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  1. Which of our managers were you happy with when their appointment was announced? I was happy with Big Ron second time around, Alan Irvine (got that massively wrong ) and Bruce. I felt the others where quite disappointing. I’ll be disappointed if Monk is confirmed too.
  2. Totally agree. The Cowleys are ambitious and, to date, successful. If they are given the time to apply their methods and build a team this could be appointment we’ve been hoping for. If the choice is between an up & coming manager or a guy who never quite made it & has a cv containing mostly near misses then I’m all for the guy looking to develop his reputation.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/aug/27/david-squires-on-bolton-bury-and-the-threat-to-our-football-clubs This is worth a look.
  4. What was the real story behind him being homesick? He signed for Coventry a year or two after?
  5. Which would be nice cos they’d have to give us 20% of the fee back
  6. They’re great pal. The effort is appreciated.
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