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  1. Unless there is another takeover (with a Fosun-type rich owner), I'm afraid it looks like being several seasons of being in the bottom half of the Championship or worse (like it was in the Allen and Mandaric years). Leeds are light years in front at the moment and even The Blunts are in much better shape. Chansiri is a bit like that mad doctor at Villa, but not quite as bad.
  2. Looks almost certain to be a long, hard season battling for survival - should just about do it.
  3. Bournemouth...billionaire "sugar daddy". Ignore FFP rules = promotion.
  4. What? Bournemouth cheated FFP rules....and they admitted it.
  5. Burnley might want him back if they don't soon spend any of the £200 million they have stashed away.
  6. How long before Lees will play in the PL?
  7. Brighton made huge losses trying to get promoted for 5/6 seasons - last I heard they "owe" their owner Tony Bloom £250 million. Of course, as a fan, he has written off the debt. Apart from Burnley, Blackpool were promoted for "next to nothing" under Holloway. Cardiff last season? Huddersfield before that? It's possible to go up without spending a fortune. Just need a very good (or lucky) manager.
  8. It would be a poor show if clubs were rated on just how big their attendances and gate recepts are. Why bother playing any matches? Should Newcastle finish in the top few just because they have more fans than most clubs? Champions League places to the 4 teams with the biggest attendances?
  9. A close battle with the Blades for 11th place - could be decided on goal difference.
  10. If anything, the PL jackpot will start to get smaller from now on....the signs are the next TV deal will be less lucrative unless they can get more overseas interest. I think it has hit saturation point.
  11. I think any ambitious player from below the PL would be mad not to want to play for Dyche at Burnley - especially defenders and goalkeepeers. Heaton, Pope, Tarkowski, Keane and Cork all received England recognition after signing for Dyche and apparently Mee and Ashley Barnes came close to a call up for friendlies last season. Trippier was signed by Howe but has admitted his defending improved no end when Dyche succeeded Howe. Burnley are still looking for a centre half - two if Mee leaves - but I doubt Lees is still on Dyche's radar. He tried to sign Worrall from Forest last season but they wanted £15 million.
  12. Fletcher is a good player but lacks ambition. Happy to pick up PL wages fighting relegation every season at Burnley, Wolves and Sunderland. Doubt he up for a promotion battle.
  13. Burnley had a great season and our manager performed miracles, but I cannot forgive Dyche for losing 1-0 to Swansea in February. Swans were admittedly enjoying "new manage bounce" but I was angry Dyche was outdone tactically by Carlos the Barbecue Man. One win at home to Southampton would have kept Swansea up but Carlos blew it big style.
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