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  1. TomtheOwl95

    We are popular in Rovrum

    But hang on they aren't bothered about us aren't they? Like that lad on twitter who wasn't bothered about us yet did 13 tweets in a row about us or Bushy on football heaven who while ringing in last season used the phrase "I'm not bothered at all about Wednesday but...." and then used all his airtime up talking about sh!t we supposedly were or at their civic reception last month where every fan they asked said "Watch out Wednesday" or "Can't wait to do the double over Wednesday". Not bothered about us at all though.
  2. TomtheOwl95

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    They'll be the same ones saying everyone in the city should send their kids to United because Wednesday 'don't produce anyone'.
  3. TomtheOwl95

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Some fans certainly don't. They were likely the ones slagging Milan off as well for not "putting any money in". Sadly as a big club we have a large amount of idiots as fans.
  4. TomtheOwl95

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Glad the saga finally is at an end. I have a few thoughts on it, the first is that I don't wish George himself any ill will. Granted I don't really care now he isn't a Wednesday player but still fair play George, lets hope it doesn't bite you in the backside. I do feel he's been used as a pawn in a game of chess by his advisors (David) and he's lost a year of his career because of it. The club can take a small part of the blame but they still offered the best contract for an academy player the club has ever offered so that tells you something. We all know that Hirst doesn't want to be playing 2nd division Belgian football. We all know he'll likely be a Leicester City player in the next 6/12/18/24 months. We know we've been f*cked over for compo by people who lets be honest could have done no wrong before this saga. That's what hurts. I hope it was worth it David, losing your legendry status (In a lot of fans eyes) at this club for some extra cash in your son's bank account. He might be the next Harry Kane he may also be the next Michael Johnson.
  5. TomtheOwl95

    1st fixtures

    1st. Ipswich at home. 2nd. Bolton away.
  6. While I get the point you're making and agree a lot of people do look into the past too much it's not like he's a bad goalkeeping coach is it? Done a fantastic job with Jordan Archer at Millwall. Would be an excellent appointment to replace Rhodes.
  7. No. The last three months of the Wembley season he was very good no doubt but lets not forget the previous six months where he was average and whenever he played he didn't look as good a team as when he didn't. Also like people have said it's time to look forward not backward.
  8. Done a fantastic job over his time here. I can see why the Oldham assistant job appeals to him after being involved on the touchline for a long time here as well before being moved to a role in the stands under Jos. I wish him all the best.
  9. TomtheOwl95

    Brum in for Bannan?

    And the final day performance against Norwich, Nuhiu grabbed the headlines (and rightly so) but everything went through Bannan. Would be throwing away any chance of promotion by selling him and not replacing him (which I don't think we could).
  10. TomtheOwl95

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Based on the last eight games of the season, Barry Bannan is arguably our most important player. 90% of what was positive about Wednesday in that period came through Bannan. To let him go would be fairly stupid in my opinion. An opinion I think the club and most fans would agree with. Oh and Birmingham? I think if there's one club Bannan wouldn't join it would be them.
  11. TomtheOwl95

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    Germany to win it for me. Best squad, good manager, winning mentality.
  12. TomtheOwl95

    Would you rather...

    Wednesday every time.
  13. TomtheOwl95

    What about this scenario???

    A better question would be if both were going up would you rather win both derbies but they win the league or we win the league but lose both derbies.
  14. TomtheOwl95

    Liam Palmer

    I like Palmer, I think he's one of a number of players over the last three years that needs to play 10 games in a row. Dropping in and out doesn't do him much good. He's nowhere near as bad as some make out. Some of the abuse he gets is beyond belief and I think it effects him more than anyone else because he's been here the longest and actually understands the fan base. I've always said about him and Hunt that if someone was available for a good price that was clearly better then get them but I'm not sure that player is available.