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  1. For the calibre of player and finances he had available to him he did pretty well at Liverpool. It wasn't the Liverpool of now or of the 80's.
  2. This did also spring to mind. There were a number of Westwood ones from that season.
  3. His performance a week or so before against Barnsley at home was right up there as well for me. Everything you want from a centre mid.
  4. Which individual performance stands out for you? Which ones are not talked about as much as they should? We've all seen/heard/been told about Waddle against West Ham or Hirst against Hull but what are the others? Personally for me one that doesn't get spoken about that much was Kieran Lee in the 6-0 against Leeds, he didn't score but he did everything else really, a real gem or a player who was a class above that day. Another one coincidentally against Leeds was the other year from Gary Hooper in the 3-0 win.
  5. Should have been given a chance in the Championship for me. Likeable player and likeable person, would be interesting to see him here in some capacity one day.
  6. There's no doubt in my mind that part of Carlos' downfall was partly down to Semedo leaving, not in terms of on the pitch but it was clear Semi was a massive part of the dressing room. Obviously you can't just keep a player based on that but not replacing it was key.
  7. Not sure that's appropriate for Huddersfield away Fletch.
  8. A couple here that I can't take any credit for but from my father. Benito Carbonara and Alan Finney Haddock.
  9. Yeah, that he put together. They weren't expected to be anywhere near the play offs that year. For a manager in his 2nd job and first time managing in the Championship I think he did OK. He didn't fail as you seem to think he did. I'm not saying Monk is the long term answer but he's working with a sh!t situation and I don't see another manager making much difference. On Pulis, would he come to a club where couldn't have full say on signing the players? I don't think so and as for looking at potential Championship jobs, we're not certain to be in that division next season (whenever that may be with everything going on in the world).
  10. Well he didn't under achieve at Birmingham or Leeds, maybe you think he did but I don't think there's much point debating that. Pulis wouldn't come here in my opinion, don't get me wrong it's not a terrible shout IF we did make a change but I don't see him coming here with a potential points deduction, an inconsistent, aged squad with little fight and no leadership and with little scope to change that. We're in a battle like you say and I think all we as supporters can do is get behind the team and Monk.
  11. Maybe because Monk isn't the problem and changing the manager won't bring about the change people think it would?
  12. Does anyone else feel that this constant banging on about the past and about how big a club we are isn't helping much? Yeah we've got a big ground and a large support but in terms of how big clubs operate, we're miles off it.
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