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  1. Exactly. And also there’s nothing wrong with legitimate scrutiny. We want the best for SWFC and so will DC, as supporters of the club we are allowed to debate/question his methods.
  2. It’s because the stories around SWFC (at the minute) aren’t about what happens on the pitch but what’s happening at boardroom level. We have turned in to a football version of the Airplane film. A comedy and disaster rolled in to one.
  3. Maybe there should be an ‘academy tax’ taken from transfer fee’s. When a player moves from the club that developed them they receive a transfer fee. if that player moves on again perhaps the club that developed the player from a young prospect should be awarded 2-3% of that transfer fee. A fee of £30m for example would trigger a £600’000 windfall for the original club. Not mega money by any stretch but enough to encourage clubs to develop their own players & would be a welcome source of income for clubs lower down the pecking order.
  4. A key part of a record breaking SWFC defence. An excellent signing for a nominal fee. A player that could be relied upon to stand up and be counted. Good luck in the future Tom.
  5. I thought Westwood was an odd signing as Kirkland was going very well for us at the time. It didn’t take long to see Westwood’s quality though. He was excellent in the Carlos era & instrumental in our 2 record breaking seasons for clean sheets. Every decent manager that’s been here has selected Westwood when fit.
  6. The Puma logo & King branding look class. Imagine that on the traditional stripes.
  7. If Chansiri was more expeditious with his accounting we would’ve avoided the deduction. If we made the sales you suggested we would have been on a much firmer financial footing. Such a disappointing set of circumstances.
  8. Fair play to Gregory for still fitting in that. I can barely wear anything from pre-lockdown.
  9. People go on about Pacino in Any Given Sunday but I think this is better & it actually happened (& had the desired effect)
  10. As a club we have suffered too many players taking the ‘soft’ option and ducking out. He will feel the drop in quality around him since the Carlos days each game but he still goes out there & try’s to get a tune out of that lot. Bannan stands up to be counted every fixture & has been fully committed to playing for Wednesday, even when things have gone from bad to worse. Massive respect.
  11. I suppose it could have the exciting element of a disaster movie to it. Starts off well, everyone having a great time but then the captain spots something on the horizon around 93/94........
  12. I wonder if he would have been more interested if the book focused on his time as manager? @Toadie What do you think?
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