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  1. Massively critical of Wildsmith today. If he hangs onto the free kick then we don’t concede the corner for the first goal Second goal the cross is in the the six yard box. The keeper has to control this area. He is rooted to his line not his best performance today
  2. He missed a sitter - that’s not difficult to comprehend it was on his head 5 yards out and he managed to spoon it over the bar. Therefore he missed a sitter He runs fast. His legs move quickly with no end result i thought this was quite easy. We have no decent forwards and that’s why we can’t score goals. We need 4 new forwards to start next season
  3. Bravo for your intellect and insight
  4. Don’t think he is a better option at all. He missed a guilt edged chance today which a striker should have buried. Just cos he can run fast doesn’t make him a good striker if a Rhodes misses that there is a 20 page thread already saying he is cr4p
  5. Pointless having a centre forward who can run fast but can’t stick the ball in the net
  6. It’s 11 as Wigan will have 12 deducted so Dingles will be 3rd bottom on 41
  7. You can look at whatever stats you want but when we have Murphy and Harris out wide and Bannan, Lee and Luongo in the middle, we create very very little In the 3 games so far we haven’t scored from open play yet
  8. 2 fouls on Murphy were debatable red card offences. No attempt to play the ball and literally hacked him down from behind Bretherton was sent off for Blackburn against Barnsley for a similar tackle the night before
  9. They both played a half each and both did very little Da Cruz isn’t a central striker Both Rhodes and Da Cruz did a lot more than Nuhui did who was terrible tonight and hopefully shows to Monk he isn’t the answer
  10. when playing 2 up top it's all about a partnership. you don't break it up after 2 games because 1 of them hasn't scored if fit, they need to be first names on the team sheet till the end of the season. Monk has got it right so far by giving Da Cruz the last half hour against the tiring defence
  11. Don't change a winning side unless forced to do so Rotate from the bench. Nuhui and Da Cruz have shown they are more effective from the bench If Lee needs a rest then i'd rather play Reach in the middle than Pelupessy. Saying that i'd rather play one of the card board cut outs than Pelupessy
  12. I've just spoken with the club about the problem I was having If anyone else is getting the same error message "Quantity of tickets exceeds limit set by SWFC" then drop an email to [email protected] and explain the situation. Been told its any easy reset process for them Apparently it is known bug that is happening for a selection of users
  13. which is what I've done 2nd screen gives me the options. I want to claim a refund so I select number 8 and set the number to one, add to basket then becomes enabled. then select that and I get a warning message to say "Quantity of tickets exceeds limit set by SWFC"
  14. not working for me or i'm doing something wrong I select 2 of number 8 on the first screen and then the second screen i'm told "the quantity of tickets owned by me exceed limit set by SWFC"
  15. Palmer for me Never been his biggest fan but he looks assured in this new role. The goal bound block from Wells in the second half was top class
  16. Don’t think we have heard the last of this Sneaky feeling that once we know what division we are in we could easily go back to try and negotiate a deal
  17. Good option to bring off the bench against a tiring defence
  18. You would think he would take Fletchers space on the bench
  19. Does mean that Norwich created lots of chance to score 93 goals though Create chances and forwards score goals Create nothing,like the days of Jos,and strikers won’t flourish
  20. Sat on Norwich bench and still only scored 2 less goals than our top scorer Fletcher last season
  21. nail on the head for me there. Rhodes will never play as a single striker or do lots of chasing down etc but what he is / was good at was getting on the end of chances that are created we saw a glimpse of that last Saturday with the movement to allow Bannan to find him with the through ball. Yes he should have done better but the run was made, the pass was made, just hoping with game time the sharpness all round will return Along with a complimentary striker to play alongside him we need wide men to provide the delivery into the box. After setting up to get the ball wide, which we did successfully, the final ball into the area was poor at best. If we improve on that then I can see both Rhodes and Wickham scoring a few We have very little option for the remaining games so we may as well give it a chance. If it doesn't work out then if we get an offer in the summer we let him go but we may as well get behind the whole team for the remaining games
  22. Both been playing in a 3-5-2 system all season as well Van Aken might be much better suited to it as well as his defending is suspect at best
  23. we have just freed up about 100k per week in wages instead of paying the likes of Fletcher 35k per week or FF 30k per week or Winnall 17k per week or Hutchinson 20k per week, lets pay 6 or 7 players 15k per week who actually play 30+ games a season FFP will also have to be revamped this year due to Covid
  24. The Tide Wage is high - but i'm holding on - Rhodes
  25. both strikers will look a lot better with decent service. Monk clearly set up on Saturday to get balls in to the area for the strikers to feed off. unfortunately even though we got the ball out wide for the majority of the game the wide men couldn't produce a decent cross all game. get that right and I think both Rhodes and Wickham will flourish I agree Rhodes should have got a shot away but his movement to get into that situation along with the pass were probably the best bit of forward play in the game. if both the strikers keep making those kind of runs then i'd expect goals to follow
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