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  1. Stopped posting in here as just get bullied about it. People intent in slagging even when not seen it and having a pop any anyone who dares to enjoy themselves.
  2. No Mans Sky VR patch has dropped for free on PSVR Quite amazing however resolution is pretty low. If you can put up with that and use the Move Controllers its superb
  3. Aparenty you can now hack the switch to play 'back ups' anyone? anyone?
  4. I think most folk here have PSVR if any VR. Theres a PSVR section. Id love to play Elite in VR, help hope out for so long it will come to PSVR but it wont now, maybe via a patch on PS5 & PSVR2 Patiantly waiting for the NMS VR drop.
  5. Sorry im talking bolloxs, with the colmbia racord, its the masterplan record in the pics i was thinking of, found out back when i catalogged it all https://www.flickr.com/gp/7639437@N04/0r5h16 def got all the early singles 7" 12" and cd.
  6. i think I've got this somewhere Also got Def Maybe and WTSMG double vinyl albums, and all singles from both those albums on 7", 12" and cd. cd's are numbered too.
  7. Ive had an itch for a footy game, i dont buy any. (normally wait for fifa on EAAccess) but only recently discovered you can patch pes to official kits and names etc, so well excited to try that with the PS+ PES. suppose to be a better game of footy anyway. but no way can i be 'sheffield blue' or whetever it is! totally loses it for me if i have to do that.
  8. technologys limit at the moment, its getting better all the time, but id say stop looking for it? Start a game and youll soon stop noticing any kind of resolution. I have to say you also tried a really old crap game, theres so much amazing stuff out on PSVR now. What other games you got, theres so many damos to try
  9. Nah, been burned before, got the scorpio and no decent 'exclusives' to play on it. power means nothing without games. Afraid MS have nothing interesting for me anymore. Certainly no interest in an even faster machine with no games.
  10. Think ill be into this. I hammered Division 1 and skipped Wildlands. I tried Div 2 but just felt samy, so by missing wildlands i think ill be interested in this
  11. true EA access is good for a free 8 hrs of new games, nothing else, Gamepass is superb!!
  12. yes mate i have registered an alert on twickets, . arena just have 2 separate seats opposite sides of arena left. obviously theres the touts on viagogo wanting £200 a ticket, but i refuse to pay that. really boils my wee wee, those sites, a total of 67 tickets all being touted on viagogo, Ill keep checking cheers
  13. long shot but if anyones selling 2 ariana grande tickets for sheffield arena in Sept im interested, Daughters 16th birthday Ta Mark
  14. Just moved in with parents, took my Talk Talk account, getting 3 MB!
  15. I loved the Zombie wave. would love a gif of that if anyone sees one.!
  16. I didnt go for me, took son whos 7, half expected him to be sacred by the monsters. Trailers made it look funny, a family comedy. TBH i didnt check the rating before i went in, my fault, but its not a good film or a kids film. By kids i mean aged under 10
  17. Real crap, bad pacing, who's it pitched at, aimed at kids but its a 12A, and had fairly scary monsters in for younger kids.
  18. Ive been a xbox man for years, always owned all 3 consoles but did most my gaming on xbox X. but i do feel MS have ballsed up this generation. they just not had the games at all! 'most powerful console' it may be but with only cross platforms games to play on it! God Of War Spiderman Shadow of the collusus TLOS Uncharted Detroit Horizon Zero Dawn Until Dawn I mean ive not even played all of those but i know its some stella gaming, what do Xbox have? Forza, Gears, Halo... Yawn Also PSVR, always been a massive fan, early adopter, just about to buy my 3rd headset. Xbox VR?......nothing. Only reason im keeping my current xbox X is i game share with son, so he can play his games at his and mine, thats about it. I cant see what MS can even pull out the bag this year, once bitten twice shy with the 'most powerful console' rounduns they havnt got VR, they do still have the best controller. Safe to say at the current state of play ill be a PS5 man next gen.
  19. agree with alot thats been said, last film as much as i liked it on second viewing, was a bit of a turd. SO glad JJ is back. alot to rescue. However i think this look great, alot of fan service. Lando, Empora etc. Kylo is back.
  20. Shame about the burgers, used to go a lot for dinners working at the Uni
  21. Brilliant thanks ok, i know about wresltmania and a royal rumble, whats Takeover? and other big annual events
  22. My sons well into wrestling so means i am a bit too. Can anyone explain how all the NXT, Smackdown stuff works? when i watched it in the 90's there was none if it? also seams to be about 30 titles to win now also! Also i presume if your a big fan the WWE official app for £10 a month is the way to go
  23. PSVR MODE ANOUNCED!!!! Holy crap. sold my psvr and ps4!!! need to buy again just for this!!!
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