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  1. just think he cant be arsed, almost walking by the end
  2. The only perspective it gives is how poo we are.
  3. Just look at boyd jogging back here! https://imgur.com/a/m8IL0 Should be sprinting back to cover, like most of em to be fair. Stealing a wage, must give absolute no fcuks whether we win or lose.
  4. Could possible be too leathered to even care yourself by 7:45 tonight if you've took all day of to go to pub!!
  5. I personally think hes best on left wing, but what do i know
  6. No way, only attacker who can run at a defence from midfield and worry them. all the rest need service in the box (which we arnt really giving, apart from Bannan)
  7. almost wrote word for word to my mates, totally agree Love the man, but hes been given everything he wants. cant fault the squad, the fans, the chairman, the budget, who do we look at! Build around rhodes and FF for me, bannan can feed him. Dont know who to bring in but it needs fresh eyes. BUT if he stays, 110% give him the backing, hope he learns and builds,
  8. but they do, pressure, tenseness, 'what if i miss' all will effect what you plan to do and what happens. Maybe they aimed for the corner? not in mood to argue pal, still gutted, guess as fans we'll never have this pressure on us. and will never know. UTO
  9. The point being, nerves can play a massive factor, and you cannot practice being nervous.
  10. As Phil 'The Power' Taylor once said about darts. 'You can practice throwing darts all you want, but you cant practice sh|ting yourself.'
  11. I was thinking the other day, 'On our way, on outr way! To the premier league, were on our way', is such a great song, but we wont be able to sing it once we get promoted!
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