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  1. Bloke ran out of money following banking crisis of 2008 and ended up putting palace into admin when bills couldn’t be paid Hardly a glowing cv
  2. We’ve seen before new manager comes in and unexpected results seem to follow Take Bristol City for example, no one would have had them winning away at Swansea before new manager came in
  3. So his 46% win ratio over 126 games managed makes him a poor manager
  4. The likes of Brennan, Hunt and Galvin should all be offered new deals. These are cheap options who will all be fine in league one I’d expect Iorfa to be here till January at least. Can’t see him being fit until early in the new season anyway Piggott from Wimbledon would be near the top of my list. Out of contract in the summer and scores goals in that league
  5. If Chansiri has appointed someone like Cook at the start of January the we wouldn’t by sat 2nd bottom An 18 month deal should have been on the table to any incoming manager with a bonus payment for keeping us up but if we were to go down that would mean a reduction in salary I really don’t know what Chansiri has been fecking about at
  6. With a lot of people not renewing season tickets it might make it easier to get away tickets for a lot of these reduced allocation grounds
  7. The only hope is that Thomson realised he’s got it wrong AGAIN and makes subs a lot earlier than last Saturday
  8. I’d be offering him a one year deal now He will be useful if we are relegated
  9. Look at the goals again First one Reach bottles a challenge Second goal comes as we have 10 men on the pitch following the assault on FDB Third goal Patterson doesn’t do his job Lees has been one of our only consistent players this season. First name on the team sheet for me
  10. He’s potentially our only attack minded option We have to start scoring goals and creating chances. We aren’t doing that with defensive minded wing backs who don’t get forward, Hutchinson in midfield and Joey offering less than nothing Rhodes was so isolated last night and we continued to launch long ball after long ball over his head. As with the Birmingham game the manager was so worried about the opposition we may as well have not bothered playing the match
  11. Hutchinson came back and played centre half. It worked yet Thomson changed it Stick with Lees, Hutch and Urgohide as a central 3. Reach and Harris as wing backs Midfield of Bannan, Shaw and Brown Strikers Rhodes + 1 other This team is attack minded and gives us a chance to be proactive and win games The manager needs to stop worrying about the opposition and just go for it
  12. According to Brentford manager they have massive injury issues for tonight Toney won’t start Pontus Jansen is out for weeks Norgaard is out Forss is concussed Rico Henry is out for months De Silva is injured Goode injured
  13. So instead of having 3 centre half’s marking a single striker we have 2 centre half’s and 2 defensive full backs. So in essence 4 defenders marking 1 man Could see after 30 mins the plans weren’t working and yet he didn’t change it The dropping of our only recognised striker for someone who threw his toys out of the pram was weak management as well
  14. I get on the phone tonight and offer Cook a 2 1/2 year deal to rebuild the team irrespective of whether we are in the championship or league 1
  15. Who chose to play Windass? Who chose to play Bannan wide right? Whose tactical game plan is just to good the ball for 90 mins and play for long throws? I could go on but we are a limited squad and the only real game we’ve put lots of pressure on an opponent’s defence was Wycombe the other week when we got the ball wide and crossed lots of balls into the area. Why on earth are we deviating from that? Our best effort today was when we followed those tactics
  16. Complete shambles today The blame lies directly at the managers door Awful team selection, awful tactics and reactive to every situation in the match Showed today why he isn’t management material and why we need a proper appointment as soon as possible
  17. He will get 2 games 1 additional games due to second dismissal this season
  18. From memory about 40% of that figure is guaranteed wages for Moeen The remaining elements are split into performance related bonuses and payments to The IPL and the BCCI. I also think the ECB take a cut as well
  19. If Wednesday stay up then he’d be arguably be playing in a better standard of football in the championship
  20. Shaw signing for a manager who won’t be there next season. Good move If he wants out then fair enough but if he backs his talent then wait till the summer and assess the options then This stinks of his agent pushing this through with little thought for Shaw
  21. Even more ropey umpiring again How umpire can say he’s played a shot there is unbelievable When someone like Gavaskar says there was no shot then there’s definitely no shot
  22. That stumping was out Nothing behind the line yet the Indian umpire gives it not out Poor decision
  23. I can’t understand why we going back to Ali in test matches Hes currently going at nearly 5 an over on a day 1 pitch and his batting has been hopeless for a couple of seasons now
  24. The vast majority of black metal/ deathcore can be a tough listen A couple of the Behemoth albums are actually pretty good Metalcore is much more accessible really. Bands like Architects and Parkway Drive have got some top albums
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