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  1. 85 points , and we all know there was ample room for improvement - no point changing , iron out a few of these errors and we have no reason to doubt he can’t get us promoted don’t forget only 18mons ago people were saying and rightly so , our club was toxic from top to bottom - I think Moore has done a good job of slowing changing the mentality - so he does need credit the tide is turning
  2. Earned his chance to be recalled into our starting 11 We own him, he is ours - I can imagine BPF was on big wages / big loan fee
  3. 1-0 down not the end of the world Positives - we simply cannot play any worse than we did
  4. haven’t you got a motorway to sit on, or glue yourself to some petrol station on Saturday , because in all honesty its going to be better for you as there is going to be a a hell of a lot of inflatables on Saturday , grapefruits, bananas, unicorns you name it - and I certainly don’t want you getting offended
  5. someone giving blowies on the kop again
  6. im offended by your comments - but I’m not making a big deal out of it I think you just need to get a life
  7. yes I am - as I see it as an inflatable banana nothing else like 99% of this forum probably do
  8. yeah but if I take a unicorn it might offend the lepricorn if I take a inflatable dragon it might annoy the fairy just can’t win…. how’s it offending anybody? I used to love Bananas in Pjamas i didn’t know they were offending people
  9. I’m worried what I can take now and who it will offend
  10. Exactly this - well said some people absolutely baffle me
  11. What is the world coming to? why do people have to associate fun, with been racist / sexist etc etc they are inflatables ffs promoting a carnival atmosphere a fun day an important day Only strange strange people would try and make something out of nothing Just enjoy the day out
  12. We’ve been here before aka mind the gap season, we can really assert some pressure been the chaser - put a run a together who knows , teams in the autos could buckle under the pressure
  13. Thinking of the positives - if we can hold the fort , and keep a similar momentum to what we are achieving without them - when we get them back for the last 10 games or so , it could be absolutely crucial
  14. Get in…. building something , marv Johnson fantastic
  15. i thought very similar - I hope hutch is all ok, as he has had mental health issues in the past sometimes it’s not always a physical injury
  16. The most frustrating thing is, it’s clear to see it’s the tactics, formations , line ups that aren’t working - not necessarily the players they have no idea what there roles are you can’t even see patterns of play , where we’ve been working on things on the training ground it’s just awful awful football
  17. The thing is with this season, I think the players are putting a shift in for the most part , and actually trying But tactically the way they are set up and the chopping and changing they have absolutely no idea what’s going on its down to ******** poor management this season
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