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  1. Undoubtedly a great talent. But the fact that so many clubs, at which he scored plenty of goals, got rid pretty rapidly tells you everything you need to know about him as a person.
  2. And me, although he was appointed in my second season of watching!
  3. Absolutely horrendous news. Get well soon Harry old lad. We all have you in our thoughts
  4. Might be interesting to look at a comparison with Norwich City under Farke, from last season to this. Last season, Norwich were, despite having one of the best players in the division in Maddison, a poor side and their fans were wanting shut of Farke. A few months later, minus Maddison and plus some shrewd & relatively cheap signings, and they are flying. What a turnaround!
  5. Nor does it, over recent years, ultimately result in the academy player making the grade in the Chelsea first team.
  6. Well said Leofric! And well done Hereford!
  7. It's really difficult for us fans to do, but if you watch him (and opposition defenders awareness of him) closely, as a scout would, you will see why he is so highly rated, and the highest overall scorer in English football since 2009. His awareness, predatory instinct, movement, pulling out of position of defenders etc, is first class. He's an excellent front player to have around, whether or not it is him who is actually scoring the goals. , and he is a very long way from a spent force at this level. Having said all of that, it is true that he hasn't had too much playing time in recent months, and is obviously not fully match sharp. As others have said, he will begin another run of goalscoring soon enough. Form is temporary, class permanent.
  8. As mentioned above, I've done it. Ten min to register and then buy tickets. And yes, Alf Ramsey Stand behind the goal, block 3 (upper tier) or 6 (lower tier) adjacent to where the Wednesday fans are
  9. I've just done this. Took 10 minutes to register and buy. Thanks for info.
  10. Anyone needing a last min ticket, PM me for contact number. Will be in Newcastle fom 6:30pm to hand ticket over.
  11. Oh come on, Winning the League Cup as a second division side, defeating the 'mighty' Manchester United in the final WAS an outstanding achievement, by any measure. That's at least as good as, if not better than, anything Newcastle United have done in the last 50 years!
  12. Oh, and if we're paying McGugan's high wages, and want to get rid, unless injured, he really SHOULD have been in the squad tonight. Possibly Bus also.
  13. Lets be reyt. . . . To say Wildsmith isn't good enough is utterly laughable. For a young keeper who only really appeared on the scene last season, he has made huge strides and is a more than capable keeper who hasn't really ever looked out of place in the team. Yes, he still has a lot to learn, but he has great ability and great potential and has hardly put a foot wrong whenever called upon. He was not the reason we lost tonight. Nor, even, were the makeshift back four. O'Grady didn't really do too much wrong considering a first team debut in a crucial position and had a part-time centre-half partner in Semedo (who was hardly a calamity either). Numerous times, our problem was a lack a killer instinct up front. . . . And of sufficient confidence from anyone to actually shoot. Our midfield, Wallace aside, was pretty poor. Buckley didn't do too bad considering his recent lack of game time, Sougou was anonymous. And even then, for 75min, our reserves were streets ahead of Cambridge and we should have been out of sight before their absolute quality equaliser, in injury time, which psychologically did for us. Shouldn't have, but did. On tonights evidence, George Hirst doesn't look anywhere near first team standard yet, but still has plenty of time to get there.
  14. My Grandad Walt and my Dad Wilf, who held my hand as we walked down Herries road toward Hillsborough for my first Wednesday game, against Sunderland in '68/69 season. Later, I walked down holding the hands of my children, and I now walk down hand-in-hand with my own grandchildren, and always remember that first visit, and thereby my Dad and my Grandad. 5 generations of Wednesdayites, separated yet all together on each visit to Hillsborough. One way or another, though not all actually present in 'body' later today, I'm sure we will celebrate (or commiserate) together at full-time. The Sheffield Wednesday circle cannot be broken. Up The Owls.
  15. I was also there. Took the day off sick. My boss was also there as it turned out, sat three rows behind me!
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