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  1. yeadonowl

    Credit Rotherham

    Rotherham’s tactics seem to be get into final third as quick as possible, fall over and try and win free kicks so the big lads can go forward. Failing that try and get corners or long throws where again they can just launch it in the middle The majority of there opportunities came from this type of play. It’s not pretty but can be effective
  2. yeadonowl

    Jordan Rhodes

    and in those 6 minutes he still managed to score glad we still have the scoring predators of Nuhui, Fletcher and Hopper to rely on though
  3. yeadonowl

    Jordan Rhodes

    Hes already got 5 this season playing bit part for Norwich do you honestly think he wont score another 5 league goals this if he plays his fair share of games
  4. yeadonowl

    Jordan Rhodes

    He is such a terrible player and never plays for Norwich yet isn’t he still the top scoring this season on Wednesdays books with 8 goals Says a lot for the total garbage he left behind
  5. yeadonowl

    You could drive a bus through there

    Lots of goals we concede come straight down the middle of the pitch either due to lack of numbers in there or centre halves being pulled out of position if only we had a tough tackling midfielder sat doing nothing that could improve this area 100%
  6. yeadonowl

    January Transfer Window

    the thing with Reach is that if he does go in January it will be for top price The January transfer window is over inflated due to lower premier teams panicking and top championship teams going for broke could see us asking 12m-15m based on other goalscoring midfielders and quoted prices (Grealish 40m Dack 20m etc etc)
  7. yeadonowl

    January Transfer Window

    So Leeds are going to smash their wage budget to sign FF? Hutchinson to QPR? Aren’t they in a transfer embargo in January Reach to the premier is plausible though
  8. yeadonowl

    are we looking at relegation

    When you look at it Ipswich are cut adrift already and Bolton looked worse than we did the other night, so for me that's 2 places already taken The other place is going to be between a number of different clubs Hull, Rotherham, Reading, Millwall, Us. Add into the mix Birmingham have a FFP hearing in February where a points deduction is a distinct possibility then the last place could go to the wire
  9. go on then provide us with your "inside knowledge" of how someone else is picking the team and why senior players aren't playing
  10. He picks the team he provides the tactics, of course it's 100% his fault He is the one who sent out the team for the second home game on the trot with 4 defenders on the bench He is the one who has fallen out with senior players to the detriment of the squad He is the one who sits there performance after performance offering no assistance to the team He is the one who wont stay with the same formation, same team for a number of games. How are the team supposed to form any kind of understanding Sooner we get rid of this manager the better as he's only taking us one way
  11. This is how desperate we have become pinning our hopes on Matias, who for the past 3 seasons has delivered the square root of **** all All he has offered this year is the bear minimum and that is effort. Apart from that there's been very little from him
  12. yeadonowl

    Blackburn to make general sale?

    best double check if I were you. the trainline only seems to update the trains for the upcoming weekend. check the trains for this weekend and you will see that it takes at least 2 hours from Manchester to Blackburn these are Saturdays train times from Sheffield to Blackburn there is only 1 train coming back leaving Blackburn at 19.13 We are having the same problems trying to get to and from Leeds
  13. Off to watch MEN arena to watch Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax and Obituary so as there is little or no phone signal in the arena means I won’t get updates until after the gig , which suits me down to the ground
  14. yeadonowl

    Joao get him off

    Fastest he moved tonight was when he was subbed off. Didn’t want to be there tonight
  15. yeadonowl

    We need Westwood back

    So with Westwood in the side Thornily wouldn’t have let the ball bounce for the first goal, he’d have dealt with it properly by heading it away and for the second Lees wouldn’t have turned into trouble and completely cocked up Not forgetting Westwood would have saved them both anyway the problems lay squarely at the back 4/5s door tonight. Only Hector can say he had a reasonable game, the others were poor at best