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  1. Are you the lad with the Wednesday mug that I chat to in the kitchen at NPG...? Not seen you there for a while, but I do keep an eye out for you... I like the fact that there’s a lot of wednesdayites in NPG.... good company!!! UTO
  2. Thanks for posting this up - great pass from Spider Mellor for the 3rd goal
  3. Hadn’t realised Gary Stevens was in that Brighton team - he was in Everton’s in 86 too..
  4. For some reason I never knew about this story at the time he was with us, but still makes me smile.... https://amp.theguardian.com/football/blog/2018/jan/04/everton-liverpool-fa-cup-kevin-ratcliffe-imre-varadi-pie-face
  5. Excellent article - can’t disagree with any of this, and articulates my fears as to where we will end up this season. Big, big, big decisions needed from DC.
  6. RIP Hayley - such a brave fight for such a long time Words never enough, but thoughts and prayers with her family now x
  7. I was there and - looking back on it now - that is the one that feels like my worst ever experience watching Wednesday. And I’ve seen us get relegated, beat by the blunts, lose cup finals and semi-finals - but that performance by that team was just so abysmal and confirmed all my worst fears about how poor we were and where we were headed. (maybe a slight overreaction but there you go :-)) Wilson should either have walked or been sacked, but the fact neither happened until too late, set the scene for our relegation and for where we are now....
  8. If it's win percentage in last 20 years, then statistically it's Megson. Notwithstanding that, best for me is Carlos (2015-16 season only.....)
  9. 1976/77 season, v Lincoln 1-1 draw Pals at school were Owls, who got me interested, and I'd been wanting to go but my dad wasn't so keen at the time. I was in cubs, and it just so happened that Len Ashurt's (our manager at the time) son was in our cub group (pack?) too - the cub leaders and Len Ashurt had had some kind of discussion,and before we knew it we'd wangled an invite to the match - think there was about 30 or 40 of us who got invited - pretty flukey looking back on it. Thanks Len and son!! :-) I was only about 9 at the time, and to be honest I can't remember too much about it - we were sat in the old south stand (covered bit), and the two things that I CAN remember are (1) how green and massive the pitch was, and (2) just how much moaning there was (some things never change, eh?)!! :-) Was probably a rubbish game, but just can't remember it - it must have done the trick though as I've been Wednesday ever since. My dad started to take me to a few the next season, as he could see how keen I was, and it took off from there....
  10. Nobody put's The ball in the net Like Gary Bannister....
  11. Walking down to the ground from Middlewood Road - corner of Leppings Lane and Catch Bar Lane - you could hear the chap selling programmes before you saw him - "Programmes!!! Official Programmes!!" - would always buy my programme from him - I can't even say the word "programmes" now, without adding "official programmes" to the end of it.. :-)
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