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  1. This should be any level headed fan's opinion for me. Fully agree. As others have said pantomime villain, plays it well, of course he'll want to win on Saturday, that's only to be expected. Find it weird how much people still get upset about those tongue in cheek comments to talksport (I think) in 2003 (I think) and miss the 1000's of times he's said some really nice things about Wednesday.
  2. Yeah I agree. Windass said in his interview after the game that what happened against Bristol City and others was in the back of their minds. Also they wouldn't have had any idea what Derby were doing so for all they knew it could have been almost meaningless.
  3. Think with the celebrations the combination of the situation we're in and the lack of fans contributes. It's not just Wednesday I've seen it across all teams with celebrations since lockdown.
  4. There is a possible other side to this. Urhoghide might have not wanted to sign a two year deal, given where the club was heading why would he commit to a two year deal where League One might be an option? Also I think the 1 year deal was just the option the club had, so there wouldn't have been any negotiations involved for it. Not defending the club as it should have been sorted but sometimes there is only so much you can do.
  5. He missed the back end of the season through injury as well as the early part of this season.
  6. Out of interest. What would people say was a fair price for something like this?
  7. Exactly. Can only get a bounce if they squad is motivated. Can only motivate them if they want to be motivated.
  8. In no particular order I think he'll at the very least mention, Covid Pulis Monk Sponsors Fans The EFL Then say something along the lines of "The Premier League is still the eventual aim".
  9. I don't think he walks without a job to go into though. That wouldn't look good on him. I think there will always be the usual three sides to the story, Chansiri's, Bruce's and the truth. Same with what happened with Pulis. I still think he'd have been able to get the team in a decent position to challenge even if he had misgivings about the club, he'd worked with owners in that mould before and done well.
  10. It was a major moment because for that squad and this owner, Bruce was the perfect kind of manager needed. Someone who effectively would be manager and a bit of a director of football. People, me included to be fair, poke a bit of fun at Bruce in the Premier League but at this level he's a very good manager. He also has a pair of coaches with him in Clemence and Agnew who are held within high regard. I remember walking out of Hillsborough on the final day of 2018/19 feeling very optimistic for the future, I think the general feeling was for the first time in a while the fans were m
  11. I agree but as I said, He was by far and away our best defender. Imagine he doesn't play against Rotherham and then we still lose 3-0. People would be moaning. Should have kept him though.
  12. I see what you're saying and I fully agree on the left back. I genuinely don't think we could have done anymore striker wise. I really think we did the best we could regarding a striker in the summer. -12 at the time and not paying the wages of previous years was always going to make it a very difficult task.
  13. You say a load of centre halves. We signed Dunkley and then Flint on loan. Dunkley while injured I think was still a fair risk for us to take. Will do well next season if he can stay fit. Flint was a no brainer, he is easily the best defender of any of those you have listed and Dunkley. Losing him after 4 games was a massive blow. If he'd been fit we'd possibly have picked up a few more points.
  14. Chansiri 70% Players 10% Pulis 10% Monk 9% Thommo 1% (Sorry Thommo that Birmingham game at home was the key moment for me.) Moore 0%
  15. Derby will crash and burn if they go down. Could possibly take some of the media attention of us if they went down.
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