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  1. yeadonowl

    Streams for tomorrow

    Mines just come on Guess the provider has just turned it on
  2. yeadonowl

    Streams for tomorrow

    You pay for access to their private servers which host the content The reliability for these services are getting better and better. Certain services have been hit by Premier League bans but VPN gets round that Add to that now most services have picked up iFollow this year and £50 ish a year looks a decent price
  3. yeadonowl

    Rovrum v Owls IFollow?

    Presuming it is as my iptv supplier has the game listed in the iFollow section already
  4. yeadonowl

    Gi new lads a run.

    There is an argument to play Iorfa on Saturday purely because we will be facing an aerial bombardment form long throws and set pieces Iorfa is 6ft 4 and will add additional physical presence in both boxes Aarons is a last 20 minute player at the moment
  5. yeadonowl

    Summer Sort Out

    Matias is a luxury player we cannot afford to carry. Majority of the time he’s injured and the rest of the time he offers the square root of s0d all. Yes he runs around a lot but apart from that he doesn’t score very often, he creates nothing. You could get someone from the Kop to do the same job
  6. yeadonowl

    Summer Sort Out

    Unfortunately Palmer has to go. We have just spent money in a replacement and given him a 3.5 year deal. We can’t afford both. Baker will have to act as back up The only out of contract player worth keeping is Westwood. All the rest are part of the problem. The squad needs refreshing badly
  7. yeadonowl


    He will be on 15-20k per week, the bare minimum he should show is graft his job on the pitch as a forward payer is to score goals or create chances. This is his 3rd season here now and I don't think I've ever seen him take on his man. For our 1.5m outlay we have had 42 appearances and 5 goals. get rid as soon as. complete waste of a wage
  8. If you listen to Bruce he says he was the best player on the pitch first half and second half he was starved of the ball Tend to agree with Bruce certainly first half where most of our best chances seemed to come following work down that right hand side usually involving Reach But he should have scored second half but you could say Hutchinson should have scored first half, Fox should do better with the header etc etc
  9. yeadonowl


    It took Bruce and his team a couple of weeks to work out Matias is garbage. Unfortunately Bruce worked with Boyd before so probably still rates him. Hopefully it wont take him too long to send him to the same place as Matias and then hopefully we won’t have to see him in a Wednesday shirt again
  10. yeadonowl

    Rhodes goals

    We might already be seeing some changes in the way we play Since Dross left we have gone a lot more direct and it was noticeable on Saturday we had lots more players in attacking positions when we went forward. We then had more chances I realise we played against a poor side but it will be interesting to see if this continues on Saturday
  11. yeadonowl

    Wheeling and Dealing

    Birmingham’s last account had them loosing 38m in one season Wage bill alone was 31m which in turn was 220% of turnover. Redknapp strikes again
  12. yeadonowl


    Why would Rhodes be behind Matias, Winnall and Dave when he is our joint top scorer with 9 goals?? He may offer little outside the box but he wouldn’t have been as wasteful with the boatload of chances we missed on Saturday
  13. yeadonowl

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    We’d be better having Fishcake on the bench than either of them
  14. yeadonowl

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Got to be last chance for Boyd. He’s been awful the last few games om the plus side Matias isn’t in the squad
  15. Really can’t understand the Hogan signing. He’s scored 7 goals since 2017 and is reportedly in over 30k a week They already have Sharp and Mcgoldrick who have done well so far. They then bring Madine in as a different option, who is also in big cash