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  1. Vampire Weekend did a cover of ‘I’m going down’ by Bruce Springsteen. Don’t normally like covers but enjoyed this.
  2. I’ve just done a bit of sick in my mouth. is that definite?!
  3. Looks ace!! Though one Saturday tea time you’re gonna walk in there & kick the poo out of that room after we’ve surrendered a 3 goal lead....
  4. Football as industry makes vast sums of money. Football makes more working class millionaires than any other profession. At the playing level it’s a total meritocracy which is something no other profession outside of sport could claim. If people are upset that footballers don’t contribute enough of their salaries to public causes then perhaps they should canvas their local MP that they want the tax system re-regulating. Or instead we could listen to the health secretary try & throw footballers under the bus because they earn more than NHS staff. Hancock being a serving minister in a majority government...... it’s not like he’s in a position to try & do something about it...........🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. I would not like him to be the owner of our club. He happily had his staff on zero hour contracts resulting in them being paid below the minimum wage. He tried to pitch Sports Direct as an ‘essential service’ during the Covid19 restrictions & then upped his prices while a large amount of people were either furloughed or panicking about the stability of their jobs. He had ‘Wonga’ plastered all over the Newcastle shirts during the hey day of the pay day loans companies. Advertising a company that makes it easier for people to get further in debt. He’s got no issues in selling Newcastle to a regime with one of the worst human rights records in the world. No doubt plenty of people will tell me I’m naive & that if we want to compete we’d be better off with Ashley. If the price of being good at football is lining the pockets of that guy or being complicit in the way he treats people then I’d rather not bother.
  6. I still think we’d have beat Huddersfield if he hadn’t got injured early on.
  7. It’s heartbreaking how you took the time to write ‘aet’ for the cup final replay score. It hurt just reading that.
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