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  1. I’m currently very much whelmed on the whelm-o-meter!
  2. Proper proper good that mate. Fair play to the lad.
  3. Honestly mate you need to bore off with your PC nonsense. If you want to have a serious discussion in your safe space where nobody uses any gender specific pronouns then maybe you should start commenting exclusively on guardian articles and private momentum groups on Facebook.
  4. Fully expected to open this thread and see a picture of FF in a suit ready for his court date
  5. Fair play to the lad he can crack a decent shot from time to time but is massively overrated. Still think to this day we overpaid for him. That said he’s about our only saleable asset and personally I’d sell up if we can get decent cash for him and spend it on strengthening the squad in 2/3 positions. He is replaceable.
  6. OP your post is about as inspiring as Jos who is possibly the least inspiring man I’ve ever seen on a touch line, and I saw plenty of Terry Yorath!
  7. My thoughts exactly. Like a young Chris Brunt.
  8. We have literally no leverage to get a good transfer fee for him. £2m max.
  9. Lots of people missing the point here. We could get decent money for Adam Reach without actually losing a huge asset. You can’t replace a FF, or a Lees, or maybe a Bannan (when they’re on form) you can easily replace Adam Reach.,
  10. The bit where you forgot Butterfield was on loan made me spit my tea out. I’m sure teams will be lining up to take the likes of Fox, Fletcher, Rhodes, Abdi, Mathias off our hands and pay them the massively inflated wages they’re on or I’m sure those guys will be happy to take a pay cut. We are stuck with so much absolute dross on our books that will sit out their bumper contract that we have to sell and sell wisely. Yes Reach just about gets in our strongest team, but would we really miss him that much?
  11. He is overpriced, performs averagely at best with the odd moment of brilliance (which is the only reason he retains any value), and completely bottles out of tackles constantly, like every game. Which if our rivals teams does he walk into? What position is he actually good in? Keep clapping pal.
  12. Exactly what the OP said. He looks good because everyone else has been so poo, not because he’s actually good. And of all the money that we’ve spunked up the wall at poo players, he’s about the only one we could potentially recoup our investment on.
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