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  1. Jacob Butterfield

    Awful player Contributed nothing again Sooner we see the back of him and Jones the better we were so much better in Midfield on Tuesday night
  2. Subsidise travel

    Swansea fans were given a £6 voucher on entry to the ground to get some food and drink. Paid for by Swansea as a thank you for making the long trip for a lunchtime kick off
  3. Contracts, Release or extend?

    We need players who are capable of playing 30+ games a season. So whether they are good players or not the likes of Abdi, Hutchinson, Westwood, Lee, Matias, Fletcher and Hooper are just too injury prone. Any reasonable offer for any of them and we should get shut Pointless paying them a wage to sit playing cards in the treatment room
  4. Team for Saturday

    we have to start with 2 strikers. we have to be positive and go for the win just sticking Joao up front (like at Boro) is just negative and strikes of parking the bus and playing for the draw
  5. Rhodes’ Absence

    Although he seems to be everyones player to blame it was a bizarre decision to only have 1 striker on the bench at home We didn’t need 2 defenders and 3 midfielders on the bench
  6. Jordan the stage is yours

    You can also say that every time he plays he somehow manages to be in the position to have an attempt on goal. The other striking options we currently have usually don’t do that. For me it’s either Joao or Dave with either Rhodes or Matias
  7. Formation Tomorrow

    Really don’t see the love in for Joao. Yes he can run fast but he has no positional sense, never gets his head up, can’t control the ball and never looks like scoring Dave and Matias up top,
  8. there's a surprise it's all Rhodes fault you could also spin it with Abdi 4M hardly played, Joao 2m hardly played and even loaned out last season, Matias 2m hardly played, Mcgugan frozen out on high wages,I could go on. There is over 8m on that lot alone that have hardly ever given us 3 games on the trot
  9. Rhodes

    Joao mis controls the ball and runs around like a headless chicken Nuhui is effective from the bench. When he starts in the league he contributes very little Neither are a goal threat
  10. Why? we have 3 strikers available, 4 if you count Matias who can’t play more than 2 games a month. unless Jos has an ace up his sleeve it would be a terrible decision to let any one of the strikers leave
  11. Rhodes

    Coleman said last night he wants a physical striker. Sunderland wouldnt be able to cover Rhodes wages and the loan fee be amazed if we loaned him out
  12. Centre half from Man City

    We need to developIng these kind of relationships with top clubs to get their best prospects. if he comes here gets game time, does well then we are in pole position to take him on loan again next season and to get any more City youngsters
  13. he will be alot better once he learns how to control the ball when it's played up to him reminds me of Lloyd Owusu as his second touch usually ends up being a tackle
  14. Paddy Miquel Nelom

    Or it maybe that he has been over, looked around, discussed contract terms etc and asked for a few days to discuss with his family got to think that if he has been bothered flying over there will have been some preliminary talks about wages etc
  15. Minutes Applause

    really gets on my nerves all these minutes applauses at every game. i totally respect the one around christmas for everyone who has died that year but it just seems like there is one every game i'm there to watch the match and not clap someone i've never met