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  1. your expecting us to hire someone with links to the English game And not the Azerbaijani manager, who has never stepped foot in England
  2. I think we’ve got to give it NT - any other manager won’t understand the severity of how much of a clusterfuck of a club we actually are
  3. that’s the team for me , throw up between Harris for Palmer but I like the look of that side
  4. hahaha - I’m all for not changing a winning team - but it’s evident we need fresher legs on Tuesday night bring in Rhodes , luongo, shaw , Harris
  5. Could be a season defining game on Tuesday night - it’s simply a must win Bournemouth (a) Millwall (a) Wycombe (h) Beat Wycombe and that would be 6 points from The last 3 games and I’d have snatched your hand off for it prior to Bournemouth we looked very leggy today, tired legs - Tuesday night is a must win game
  6. Win on Tuesday will put a different spin on it if you’d have asked me if you’d take 6 points from Bournemouth (a) Milwall (a) Wycombe (h) id have snatched your hand off
  7. Look very leggy - the game against Wycombe is HUGEEEEEE
  8. Still not forgiven him From when blades got their 3rd at hillsborough
  9. I think Lees Dunkley Hutchinson is our strongest back line at present
  10. but he was superb? The whole team was as a collective effort? Don’t understand the playground antics about hutch & westy they both improve the team when the play well done tonight Wednesday
  11. Huge games tonight - we need a point tonight at least
  12. QPR have done the business in this window - signed vastly experience quality players to see them over the line
  13. When we are allowed back in the ground - can someone rip that pathetic banner down from the back of the KOP
  14. I actually think Neil Thompson needs to be knighted if he keeps us up
  15. I’m actually lost for words in fact speechless - just shows what a complete utter mess we are in
  16. Good news - Wednesday salaries have been paid in full for Jan, guess that means spendageddon can commence
  17. Looking at some of the results from the first half of the season - not winning in 10’under pulis. - 4 game losing streak under monk in total that’s 14 games where we picked up just 4 points I honestly think we’ve come a long way since then, in terms of team character & mentality& hopefully fingers crossed can’t see us going on similar runs like that again I’m hopeful & fairly confident we will continue to scrap &’pick up narrow margin wins, and draws to see us just over the line Normally there is always 1 team that falls Like a stone after Xmas, February is a big big month
  18. its almost as if you don’t want them to play well or succeed - it’s quite sad really
  19. as much as it’s not nice for them , if it spared Wednesday I wouldn’t give a damn haha
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