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  1. Song for Van Aken

    To the tune of Loser by Beck. 'We used to have Otsemobor now we got Joost baby so why don't you kill me' The hipsters will go crackers for the 90's vibe.
  2. John Harkes on his way to SWFC

    Top player for the Owls but arguably saved his best performance for an evening as guest presenter of the Late Night Love Affair on the New Hallam FM.
  3. Forestieri not in the squad

    Fair one pal. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Forestieri not in the squad

    Hey up, You seem to be someone who knows what's going on within the club & I do pay attention to what you post. Can you shed any more light on the training ground incident and expand on how FF instigated it? I would not be surprised if it happened but think we would all accept/understand certain levels of mitigation on the part of those involved if we knew how it came about.
  5. The Wednesday -V- Queens Park Rangers - OMDT

    What a player that guy was.
  6. Brilliant article by a QPR fan

    Decent article with plenty of research done but not a fan of the lazy comment about Carlton 'oh go then'.... He knocked in a top flight hat trick against the writers team.
  7. Abdi

    This is not my beautiful car.
  8. Wednesday, where's the stripes?! Wednesday Wednesday where's the stripes?! Chansiri, where's our stripes? Chansiri, Chansiri, where's our stripes?!
  9. I hope you are right pal.

    The kits are great on that picture. I mean the picture behind Fletcher & Boyd.
  11. Wednesday in Premier League

    They usually just show goals we concede or the Di Canio push. So expect to see Klinsmanns goal celebration, Steve Bruce's 110th minute header, Bobby Robson smiling when Newcastle smash us 8-0 & Alcock falling. Dont hold your breath for Carbone's overhead against Newcastle, Di Canio moonwalking through Everton, Waddle giving Burrows vertigo & Humphries chip against Leicester. In fact, while I'm on my high horse...they won't even mention Hirstys volley in the Klinsmann game or Briscoe's pearler to win the Di Canio match.
  12. We're all going on a European tour...

  13. New home shirt - Picture (Leak)

    Nice pop culture reference. Have a plus.
  14. Next season kit

    Team performance definitely lends a bias to my opinion on the kit. I was a kid in the 90's too but didn't like the bib striped style of the relegation kit. Does a disappointing kit lead to a disappointing season? Hmmm
  15. Next season kit

    92/93 Best Wednesday home kit of the 90's 99/00 Worst Wednesday home kit of the 90's