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  1. I thought that was a really strange comment about the possibility of out form just being a new manager bounce and the performances going back the how they were under Jos. Even if the results drop off between now and the end of the season I doubt the performances will be 'Jos like'.
  2. I always find it odd they never blame Jagielka for his clearly deliberate handball that lead to the penalty. Or Warnock for selling the player who took said penalty. Or Webber for missing a massively easy chance. It's almost like the Tevez affair wasn't actually anything to do with it.
  3. The move to left back was the making of him. Fantastic player for us that season, a key part of why we went up and then a key part of why we stayed up. Sad that injuries ended his time here. Off the pitch a gentle giant, fantastic figure for the club. Great fella.
  4. Crowds at Rugby are different to those at Football. It would never work, maybe after a win but can you imagine getting slapped 0-3 and then staying in the ground for an hour or so? Wouldn't happen.
  5. So Martin the Barnsley fan doesn't want England to play tomorrow because Marcus Rashford might be injured? I may have misheard it but what on earth is he on about?
  6. I watched the first 20 minutes, thought Liam did OK. Obviously Scotland fans will not see any positives from it and nor should they but from a 'Wednesday fan watching' point of view he did OK, got through it without getting injured. That's all I was really bothered about. Seen quite a few Wednesday fans slating him, it's almost like they've waited for him to have a less than good game before slagging him off. The biggest irony of it is that it wasn't for Wednesday, so who, in reality, cares?* *Except Liam himself obviously.
  7. Rodri's a decent shout, I think we all thought he was going to be a decent signing. Probably didn't help being in a newly promoted team that didn't have much confidence around it.
  8. Some interesting points raised tonight. Interesting to hear that soft embargos don't relate to players already at the club.
  9. And 'It's like' Shaun and his friend Ian from Eckington. He used to live in Blackpool you know.
  10. That was my first thought when he said that as well.
  11. Just a hunch but I'd suggest he will retire. Something must have gone on that isn't to do with football.
  12. Just because Villa didn't sign him in the summer doesn't mean they/Bruce didn't want to. Like us they had a soft embargo so had to cut their cloth accordingly.
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