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  1. I agree, i’d hate to think i’d be judged forever on decisions I made as a teenager. If Bruce thinks he can be developed in to a success for Sheffield Wednesday then let’s support him.
  2. I used to live on Maudlin Street. I was born there, I was raised there & I took some stick there.
  3. Captain should be hardest looking in the first eleven. Get a psychological advantage at the coin throw.
  4. Good, I think he’ll make it as well. Our club will be much better run under Bruce so calculated risks like these aren’t as concerning as they would be under managers such as Jos or Carlos. Well done KL.
  5. Give Clachnacuddin a whirl. You might like it.
  6. The last game I remember Lee playing he tore Leeds a new one. It was at the end of the Carlos days, we’d been humbled by the blunts & then Lee turned in a masterclass, totally head & shoulders above all of the midfield players on the park. I get the impression he’s the type of lad that will dedicate himself to getting back to 100%. If (big if, I get it) we can manage him like we manage Hutch’s fitness to keep him in the squad most weeks then it’s a no brainer. Class is permanent.
  7. It’s a great ideology. It will continue to stand the test of time.
  8. Proper men wear short shorts. Remember an interview with Di Canio where he said he wore shorts a size too small to make his legs look stronger.
  9. Where we’re going we don’t need Rhodes...
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