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  1. The thing with all this is, ultimately can anyone on here change what will or won't happen? No. Is there much point in the inevitable in fighting that will happen over the next few months or however long it will take for the EFL to decide what to do? Not really. End of the day all we can do is support the team and see what happens. What will be will be.
  2. I think yesterday can be put down to a couple of different things. Not scoring after the initial good start and then the sucker punch of Ayew's goal kind of knocked the crowd a bit. For a more general reason I think the post Wembley era it has more often than not been too quiet, waiting for something to happen rather than being loud from the start. When you compare the first half of the 2015/16 season to the ones that have followed the one thing that strikes me is that we were averaging 22000 for home games but the atmosphere was better than when we were averaging 25000 (obviously results and performances were better than other seasons) Obviously having less people than possible in the ground doesn't help either.
  3. Long term contract for me. Has barely put a foot wrong. Only reason not to would be if he's made it clear he wants to leave which I don't see happening.
  4. Not really the man has been at it for years. He uses the deaths of 96 people to point score on a local radio station. That's nothing to do with Wednesday and United. It's nothing to do with football, it's being a conker.
  5. That's an incredible comment from him it really is. What the f*ck does being a "young lad with promise" have to do with it? He fouled Joey and it was a certain red card.
  6. It was excellent. Well timed and executed perfectly. Brilliant defending.
  7. Well the meaning is fairly simple. Over the last few years we've seen some really bad displays. Sheffield United at home, Burton at home, Blackburn away to name a few. A decent point away at Cardiff in admittedly frustrating circumstances isn't 'the worst display from a Wednesday team for a few years'. The only way that can be your opinion is if this was the first game you've watched in that period of time. I'd suggest it isn't.
  8. People really need to think before they post.
  9. Being solid and difficult to break down away from home isn't negative. You could maybe argue the decision to not put Forestieri on was 'negative' but the overall performance was far from it.
  10. He was injured for most of that time. Fairly certain if he'd have been available for selection Carlos would have picked him.
  11. It's a squad game though, over the course of the season we'll have to make changes. Rotation isn't a bad thing if done correctly.
  12. QPR, yeah that was awful, but it was a side that clearly needed direction and Bullen couldn't provide it. Hull wasn't that bad, if we'd have taken our chances we created we'd have won the game. End of the day it all comes back to expectations. From a personal point of view I didn't expect anything other than bouncing around 7th to 12th. If we get top 6 with this squad then Monk should get manager of the year.
  13. If we win on Saturday, 19 points from 11 games isn't bad. Could it have been more? Maybe. I still think some people underestimate the league in general and in particular the start we had. The likes of Millwall and Preston away weren't easy games.
  14. Flip it the other way though, if Eaves misses his chance and Nuhiu scores his, would we be saying we weren't worked hard enough? I agree it was a flat game but we weren't terrible. Expectations have risen again after Saturday. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground anymore.
  15. No, it only counts from last season if it's already a ban. Iorfa for example missed the first two games of this season after being sent off at Preston last season.
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