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  1. I know it's a long shot, but looking for 2 Chelsea tickets (likely to sell out before I can get them). Can meet in London before the game.
  2. Would really appreciate it if any ST holders not going would be willing to let me use it. Looking to get 2 tickets.
  3. Do they have this on the North? I've not noticed this
  4. Nice one mate. I am still keen to take the tickets off you. Can I collect these in London? Thanks
  5. Looking for 2 tickets for the Brentford game tomorrow. Can meet in London beforehand.
  6. Apparently Ronaldo has just been seen in Sports Direct in Meadowhall looking for new trainers. I think a deal could be on.
  7. Any idea when the final 1000 are likely to go on sale?
  8. It's not a pre-season if you don't flick between hoping for a play-off push next year and dreading going down.
  9. We're massive, we're barmy, our owner's azerbaijani. Wednesday, Wednesday.
  10. Bought two today. Hopefully it's a sell out.
  11. Cheers pal, seems like there are quite a few options available then. Will probably try one of the ones on London road.
  12. Anyone know of any good pubs either near the station or by the ground for the game tomorrow?
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