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  1. This is it in a nutshell. I think Chansiri thought it would be a really popular idea. To anybody who knew anything about Sheffield and football fans in general, it was always going to have a low take up.
  2. Fully agree with this. Also it's not like you can choose which side to take a corner from when attacking so I don't see why a keeper should be able to change which side they take a goal kick from.
  3. I think there's a good case for an argument to be made that if we'd been a bit better at time wasting last season we might have finished 2nd. Might. Like it or not, that's the game in 2022. It's also (I think) a big reason why we've brought Stockdale to the club.
  4. Agree. It was always there in the background but since Klopp went in it went into overdrive. The constant needs for EVERYTHING to be about them within the fanbase winds me up as well.
  5. Right but do you really think he "played for nowt" in that period of time?
  6. This is one of the most naive things football fans say. He's a professional footballer, not a professional Sheffield Wednesday fan or player. Even if he was willing he'd blow our wage structure apart..
  7. Why would it have been anyway? None of our games on international weekends last season were move to earlier kick offs. Sunderland at home was the only game affected which was postponed due to call ups for them I believe.
  8. Imagine this week's presser at Blackpool. "Any injury news Michael?" "Yeah Gary Madine is out with a chill" In all seriousness it's a good laugh, fair play to him.
  9. Any Swansea kit now is ruined by that horrific badge. It looks like the logo of a local school.
  10. Said before in other threads and elsewhere, it's not that he left it's how he did it. If he'd been honest and given the Wednesday fans the respect he claimed he had to give to Newcastle then I think 99% would understand it and wish him well. The fact is, he lied to the fans and media, went behind our backs and then resigned to force the move. That's where the bitterness comes from. The other bit that sticks in the throat is that I think he would have done well here, it was a good fit. I know he's seen as a bit of a figure of fun in the Premier League but in the Championship he's got a record that's only bettered by one I believe. He knew what needed doing and had enough contacts in the game to recruit a good squad. Monk didn't have that or the experience to deal with the sh!t hitting the fan after Christmas 2019. If we're 3rd at Christmas under Bruce I don't think we finish lower than 6th.
  11. Yep. 100% agree. That's another one actually in general, teams from same division playing friendly games against each other.
  12. To add to this as well, you had Klopp moaning last week about when the Community Shield was being held. When in his world does he want it to be f*cking played?
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