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  1. Will just mean our game at Oakwell will kick off at 12.15 instead of 12.00 Nothing will change
  2. No we won’t. Championship starts week before so we will be away that day and at home the weekend the premier starts Away on Boxing Day again though
  3. Onomah has now had 2 uninspiring loans spells in the championship Gives the impression it’s below him. Really hope we aren’t back in for him
  4. Don't understand how Boro can be linked with players when they don't even have a manager yet
  5. Sunderland forums seem to think he’s in 40k a week General feeling is that his legs have gone and slows there play down. They looked a better team when he was injured
  6. Far from the finished article he’s been here 3 seasons now, how long do we give him?? Its amazing that for all the grief that Rhodes gets he’s the only one if our forwards who any other team want to buy, so qualified football coaches must still see something in him
  7. Diame on sensible wages would be a good player in the championship We can’t rely on Hutchinson to play over 35 games and we have no idea if Lee will break again The younger energetic players everyone wants will either cost a fortune or will only be available on loan nearer the end of July
  8. Season long loan would work for all parties He isn’t going to play at Newcastle and Bruce could probably get the best out of him Would really benefit from a decent pre season and plenty of proper regular game time
  9. Bruce didn’t play Elphick and loaned him out. He fell out with Adomah so I’d be suprised of either of those were on the radar
  10. With the reduced or little budget we have I’d be seriously worried if we spent 3m on Onomah Was no more than a passenger for most of last season
  11. Bottom line is he is a saleable asset unlike Winnall, Nuhui and Fletcher so he has to go It also another good sign to the league we are trying to get our financial house in order
  12. That’s how I see it. If we can turn a potential 25m loss into a 5m profit following a 30m ground sale then this helps not only this time with P&S but with the next 3 years rolling figures Just hope now more of a control on wages will be introduced and try to use frees and loans a lot better
  13. This is all about negotiations. Wednesday offer X Westwood wants Y and hopefully common sense prevails somewhere in the middle If as suggested it’s only length of contract then surely Wednesdays next offer should be 1 year plus an automatic extension based on number of starts. If he does leave Bruce will have to offer another keeper longer than a 1 year deal anyway so we may as well stick with what we know To be honest I thought money might be the issue which I’d have thought would have been a bigger problem
  14. I think the type of players you are wanting, fast, young,creative etc are likely to be the loan signings from premiership teams. That sort of signing will be a lot closer the deadline once the premier teams have their squads finalised Bruce seems to be looking at the free agent market to see what’s about. Powell and Odubajo are solid experienced championship players so should hit the ground running and also probably won’t want huge wages. Borner is captain of his current side so if nothing else he should bring some form of organisational skills
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