who I ranted about on here before that are the main reason that the split in the fans exists. Unrealistic expectations after Wembley. Tuesday night wasn't amazing but it was hardly awful oh and the key point we won the f*cking game which at times we didn't do last season. As for the 'Aston Owl' well he's not an Owl is he? If he genuinely is then he's missed about 99.9% of the games.
  12. Westwood though

    I think this is bang on. He has made a couple of errors and he'll know that. I wouldn't worry yet.
  13. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    I love the way Rob just blatantly takes the pi$$ out of Ian and he doesn't realise and Rob doesn't give a sh!t.
  14. Added time tonight

    Off the top of my head, Missed a blatant foul on Hooper then moments later gives one against Tom Lees(Might have been before 35 mins in). Similar foul on Fletcher in the first half. No need to book Lee or Rhodes. Didn't book Sawyers for a foul in 2nd half. Didn't give a foul for Woods' foul on Fletcher just before we scored the equaliser.