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  1. Yes completely- today was the final nail in the coffin , if I’m completely honest I’d retract the contact offers for reach & Lees and let the whole lot go totally weak mentality I’ve actually been looking at league 1 away days this evening, Need to get rid of DC then bring a manager who might actually galvanise us
  2. Was it Oldham when prutton scored in last minute? Reyt day out that
  3. Thing is - I can’t knock league 1 away days , they were class in 2011/2012 I remember when we played Rochdale away / we literally took over the place , and good atmosphere every where we went
  4. No one can be blaming Thompson it’s completely unjust - he isn’t a manager, he is a coach, and to start having a go at Thompson is completely unfair
  5. Just as you think loyalty is dead in football - up steps Bazza absolutely delighted
  6. you say that - but look at what Jude Bellingham did for blues - signed a contract with the intention he was leaving , just so they got money for him instead we get a measly 300k for him shut down the academy what’s the f’kn point
  7. I agree - Jude Bellingham on the other hand is a great example , Birmingham through and through - he could have gone for nothing , but decided to sign a contract so blues get top whack for him
  8. Used to love it when they played the last home game in next years kit - back then the home kit was changed every 2 years the early 90’s kits were the best hands down home & away
  9. If there ever was a more pleat signing this is it Took his goal well at Southampton that time tho haha
  10. I’m guessing one of the managers you are referring to is Monk & his crony featherstone Word has it at Birmingham - he tried to force the hand of Jude Bellingham to sign with his agent or he wouldn’t play , as a result the lads dad exposed him
  11. The thing is if it is true and there has been an offer for the club, and Joe crann is saying DC no interest in selling I’d love to know what DC’s intentions are moving forward because I’m totally baffled
  12. If he has any issues people should respect it - whether it be personal issues , mental health or family related
  13. Ok I may have over exaggerated, i meant great in comparison To JP improves the starting 11
  14. Great player when he is available but he literally is always injured
  15. I disagree a win on Tuesday takes us out of the relegation zone , which physiologically could be massive - only Rotherham play on Tuesday apart from us, 3 points would be massive
  16. Huddersfield are the ones dropping like a stone - win on Tuesday and it changes the complexion of things
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