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  1. The Almen Abdi signing turned out to be a disaster for DC. Fair play to DC he was willing to spend & we almost fluked it. However the club has wasted fortunes on underperforming players. There are players who were on our books for good cash that many of us will have forgotten about. The only impact they had for us was a negative one on the accounts. It looks like DC underestimated how tough it was to successfully run a football club, mistakes have been made but instead of learning from them we seem to just continue in a pretty shambolic fashion. What will the next get rich quick scheme be? Selling square feet of Hillsborough to the fans? Buying a place in the match day squad?
  2. To be fair we rattled Arsenal 3-0 last time we played em. And they were a better team at that time. Didn't Leeds lose?!
  3. I thought Ellery at LB looked good, a great dribbler & scored a very composed penalty.
  4. If they are offering a reasonable fee then we should take it. He has had a good 6 or so years here but it’s probably a good opportunity for us to get some brass in to refresh the squad a bit. Sometimes think his recent injury issues cloud people’s judgement of just how good he was in Carlos first season.
  5. He’ll crack out his favourite Sudoku pen & go wild with this months puzzler magazine.
  6. This is a bigger game for Leeds than it is for us. They were expecting to be the stand out team in the division this year. If we take 3 points out of them tomorrow they will start to feel the pressure of not performing to their anticipated level.
  7. The thing about Tango I have to respect is his ability to resist the ageing process. He looks almost identical to how he did in 1993, while I on the other hand have gone from fresh faced 10 year old boy right through to almost middle aged man via a ten minute period as a babe magnet in 2004, at this rate I’m gonna look like Rupert Murdochs nut sack in less than 5 years.
  8. I enjoyed that. Thanks. I’ll bet I want Wednesday to go up more than he does tho.
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