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  1. Spudvegas

    Adam Reach

    Fair play to the lad he can crack a decent shot from time to time but is massively overrated. Still think to this day we overpaid for him. That said he’s about our only saleable asset and personally I’d sell up if we can get decent cash for him and spend it on strengthening the squad in 2/3 positions. He is replaceable.
  2. Spudvegas

    To the Jos out brigade

    OP your post is about as inspiring as Jos who is possibly the least inspiring man I’ve ever seen on a touch line, and I saw plenty of Terry Yorath!
  3. Spudvegas

    Just a quick reminder...

    My thoughts exactly. Like a young Chris Brunt.
  4. Spudvegas


    We have literally no leverage to get a good transfer fee for him. £2m max.
  5. We are no longer a big club.
  6. Spudvegas

    Reach - over not around

    Lots of people missing the point here. We could get decent money for Adam Reach without actually losing a huge asset. You can’t replace a FF, or a Lees, or maybe a Bannan (when they’re on form) you can easily replace Adam Reach.,
  7. Spudvegas

    Reach - over not around

    The bit where you forgot Butterfield was on loan made me spit my tea out. I’m sure teams will be lining up to take the likes of Fox, Fletcher, Rhodes, Abdi, Mathias off our hands and pay them the massively inflated wages they’re on or I’m sure those guys will be happy to take a pay cut. We are stuck with so much absolute dross on our books that will sit out their bumper contract that we have to sell and sell wisely. Yes Reach just about gets in our strongest team, but would we really miss him that much?
  8. Spudvegas

    Reach - over not around

    He is overpriced, performs averagely at best with the odd moment of brilliance (which is the only reason he retains any value), and completely bottles out of tackles constantly, like every game. Which if our rivals teams does he walk into? What position is he actually good in? Keep clapping pal.
  9. Spudvegas

    Reach - over not around

    Exactly what the OP said. He looks good because everyone else has been so poo, not because he’s actually good. And of all the money that we’ve spunked up the wall at poo players, he’s about the only one we could potentially recoup our investment on.
  10. Spudvegas

    Reach - over not around

    OP you literally articulated exactly how I feel about Adam Reach. I’d only add to it that he’s a complete bottle job.
  11. £33 for that. Pathetic.
  12. Spudvegas


    Keep clapping lads...
  13. Spudvegas

    Marco Matias Goal Celebration

    He hates Carlisle.
  14. Spudvegas

    Power of Fans

    I sit behind the bench and I stood up yesterday and shouted to Carlos that it was time to go, a few times. I’ve had mixed feelings about it, especially after the chairman’s statement about it and his call for humanity. However I think it was the right thing to do. People have pointed out that despite the heavy sentiment that Carlos’ time at the club needed to come to an end, nobody was vocalising it at the games and thus everything appears rosy. People needed to speak out, for the sake of this club. I’ve had a season ticket since I was 6 years old, I’ve lived out of London for 10 years but have kept up my seat and make as many games as I can. The price has risen astronomically since Chansiri has come in, but I’ve kept the faith given the investment. Never have I felt so apathetic about the club as I do this season. I’ve made maybe 4 games, I couldn’t tell you who we’re playing in the next 3 and I wouldn’t recognise half of the squad if I got talking to them in the street. I’ve lived and breathed Wednesday my whole life, but for some reason something feels completely wrong right now and I am completely disengaged, I don’t know if others feel this way? The point being that the fans have every right to voice their opinion, especially if they feel they’re not being heard or represented. And whilst I felt torn on a human level, these men can console themselves that whilst they may have lost their job, again, they are multi millionaires after all.
  15. Spudvegas

    Christmas message from DC

    I hope someone has taken a copy of this because it wouldn’t surprise me if it was taken down. Completely embarrassing statement from the chairman posted emotionally in the early hours of the morning. The man is supposed to be a businessman, not a spoilt child who throws his toys out of the pram when he doesn’t get what he wants. It’s not a family when you make your family pay up to their limits to join in and you’re a multi millionaire, as is the manager, as are a bunch of the underperforming and overpaid players.