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  1. Moore finding a formation that works and sticking to it!!! As much chance of seeing Lord Lucan riding Shergar down Penistone Road
  2. Shirts are fine Tools that are wearing them every Saturday on the pitch not so good
  3. 1) stop worrying about the opposition. Pick a team that suites our squad and let the opposition worry about us 2) play with a greater tempo and urgency. We did for about 15 mins on Saturday after we scored and we were miles the better side 3) stop making 3 or 4 changes every game. Pick your team, pick your tactics and stick to it. How can players get confidence and even get match fit if the don’t play games
  4. What’s his natural position? Centre midfield where he started??
  5. I’ll bite He wouldn’t or shouldn’t be first pick as centre half or in a back 3 He doesn’t give you any attacking threat playing as a full back or wing back. Mainly due his final ball being generally poor He’s played at left back as a stop gap due to terrible recruiting by the last 2 managers. Get a competent left back and he wouldn’t fit in there The only position he fits is as a defensive right back Personally think we are rewarding mediocrity when we have the chance to release and recruit younger with a potential sell on value
  6. The most noticeable thing for me is the shocking first touch / control the majority of our players have Basically the second touch automatically becomes a tackle
  7. Can see Kamberi and Gibson’s loans being terminated in January and we will replace with 2 more loan players that Moore won’t play
  8. My main issue with Wing at the moment is that he is a much better player than he is currently showing He is badly underperforming and doesn’t really deserve a starting place I think we can all acknowledge he is not performing at the level he played at in the championship for Rotherham last season
  9. Didn’t realise this thread was about Gregory? Anyway the main difference was that Wing was completely on his own, lots of space and was let down by basic control of the football. Gregory had a defender pressing him. Gregory was caught due to lack of pace and not basic ability
  10. Did you watch him at Cambridge the other night?? He played like he’d got his boots on the wrong feet Couldnt make a pass, yards off the pace and when he was clean through with no one near him he fell over the ball causing him mis control the ball and ultimately miss a very easy chance unfortunately he is miles off at the moment
  11. Could look at Cole Stockton at Morecambe. 3 years younger than Smith, scored 12 and is out of contract in the summer
  12. People like that want fixing to a pole at the local driving range for the day and let the local golfers take pot shots at them The 150 yard marker would be a good starting point
  13. Another variation of Your going to get your f###in head kicked in
  14. Old Judas times it nicely to get himself to Dubai for the T20 World Cup
  15. A1 being closed on the way home didn’t help Cambridge tactics of time wasting from when they scored was disgraceful We should have won that easily
  16. AA route planner says A1 129 miles and should take 2.5 hours im allowing 3 hours from leeds
  17. Surely it’s A1 down to just below Peterborough and then turn on to A14 It will be the way I’m going
  18. He’s only in the Ipswich team because Hayden Coulson is injured we let him go because he wasn’t good enough
  19. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could both see they were never going to play
  20. Moore said when these players were loaned out to National league and below was because we could recall players if we need them. Can’t do that if we loan to football league sides Only restrictions that apply are for the first 28 days of the loan where the player must stay at the club that he has been loaned to
  21. Got to admit this was my first thought
  22. If he’s fit then he will open in the Ashes. Was brilliant in the Sheffield Shield last season Expecting another 5-0 hammering in Australia
  23. 2 episodes in very very funny
  24. Just read that the group has a combined wealth in the region of £368 billion Sheikh Mansour in comparison is worth £22.2 billion and Abramovic only is worth £10 billion
  25. So 4 less games a season, obviously 2 of them at home. I just can’t see teams voting for this as it will immediately affect their income Sky will want to renegotiate their deal based on fewer games
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