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  1. 85 points , and we all know there was ample

    room for improvement - no point changing , iron out a few of these errors and we have no reason to doubt he can’t get us promoted 


    don’t forget only 18mons ago people were saying and rightly so , our club was toxic from

    top to bottom - I think Moore has done a good job of slowing changing the mentality - so he does need credit 


    the tide is turning 

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  2. 11 minutes ago, DoesJackHunt said:

    So you don’t think throwing an inflatable banana on the pitch could be construed anyway similarly to throwing an actual banana on the pitch.


    just don’t take blow up bananas

    Take a blow up anything else

    or just don’t take an inflatable unless your 16 or under maybe. 

    haven’t you got a motorway to sit on, or

    glue yourself to some petrol station on Saturday , because in all honesty its

    going to be better for you


    as there is going to be a a hell of a lot of inflatables on Saturday , grapefruits, bananas, unicorns you name it - and I certainly don’t want you getting offended 

  3. 2 minutes ago, DoesJackHunt said:

    No you are wrong and out of touch-  It’s not about if you think it’s racist,

    it could be viewed as racist, if one person could be offended by it why do it.

    take inflatable anything but not Bananas


    Also how do you know there’s no racist agenda to it. I would question anyone who thinks taking a blow up banana to a football match is an appropriate thing to do  

    im offended by your comments - but I’m not making a big deal out of it 


    I think you just need to get a life 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, DoesJackHunt said:

    No-  you are out of touch and it’s that attitude as to why we still have huge issues with racism. You’re assuming there are no racist son here,  you are wrong. 
    you’re assuming everyone sees it as harmless banter ‘, you are wrong. 
    I’m all for inflatable but Banana’s…… why?

    it’s not enough to not be racist. You have to be against racism, this is obviously controversial so why support it.

    if just one person could find it offensive then why do it. 

    Take anything else but not Banana’s 
    If you take an inflatable Banana you’re a pr!ck, it’s that simple ! 

    cos you are a melt

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  5. 3 minutes ago, fpowl said:

    You my friend are being a drama queen not one person on here is being racist or indicating racism 


    there were bananas thrown around wemberly, Cardiff, and just about every final away game I’ve been to since 2000


    I see inflatable Bananas at fun fairs and at seasides non of it is racist 


    your attitude in trying to make it something it’s not will cause divide in something that’s innocent 


    I’m sure the good people of Hillsborough would have bananas hurled at our black players those around anybody trying it would just be dealt with 


    they certainly would be if they was around me 


    you are making something fun an jubilant into a tense affair stop finding insults that don’t exist there’s enough sh£&t in this world than for people like you to try and stir more of it 



    very well said 👏 

  6. Just now, DoesJackHunt said:

    Just don’t take a inflatable Banana and you won’t risk offending anyone 

    yeah but if I take a unicorn 🦄 it might offend the lepricorn 


    if I take a inflatable dragon it might annoy the fairy 🧚‍♀️ 


    just can’t win….


    how’s it offending anybody? I used to love Bananas in Pjamas i didn’t know they were offending people 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, fpowl said:

    Why would he assume that are we aiming it at black people and monkey chatting or we just throwing inflatable bananas around 


    I can’t understand why people look into something and try and make it something it’s not 


    is it too late to change the idea of inflatable bananas to inflatable dogs or could that potentially offend the cat that wondered on the pitch last month?


    out of interest why is it bananas only, traditionally don’t we just do inflatables full stop 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Exactly this - well said 


    some people absolutely baffle me

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  8. What is the world coming to? 

    why do people have to associate fun, with been racist / sexist etc etc 


    they are inflatables ffs promoting a carnival atmosphere a fun day an important day


    Only strange strange people would try and make something out of nothing 


    Just enjoy the day out 

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