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  1. We are talking about the same Sam Hutchinson here aren't we?
  2. There's definitely a gap in the market for a fans channel for Wednesday. The issue I think a lot have is the content tends to distract from the actual football. Take ArsenalFanTV for example. It became more about the interviews after than actual analysis of the games. There's only so many times people can watch some bloke go "Yeah he was Sh*t and he was sh*t and they're all sh*t".
  3. Well he was 17 when he notched his first goal, against us as it happens. He was fairly highly rated then and while it took him a while to get a run at Spurs I think there was always a belief he'd develop into the top striker that he is today. A lot of it is luck with strikers, right service, right manager, right club. Hirst is now 21, he's wasted two years of his career p*ssing about in Belgium and his last year with us. I don't believe the hype about him, people bought into him because of his surname and his goals at youth level. I don't think he'll be anywhere near the player he thinks he'll be.
  4. 1st point. I don't think he has, not consistent starts anyway. 2nd point. He's the club's record signing and has the on of the best goal scoring record s over the last 7 or 8 seasons at this level. To give up on him I think would be daft. The Nuhiu comparison, I'm probably one of Atdhe's biggest fans so I know all about that debate and the lack of support for his strengths. But it's not really the same issue. I will say I'm not hanging Wednesday's hopes of survival solely on Rhodes coming good, I don't think Monk is either but to be a part of the squad and contribute 10-15 goals. That isn't beyond him.
  5. It's not a delusion. He has had games where he's done well off the ball. Brentford at home for example, he turned the game. Opened it up for Fletcher to take advantage. Between 2012 and 2016 Rhodes was the best striker outside the Premier League. I don't think you'll find many who would argue that. Middlesbrough bought him, Karanka didn't want him but they went for him anyway. He did alright there in a formation that didn't suit him at all. Scored some important goals for them as they went up.
  6. Rhodes came in under the most pressure of any signing at Wednesday. Record signing joining a club he'd been linked with for ages and a team in a very good position to get promoted. It started well with an assist on debut away at Wigan before a home debut goal against Birmingham. I actually think his performances in 16/17 were decent for us without much reward. We didn't play to his strengths, that was obvious. People talk a lot about the non taking of a penalty against Huddersfield but the five who stepped up didn't surprise me at all. If he didn't feel confidant, then let someone else go. Since that moment though the fans turned in my opinion. Following season was a disaster for Wednesday in general. Started off with Carlos trying to play the same why with a side that seemed to have lost it's mojo. Jos came in and started him in his first two league games away at United and at home to Cardiff. Rhodes missed a couple of great chances in both games and I think that made Jos' mind up personally. I'd have liked us to have stuck with him but he seemed to drop out after that despite scoring the winner away at Hull. Come to last season after a year away at Norwich, I think he did alright to be honest. Despite only getting three goals he did have good games, Swansea at home, Brentford at home, Derby away all spring to mind for good off the ball performances. What I don't seem to get is whenever he did play well, Monk (who I'm fully behind) seemed to drop him from the squad. How is that going to help his confidence? Ultimately he's lost his confidence, you don't go from being the best striker outside the Premier League to where he is now. I still think if he gets service and a run in the team he'd get a decent amount, not the 30's and 40's of the past but a solid 15. You can't play him on his own, he needs someone round him. Let others do the work and get him in the box to finish the chances off.
  7. If Everton finish mid table then something will have gone wrong or Carlo will have been tempted away. Doesn't change the point made.
  8. Slightly patronising..... Hardly a replacement is he? Doucoure is a top top player signing for a top top manager. Sam Hutchinson is a declining, injury prone player who believes he is better than he is. They could (and no doubt will) sign much better to fill the gap.
  9. I wonder how many of the people who slate Elev8, actually own anything produced by them? . My guess is very few.
  10. If we try not to include too many ex blades then my personal list would be, Jamie Ward- Talented player no doubt, diver, horrible little c*nt. Very arrogant whenever I heard him speak. Anthony Knockaert- Again talented, perhaps the best player at this level at times. Horrible bloke though, arrogant, diver, nasty at times as well. Ben Pearson- Nasty b*stard. Was decent at Barnsley but seems to have turned into a thug at Preston. Glenn Murray- Just generally very dis-likeable. Never took to him. Again arrogant. Robert Snodgrass- Diver, arrogant, cheat. Thinks he's funny which he isn't. Again very talented.
  11. Imagine going from watching Doucoure every week to Sam Hutchinson. I say watching, I doubt he'll play much for them.
  12. I think it would have been a fair estimation to suggest they weren't going to be deducted in 19/20. It'd cause too many issues for the EFL. Whether that is right or wrong is another debate. Of course that is just my take on it. I fully agree points were chucked away too easily but I don't put that all down to Monk. Some players have to take responsibility for that as well. You can only do so much as a manager sometimes. Like today, Monk isn't telling his players to not be calm on the ball or not to make a run or not to cross the ball.
  13. Cardiff. But Walsall might be very important in terms of preparing for Cardiff.
  14. We'll see. I think Monk deserves some credit for dealing with some of the things he's had to. He's had experience of dealing with a points deduction before, lets not underestimate that. This squad should stay up, that's the aim. Now this last bit, you state that like it's fact. It isn't, it's your opinion. I'd suggest if he didn't have the fire or aggression for it he wouldn't be here. He'd have walked.
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