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  1. I have absolutely no memory of this, was anyone there and what do people remember about it? We got to the final?? I was a student at the time, doing my finals, so maybe that’s why it passed me by…… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_League_Centenary_Tournament
  2. Gilles de Bilde for me - we spent good money on him - we needed a leader and someone to build the team around - he was so completely the opposite! Remember watching the Man U away game on Sky, watching his body language before the game started and seeing how completely not bothered he was. Still bothers me now 22 years later!!
  3. All about opinions on here, so whilst appreciating that this is your opinion, mine is that I love Hillsborough and want us to stay there. Yes it’s seen better days, but it’s part of who we are and where we’ve come from. If we ever get chance of getting back in the big time, where we actually have some money to spend on our facilities, then I personally would want that spent on improving what we’ve got. Cheers & WAWAW
  4. This is Wednesday related honest!! I’m just wondering if one of the question writers on House of Games is a Wednesdayite, as there are often answers that are Wednesday related…. eg one I saw the other day under subject heading of football teams and a picture of a chef, a field and Wednesday Addams (wasn’t sure what the answer was though! ) If said question writer IS an owl, does anyone know who he / she is? Does he / she have an owlstalk account?
  5. The 83/84 season, we were top after 3 games and stayed top till the end of December…..
  6. Remember that night well. Emlyn Hughes really was winding us all up after their dodgy penalties (were they both pens?)…. The bit I remember really well was the crush trying to get out of the visitors end after the final whistle - there was a police horse blocking the end of that tiny lane so we couldn’t move at all - I think everyone just accepted it as part and parcel of following Wednesday at the time, but in today’s world would never be acceptable!
  7. RIP Gerd Muller - he was the last player that I needed to complete my panini Euro 76 sticker album - only later on ( I was 8 at the time) did I find out what an immense player he was.
  8. This has been done! Away at Carlisle a good few years (10?) these lads next to me kept singing “don’t give up on us Wednesday” to this tune all the way through the game - think at 1-1 they also changed the line “we can still come through” to “we can still score two…….” (made me laugh anyway, but I had had quite a few by then )
  9. That game away at Stoke was where it all started to go wrong. We’ve basically been crap ever since. Wonder if that’s when players and manager first heard details on how bad things were behind the scenes....
  10. Nope - we’re down. The Birmingham and Rotherham games were the key ones that we had to win to have any chance of stopping up.
  11. Reyt good this one - really like the flavour.
  12. Liverpool away match in 84 - first season back in top division - we beat them 2-0. Liverpool fans waiting for us when we came out, fights breaking out everywhere. One of our fans got badly stabbed / slashed - the poor chap was covered in blood, it was horrible to see. Worst thing I’ve seen at the match.
  13. As a kid, it was always Kola Kubes from the sweet shop on Leppings Lane at the back of the West Stand. 50p a week pocket money (had a season ticket) - 30p a programme, 10p for 2 Oz Kola Kubes and 2p each way on the bus - kids don’t know they’re born these days etc etc
  14. Thanks for sharing that - 30 years ago? Good grief!! Remember it almost like yesterday. I was living in Manchester at the time, came back over to Sheff for the weekend, took my dad to this match and was just great watching this team - so much quality and passion right throughout the squad. Just watching it again reminds me of why I fell in love with Wednesday - I would always have said 83/84 was my fave season, but am now thinking 90/91 might just shave it.....
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