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  1. I love the first day of the season!! Even if for Wednesdayites it can have a ‘Roy Munson wakes up’ vibe.....
  2. Just another name. Like Harvey Enna. It means nothing to me.
  3. Yup & Lees played in the play off semi final win against Brighton so his place is a bit bigger.
  4. He played in the 6-0 against Leeds so will always have a special small place in my Wednesday memories.
  5. I prefer the Chansiri logo to any of the betting companies. Im sick of seeing them plastered all over shirts & grounds.
  6. Me too. Under Umbro & Puma in the 90’s we had a good range of juniors tracksuits, would be good to see more of that. Always good to see a coach or airport departure lounge with a few young Owls knocking about in a full Wednesday tracksuit.
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