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  1. Big Rons Hairspray

    To the Jos supporters

    We may be snookered financially but Jos is not the man to improve our situation on the playing side of things. We need a manager with a clearly defined style of play that players can adapt to quickly & a manager with a good record of motivating players. At this point in time I would say experience of the division is essential for our next manager as we are currently relegation candidates. Either Megson or Gray could do that short term. We need to act swiftly though...
  2. Big Rons Hairspray


    ‘There’s games beyond the f****** game’ Stringer Bell
  3. Big Rons Hairspray


    Another insipid performance from us. Jos was never the right man for the job but most gave him the benefit of the doubt. Time for him to go & bring a night watchman in to ensure we stay in the league. We might fluke a win tonight but it will only paper over the cracks. There are too many people involved with Sheffield Wednesday refusing to take any accountability for the situation we find ourselves in. It starts with DC & rolls down to the first team squad. The difference in the feel good factor between us & the blades is mad considering where we were 2 seasons ago.
  4. Big Rons Hairspray

    Wednesday fans born 1990 and since

    Calvin Harris has no love for them.
  5. Big Rons Hairspray

    Not sure about the way we play

    Not sure about that, might go for ok result against an ok side that are also overachieving.
  6. Big Rons Hairspray

    Sheffield Wednesday Playlist

    Long Blondes were mint. Very underrated.
  7. Big Rons Hairspray

    On This Day 25 Years Ago !

    I used to love it when the opposition cleared their lines with a long ball over our defence, you'd see a striker gamble on it & sprint full tilt to gather the ball, he's already seeing the headlines in his minds eye, considering how to celebrate his goal..... Watching it from the stand you knew what happened next, we had all seen it before, it was almost like watching Attenborough. One more touch & he'll pull the trigger, just has to wait for it to sit right and.......... BLAM!!! Disposessed. You will never beat Des Walker. You will never ever beat Des Walker. If you even dream of beating Des Walker you better wake up & apologise.
  8. Big Rons Hairspray

    On This Day 25 Years Ago !

    I don't think I'm aware of that story, what happened? Feel free to use fake names to protect the guilty...
  9. Big Rons Hairspray

    So who identified transfer targets?

    I don't think Carlos was ever in charge of recruitment. I can't prove it & im not ITK. I just think he is a convenient scapegoat. I reckon Doyen were the architects of our recruitment but Chansiri won't hang them out to dry in case they represent any signings we would like to make in the (very very very) distant future. Fair play to Chansiri he stumped up the cash & paid in good faith, most likely believing he had received good advice. I still think he has to take responsibility for any failures though as he is clearly the person with the final say on any important decisions.
  10. Big Rons Hairspray


    Could be good but Bruce Wayne would surely be the dream?
  11. Big Rons Hairspray

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    https://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/world-cup/2018/the-hod-complex-england-and-the-1998-world-cup_sto6795833/story.shtml This is a good read World Cup Fans. Interesting insight in to Hoddle & the 98 World Cup. Only seems like 2 minutes ago...
  12. Big Rons Hairspray

    Happy 56th Birthday

    His version is still my favourite rendition of George Bensons Greatest Love of All. Well done Brighty.
  13. Big Rons Hairspray

    New kit designs

    That's class. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the link.
  14. Big Rons Hairspray

    New Kit

    Skyier? Lovely new word. Could be a heartbreaker on the scrabble board too.
  15. Big Rons Hairspray

    Klas Ingesson

    He was a key player in a very good Sweden side that reached the USA 94 Semis playing some great footie. We were also interested in Henrik Larrson & Kennet Anderson around that time. Ingesson, Anderson, Larsson & Roly in the same squad would have been class. RIP.