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  1. Straight in as second favourite for the Bournemouth job bizarrely
  2. Is this official. Nothing on Bournemouth or Man U official accounts Seems a bit odd for Man U to send a kid out to a team that doesn’t have a manager
  3. Forest turn down a bid for Matty Cash from the pigs for 10m Looks like a bidding war is starting so another championship team will get a pot of gold to spend Even without the minus 12 points we can’t compete with this. We just don’t have the assets to sell to enable us to buy new players
  4. We need to use the experienced goalkeeper we have who is sat scratching his backside earning probably over 20k a week The club, management and player all need to sit in a room over the next 3 weeks and thrash out any differences so he is ready to be picked come the start of the season
  5. Wigan are struggling to pay the wages We shouldn’t have to pay a fee for Windass. Surely we can just pick up the remainder of his contract
  6. Hogan did well at Birmingham last season 7 goals in 17 games
  7. Quite a few Hogan, Hugill, Chris Martin, Gnadulliet Season loans and free transfer for all of the above I’d imagine
  8. If monk is staying it’s critical that he is allowed his own coaching team in If Chansiri won’t allow that then Monk is a dead man walking
  9. Thing with Clarke Harris he is probably earning 2k a week. He surely would be tempted by tripling his wages at least irrespective of last nights news Armand Gnanduillet Is available on a free and might be worth a look
  10. All young players will go to Swansea to play for Cooper We have no chance with Garner if Swansea want him
  11. I suppose that is one way of thinking about it. The other is that the board had no interest in investing to try and keep the club in the premier league, gave up and just pocketed the cash As with any other relegated club their better players will be sold. The likes of Cantwell, Aarons, Godfrey, Buendia, Pukki and Lewis are all likely to be sold to the highest bidder. These players have had experience of playing in the premier league and wont want to ply their trade in a lower league now They will need to rebuild a side which is what they are doing by buying a few players before the sales begin. That way the clubs they are buying from don't know how actual cash they have to spend
  12. From reports it’s QPR and Millwall in for him for about 2m Wigan want the majority of the cash up front so the administrators can pay the wages at the start of August
  13. Bournemouth simply weren’t good enough over 38 games Looking to blame everyone else but themselves Whose to say if the United goal stands Villa don’t go hung ho in the second half and win the game 2-1. As it was Villa were happy with a point
  14. Stoke away and Blackburn away for me To go into the last minute of a game winning away from home and to not only loose the lead but also to loose the game, to do this once is unprofessional but to do it twice in the same season is inexcusable
  15. I’d much rather give the likes of Shaw and Hunt a proper chance before the likes of Pelupessy, who we all know is useless
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