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  1. TomtheOwl95


    I get the whole idea of it all but to me it didn't work. Does EVERY track need to be a Sheffield band? Did we need to get rid of Waterfront? It was too loud (not in a miserable sod kind of way just the sound system at Hillsborough isn't great and certain tracks don't suit it) and if I'm honest didn't set the tone they were after.
  2. TomtheOwl95

    Foul on Bannan

    The 4th official did go over to our physios to explain something to them. Imagine they just weren't aware of the change in the rule because the ref didn't tell them to go off.
  3. TomtheOwl95

    Morgan Fox

    I felt sorry for him. He didn't play well and you could see he knew that and you could see the crowd getting on his back was affecting him. A bit like Butterfield last season you can predict what will happen and it's clear the fans minds have been made up on him sadly.
  4. TomtheOwl95

    Flag Surfing Today

    It was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. No idea how that got past the "hey would this be something we could do?" stage.
  5. TomtheOwl95

    Nixon comments

    It wasn't that apparent though was it? Also other sources reported links to Honeyman and Baldwin. Not saying Nixon is 100% spot on but think it's harsh to slate him on what he's reported about us this window.
  6. TomtheOwl95

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    Good call from Mick. Agree with everything he said baring the comment about ifollow. I personally think it's a decent service and the commentary on Saturday was good. Shame it wasn't over a win.
  7. TomtheOwl95

    iFollow report as requested Watson.

    The only issue is the minutes delay. I enjoyed the commentary (shame it wasn't such a good performance). No complaints what so ever. Better than some of the Radio Sheffield ones from last season. Radio Sheffield made our 1-0 at Hull sound like the worst thing that had ever happened.
  8. TomtheOwl95

    Dingle Mick

    Yeah I do because I'll be honest Wigan away on the opening day scared the sh*t out of me. I didn't expect to win. Not saying we played well but I think we'll get better as the season goes on and certain players adapt to the system. To say we're going down because we lost one game is f*cking stupid.
  9. TomtheOwl95

    Dingle Mick

    We've played one f*cking game.
  10. TomtheOwl95

    Dingle Mick

    We have a squad that is not suited to Dingle Mick football. He can't bring players in even if he wanted to. Oh yeah and he actually isn't very good to be honest. Let's stick with Jos.
  11. TomtheOwl95

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    I wouldn't say he bullies him. I think the only time I can remember Rob overstepping the mark with Jos was his persistence over the 5-5-0 formation down at Millwall where he asked Jos the same question three times and his answer the first time was more than good enough.
  12. TomtheOwl95

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    I don't mind Rob Staton. I think he tries to be objective and argues some of his points well.
  13. TomtheOwl95

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    On the Brightside at least we won't have to put up with Andy Giddings and 'expert' views from the likes of Jon Newsome.
  14. TomtheOwl95

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    Martin the blade. Two things. Firstly I how can you spend 90% of your call talking about another club and then have the cheek to say stick to your own club? Secondly has any Wednesday fan actually slated their recruitment? I think United have done ok with the business they've done but I really don't think most Wednesday fans give a sh*t about United's business.
  15. TomtheOwl95

    Where do you think we'll finish

    Between 6th and 10th for me. A good year with injuries and a bit of luck and we could finish in the top 6. The squad is there in my opinion. I think confidence and momentum are two huge factors and we never had that last year baring the last 9 games. A good start will be key for me.