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  1. Brentford and Bournemouth off the top of my head this season.
  2. 2011/12 2-2 away at United. Not Madine's biggest fan but that moment was amazing. 2014/15 3-2 away at Rotherham .A game where I think I experienced every emotion possible from football, Joy, anger, disappointment, frustration, despair and delight. 2016/17 3-2 home to Bristol City. Just a crazy game, the rain beforehand, the first time we'd come back from 2-0 down to win at home in about 14 years. Last minute winner. One of my favourite nights at Hillsborough.
  3. Indeed, hence why I put you'd think at the end. To be honest, nobody can really say what should happen come the end of the season at the moment. Hopefully some of the players taking the stick at the moment will come good. Don't think we have a terrible squad just one that's lacking in certain areas.
  4. Depends on what happens between now and the end of the season. Should we go down, which I think people still aren't taking that seriously, then some of those players would be top end League One players you'd think.
  5. Morgan Fox - Haven't replaced. Kieran Lee - Brown but not quite the same. Sam Hutchinson - Luongo was already here. Miles better footballer. Sam Winnall - Windass Atdhe Nuhiu - Haven't replaced. Fernando Forestieri - You can't replace without spending big money which we weren't able to. Steven Fletcher - Haven't replaced.
  6. Fell below his usual high standards but he's the only creative outlet we have in that midfield. Lose him and without a replacement would be a huge blow. In terms of the corners, yeah they were mostly awful but why isn't someone else going over and asking for one? It was only when Brown came on that someone else even looked like taking one. That worries me more than Barry having a poor game.
  7. Don't agree the players are poor but even if that is the case. Who did you expect us to sign? We started on minus 12 points, who was supposed to walk through the door, Messi and Ronaldo? We weren't an attractive proposition for players.
  8. 1. Points total from those 12 games - 21 2. Goals scored - 16 3. Goals against - 9 4. Established Captain - Bannan 5. Top scorer - Rhodes/Windass 6. Most improved players compared to Monk era - Reach, Rhodes, Marriott, Lees
  9. I can see Monk getting another Championship job. Did well at Leeds and Birmingham, could easily point to the fact nobody has really succeeded here in 20 years. Good talker, can imagine he's very good in an interview.
  10. They'll probably point to player welfare and a high amount of injuries.
  11. I get why they're doing this but it does really dilute the quality of games. Also hands a big advantage to those with bigger squads.
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