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  1. Wouldn’t read a great deal into that He’s covering his back. If we did sign him he’d just say the player forced the move etc etc If we are in for him we will be against mid to lower end championship teams. So does he want a promotion push or a potential relegation season
  2. C’mon the Shaymen Hope they stuff Paul Cooks cheating chessie
  3. Out of those 15 there are maybe 5 who id want back. The rest won’t be missed
  4. Derby potentially will be starting the season on minus points. They still haven’t come out of administration and it’s looking more likely that the preferred bidder is having issues buying the club. Who knows what their squad will look like come kick off time Barnsley and Charlton are both car crashes in the boardroom at the moment and neither of them have a manager. Be suprised if either of them are at the top end of the table Ipswich and Pompey are always near the top of the bookies list but always seem to flatter to deceive. Will next season be any different? The one I think we will have to worry about is Peterborough. At 16/1 they seem to be a very good early price
  5. Be typical Wednesday to release Dunkley and replace him with Morrison
  6. Morrison has been out injured since February and not expected back till November at the earliest
  7. I’d expect Patterson, Dunkley and Wildsmith also to be released due to a mixture of high wages and lack of game time
  8. Scored 20 goals in Blackpools 20/21 promotion season. 25 year old from Donny
  9. All depends on budget Jerry Yates has been mainly a sub this year at Blackpool. Scored a lot in this division before. Can’t see wages being an issue and he’s a Yorkshire lad
  10. Always the same with these kinda threads The people wanting him out never ever come up with a viable alternative that would guarantee a better overall season Yes last night was frustrating but the bigger picture is we probably aimed for play offs and that target was achieved. I’d imagine next season autos will be the target
  11. Once we had square pegs in square holes this formation produced a very good second half to the season
  12. Given that the keeper from the team of the year in the division below is coming back then I’d say he should be given a chance 4 centre half’s required seeing as Hutch, Dean, Storey, Dunkley and Gibson are all potentially leaving 2 central midfielders. 1 of these has to be a strong defensive midfielder 3 or 4 strikers. We need a mixture of pace and strength I’d only be offering contracts to Luongo and maybe Hutchinson, the rest need to go
  13. He lost control of the game in the first five minutes when he failed to book their player for simulation and then compounded it by letting their bloke getting away with slicing Byers in half Although it has to be said over the 2 games he was the least of our worries
  14. Before I start watching this can anyone confirm that there are less bogies than the Fleetwood vlog?
  15. If we go up then I’d be looking at players from teams who have been promoted from the championship this season Players like Hector, Ben Pearson, Sam Surridge could all be available on loan
  16. Keep refreshing, odd ones keep appearing Showing 4 left just now
  17. Probably only went to that game as he went to the Fury fight on Saturday night
  18. If we took our chances in some of these matches then conceding goals late on wouldn’t matter We should have been out of sight at Bolton Ipswich away was a shocking mistake Loosing a 2 goal lead at Wimbledon Then add in some questionable substitutions - Brown at Oxford as an example and you can see why we concede so many late goals
  19. Didn’t realise you were travelling down on the Friday and staying overnight I looked yesterday when the sale went live and there was nothing returning on the day from Leeds to Kings Cross
  20. Which train? Only 1 showing as a sale is the 11.14 and that only gets into London at 13.44
  21. It’s a no brainier really Arguably out 2 best performances of the season have come with. Gregory /Berahino strike partnership cannot understand why they aren’t starting every week
  22. What a prize tool their manager is Fails to acknowledge his centre half was lucky to stay on the pitch Fails to acknowledge that with nearly 70% possession his team only managed 4 attempts on target all game, the same as us Can never understand teams at this level who simply want to pass the ball between the centre half’s and not go forward
  23. Had tickets for a second round session for 3 years now Not a massive fan but it’s been on my old man’s bucket list of things to see live so we finally get to use his birthday present from a few years ago Looking forward to it
  24. Watched most of this game last night Up until the assist, which was excellent by the way, the game generally passed him by Only thing of note was a shot that went into row z As for Rotherham, they were very 1 dimensional. Lots of aimless long balls trying to pick out Smith up front. The loanee winger from Arsenal seemed to be their best outlet
  25. The striking recruitment as a whole was generally very poor We we’re aware of the severity of Windass injury yet recruited a central striker who hasn’t really scored which ever league he’s played in, a random wide man from Holland and a half fit player from Belguim Gregory on paper was a useful addition but in reality was never going to play 40 games a season We then compound the errors by bringing in another player in January whose injury record is poor Whichever division we play in next season we need a complete overhaul of the striking department
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