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  1. I just hope he sets us up to try & win games. I know it sounds a bit daft but barring Big Ron’s cameo & Carlos first season it feels like we have been set up for damage limitation since the Pleat days.
  2. Dave the Scouser is touring America on holiday and stops in a remote bar in the hills of Nevada. He's chatting to the barman when he spies an old Indian sitting in a corner-complete with full tribal gear, long plaits and wrinkles. "Who's he?" asks Dave. "That's the Memory Man," says the barman. "He knows everything. He can remember any fact. Go and try him out." So Dave wanders over and asks: "Who won the 1965 FA Cup Final?" "Liverpool," replies the Memory Man. The tourist is amazed. "Who did they beat?" "Leeds," comes the reply. "And the score?" "2-1." D
  3. Nile Ranger. Sounds like the occupation a character might have in a Poirot story.
  4. I suppose ‘high profile’ is subjective. He’s no Bale of course.... Loovens was capped for Holland & played in the CL with Celtic. He played in La Liga with Zaragoza too I think. I assume the coach Bannan recommended is someone he played with at Wednesday. Just speculation.
  5. He’s getting to the age where he’ll want his Dad to buy a Brazilian women’s beach volleyball team. We are yesterday’s news.
  6. The club is only worth what the highest bidder wants to pay for it. i wonder if that offer included Hillsborough as part of the purchase?
  7. Those style shorts would be class for the beach. Wednesday should do a reissue. 🏝
  8. I don’t think I’m misrepresenting it. The comment was that we beat a team of kids. We didn’t, we beat a team of established footballers. Not their first 11 but a strong side on the whole. The line up was: Petr Cech- Serial winner Debuchy- French international Chambers- England international Mertersacker- German international Gibbs- England international Flamini- French international Kamara- Kid. Fair one. Campbell- Costa Rica international Oxlade Chamberlain- England International Iw
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