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  1. Another example of the pc brigade getting their own way and the world going mad
  2. I watched last 20 mins of first half and he was playing left hand side of midfield
  3. Dawson had no chance with any goal today 1st goal Murphy for some reason decides to swing his leg at a ball and shanks it 2nd goal between the defence and Pelupessy they manage to be outmuscled by the brum forwards 3rd goal Lees looses header and rest of defence don’t help leaving hogan a free shot
  4. Megson, Hughes and Big Sam were all available the last time the job was up for grabs and didn't either didn't apply or weren't approached. what makes you think they would be interested 4 months down the line??? We cannot keep swapping managers. Somehow we need to get to the end of the season with our championship status in tact and hopefully the shadow of any points deduction gone. Hopefully then the trouble causers can be cleared out and some of Monks own players can be brought in. If we are still in this position after say 15 games next season then maybe we should look to change but I don't think a knee jerk reaction is the answer
  5. Another thing to consider is why would the QC advertise a case that he has lost?? Surely if he is showing Case Studies he is only going to select ones that his chambers have successfully defended More straw clutching......
  6. that's the issue with the people who want Monk out, DC out - its not quite as simple as that and we would just continue on the roundabout of mediocracy at some point we have to put faith in a manager and some kind of long term strategy. Chopping and changing all of the time hasn't worked in the past so why do people think it's going to work now If we do change manager now he is still going to have to work with Pelupessy and Nuhui (and the rest) until the end of the season anyway
  7. I’ve renewed season ticket for next year out of blind optimism and habit but I’m not wasting money and an evening watching us getting dry humped by city reserves and pay £25 for the privilege
  8. Stoke paid compo for last 2 managers Huddersfield paid big compo for Cowley brothers Bilic was out of work when WBA picked him up. Preston go Alex Neil from the dole queue Don't think it automatically fits that by paying compo for a manager you get sucess
  9. To be fair he can tackle he can get from box to box. So that’s a huge plus to what others currently have to offer let Bannan receive the ball
  10. I’d stick Iorfa in central midfield ahead of Pelupessy Iorfa has all the attributes that Pelupessy doesn’t have in that he can get about the pitch, he can tackle and he’s scored a few goals
  11. We have to be ruthless We are still carrying players from previous failures. we simply cannot carry on rewarding these players Fletcher, although has had a reasonable season, he simply is not reliable enough to play 35 games + a season. Add to that he will be one of the top earners This chance has to be taken to get rid of some of the old guard and bring in 7 or 8 new players who can make the difference. We also need to start to make better use of the loan market for 3 or 4 or these new players
  12. Pretty easy this Fox gets a new deal based on much improved performance Fletcher offer a reduced 1 year deal Loans are not our players so not our decision All the rest, thanks for your services but it’s time for pastures new
  13. Dawson Palmer Dom Borner Fox Bannan Hutch Lee Murphy Dave FF Wildsmith Alessio Urgohide Lees Reach Harris Rhodes / Winnall
  14. Agree with you in the midfield reinforcement comment Noticed David Davis moved from Birmingham to Charlton on loan late last night. Monk would have known him and I thought he might have been the type of player which might have done a job short term, certainly much better than Pelupessy
  15. i'm glad its not just me that has noticed this The last couple of games he really has gone right off the boil Last night he constantly dived into tackles and gave lots of fouls away I'd be critical of him for both goals as well. first one he lost the battle with Moore and then rolled around the floor claiming he was elbowed. Second goal Lowe just ran straight by him for a free header Needs to pull his finger out because when he first started he looked a really good defender
  16. The last couple of hours could potentially have changed our transfer plans this week 300k from the cup run already in prize money and potentially a further 500k from the city game with tv revenue gate receipts etc
  17. Think we got about 100k for winning in 3rd round and then 180k for winning in 4th round. Wonder if DC will wait till after Monday’s 5th round draw
  18. If palace want 25k per week for Wickham and Wigan give us 500k for Rhodes then don’t they basically cancel each other out?? If so it’s a no brainer for me
  19. Keiren Lee is shot as a player for me Typified in the first 10mins yesterday when he burst forward and instead of pulling the trigger from outside the area he just tamely lost the ball Hes tried to come back, it hasn’t worked and now we need to move on. Too many people think he is the player of years gone by when clearly he isn’t If we are going to make any kind of push for the play offs we need more from midfield. How many goals have we got from central midfield this season?
  20. Midfield is the issue for me. There is no genuine box to box player there, no goals and a complete over reliance on one player to create everything Yesterday Blackburn just passed it round us, even when it was 11 against 11 You can completely re engineer the forward line but it still doesn’t sort the major issue with the team
  21. Monk couldn’t change it after bringing Lees on as he’d made 3 subs by then Personally when Dave come on I’d have taken young full back off and gone 3 at back with Fox, Borner and Iorfa with Hutchinson then coming on for Murphy for a bit of bite in midfield. Play the game in Blackburn’s half and at least have a go
  22. Super sport channels are the South African version of Sky sports they are the tv company providing sky with the coverage of the England cricket tour of South Africa at the moment
  23. Don’t see this as a problem just yet Palace happy to let him go and now they have Tosun in as well This just looks like DC driving his usual hard bargain
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