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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the 90’s training gear being reissued/replicated such as Tricky Trevs jacket.
  2. These reissues are on EBay for £30. Only got 3XL sizes though
  3. Steve Harkness, played 100+ games for Liverpool. Came to us at a difficult time, I thought he would offer some stability & demand high standards from the players around him. He was rubbish tho.
  4. Think these style of hats look good. A Fred Perry style polo inspired by cult/classic away kits would look good, with a discreet 1867 branding or similar.
  5. The Toffs Bukta range is good & the Bands FC top was different class but wondered if there was anything else out there for the discerning Wednesdayite.
  6. We all know the Megastore could stock a better range of Owls gear so if you wanted a decent bit of Owls branded stuff where would you go? Which are the best online shops that do Owls themed products? Im thinking more clothing than Toby Jugs... Mods feel free to move.
  7. Surely we can get ‘squeak’ in to a song/chant?! He’s said half a dozen times now. Do we start shouting SQUEAK!!! When we score? Could be quite off putting for the opposites.
  8. Nicol was the first player I saw to get breasts But Pleat said he used to be the best The Anfield kop loved you But we saw a mess
  9. Don’t think JP can be singled out as totally responsible for conceding but as a pair in the centre of midfield I thought there were large gaps between him & Bannan that Blackburn exploited on several occasions. They managed to overrun our midfield quite a lot & that pinned us back a fair bit at times. That doesn’t happen when Hutch plays with Bannan.
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