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  1. 2018/19 home kit - You decide

    Option A. Super Owls.
  2. POLL - Carlos in or Carlos out?

    Maybe not for you pal but it will cause other people to be a bit more wound up. I know it annoys me.
  3. POLL - Carlos in or Carlos out?

    Back him. I honestly think continuity is the way forward. It is still (just) October, we won't continue to be this bad. Van Aken will develop, Forestieri will return & there is still a transfer window to strengthen. If the Blades weren't doing so well we wouldn't be as concerned. I accept it's not good enough at the minute but I do think we will improve. If all else fails we will campaign to the FA for them to start awarding half goals each time a team hits the woodwork!
  4. If not Carlos Carvalhal, Who?

    Dwayne Johnson.
  5. Calling Brian Clifford

    Calling Brian Clifford. Calling Atdhe Dave. Calling Kieron Lee. I love Owlstalk bants.
  6. Carlton Palmer

    I missed the interview, In regards to his move to Leeds what is the actual story behind that? Why did we choose to sell him? Why did he decide to go? Does anyone know? Worthington one felt bizarre too.
  7. Hooper bogey

    Swimming certificate smile.
  8. Good technique but neshed every single challenge.
  9. Next Manager: Lee Bullen

  10. All this no passion crap

    I think there is some truth in that. Probably would have just papered over the cracks tho.
  11. Song for Van Aken

    To the tune of Loser by Beck. 'We used to have Otsemobor now we got Joost baby so why don't you kill me' The hipsters will go crackers for the 90's vibe.
  12. John Harkes on his way to SWFC

    Top player for the Owls but arguably saved his best performance for an evening as guest presenter of the Late Night Love Affair on the New Hallam FM.
  13. Forestieri not in the squad

    Fair one pal. Thanks for your reply.
  14. Forestieri not in the squad

    Hey up, You seem to be someone who knows what's going on within the club & I do pay attention to what you post. Can you shed any more light on the training ground incident and expand on how FF instigated it? I would not be surprised if it happened but think we would all accept/understand certain levels of mitigation on the part of those involved if we knew how it came about.
  15. The Wednesday -V- Queens Park Rangers - OMDT

    What a player that guy was.