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  1. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest that those lads would look to Wenger for guidance. If we offered one the job he might tell them to go for it but I wouldn’t have thought Wenger would have changed his opinion of us over the last twenty years. Even after the league cup stuffing.
  2. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/3005166/Wengers-urbane-manner-provides-new-benchmark.html Some of em are. This makes reference to it but think there is more in Houlliers book. He would have been a great appointment at the time. We ended up with Danny Wilson.
  3. Back in the 90’s Arsene Wenger told Gerard Houllier that Wednesday were a club that were going nowhere. As a result Houllier turned us down & a year or two later took on the Liverpool job. I don’t think we’ll get anyone with an Arsenal connection so that rules Arteta, GVB & Bergkamp out.
  4. For a plot twist how about Marco Haber? The guy whose play acting helped get Hirsty sent off in the UEFA Cup. Bad guy turns good type of thing. Too far fetched from the writers? Would the viewers accept it? From his CV he doesn’t seem the slightest bit qualified. Watch this space.
  5. Yep, pub quiz answer territory ‘permanent manager with shortest time at Wednesday’
  6. No. If he had kept his powder dry & the compromise he mentioned between us & Newcastle didn’t happen then maybe he could have continued to work for us. The resignation (knowing the risk of a deal falling through) is effectively him saying he would rather be unemployed than work for SWFC.
  7. Move him on. Anyone not committed to improving Sheffield Wednesday can go.
  8. Fair play for telling us & sticking your neck out. Hope you’re right pal.
  9. I hope they are right, a few have stuck their neck out saying it’s definitely not Big Steve which suggests they consider themselves ITK. Other posters are saying the compensation has been suggested to be £4m. Without being a regular on there site it’s hard to know who the trusted sources/posters are.
  10. I just had a nosey on the NUFC forum & some of their fans are claiming the new manager will be confirmed on Friday & it’s not Bruce.
  11. Baby don’t change your mind might have worked better for Gladys.
  12. You crackpot, as if Moyes or Keane are bigger than Wednesday?!?
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