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  1. Bags

    Just leave your bag on the train station platform. i did that once and the police put a large cordon on to keep it safe til I went back to get it.
  2. Wednesdays all time Premier League Team.

    That's a good squad but I'd probably swap Blinker for Alexandersson & Ingesson for Nicol (top player in his prime)
  3. Kieran Lee's disallowed goal against Leeds.
  4. Same, Better or Worse?

    If Carlos had not left by mutual consent do you think the team would have performed the same, better or worse since his departure? In my opinion I think we would have been slightly better off under Carlos. The season would still have been underwhelming but his experience in the league & knowledge of the squad would've yielded better results than what Jos has got. I think by now we would be safe but still fed up. What do you think? Same, better or worse?
  5. When did it start to go wrong?

    Ross Wallace getting injured against Huddersfield in the play offs. With him on the pitch we would have beaten them.
  6. SWFC Away Shirt – Inter Style

    Yes mate. That's class.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday Player Clear out

    That's what Yorkshire lads do after a wee. Please bear in mind the rule that states owt more than 2 sheks is a w@@nk!
  8. SWFC Away Shirt – Inter Style

    The home kit from last season would look good in Inter colours with thin blue stripes. Could be a good away kit for us.
  9. Abdi will score the winner tonight. And it will be ever so lovely.
  10. Jos is a real leader and solid man manager

    That's impressive knowledge, I bet you have many many leather bound books & your apartment smells of rich mahogany.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday Megastore

    Jos sticks for the New Age Owls.
  12. Who do you want in the next Round?.

    Denaby Utd away.
  13. Loovens

    He's supposed to be a cool head & a positive influence on other players. If he'd not been wagging his finger & shouting at the ref he wouldn't have got the second yellow. Schoolboy behaviour at best.
  14. I've got more confidence in Jones than Fox. All in all not a totally awful first half. They will be more disappointed than us at half time.