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  1. yeadonowl

    IFollow on Sunday

    the best thing to do is buy a firestick for £40 and then subscribe to a IPTV service for about £10 a month. providing you pick the right iptv service you will get all of the iFollow games along with all of the red button coverage I've not missed a game this season either there in person or sat in the front room
  2. yeadonowl


    One of the big positives from him last night was he always looks to go forward unlike others around him who want to go backwards or sideways we’ve lacked someone to drive forward from midfield since lee’s Injury
  3. yeadonowl

    Matias out for two weeks

    i really don't know why people are surprised with Matias. As soon as the weather gets a bit colder he gets injured
  4. yeadonowl

    Worst Signing Ever

    Plenty to go at De Bilde Jonk 3 Scottish lads Jeffers
  5. yeadonowl

    'i dont wear red'

    Had a mate who is a Leeds fan and hates Man U with a passion back in 90’s when Man U signed a sponsorship deal with Sharp he immediately sold his Sharp TV and bought another one
  6. Totally agree Wilson has pace and is scoring goals. Derseves a chance now Vardy has stepped aside
  7. Just said in ESPN commentary that our only attacking option is Danny Wellbeck whose only played 21 minutes of premier league football this year When will an England manager have the balls to picks players outside the top 5 or 6 clubs who play week in week out
  8. yeadonowl

    Streams for today

    Easiest method I’ve found is buy a firestick £40. Get yourself a paid IPTV which covers championship games, costs about £8-£10 a month. Install a VPN on the firestick and away you go Just turned our game on now, decent picture not HD but better than nowt
  9. yeadonowl

    Danny Batth on loan

    He got it from me i got it from a mate of mine who indirectly knows an old Wednesday player who is good mates with Batth Make of it what you want
  10. yeadonowl

    Cameron Carter-Vickers

    Danny Batth has played 130 championship games over the past 4 seasons. Is that experienced enough Desperate times an all that
  11. i'll be at both games don't miss home league games unless there is a good reason
  12. yeadonowl

    The Star - Were after a CB

    Batth would be a good fit Id also give Leicester a call and see if we could do a season loan deal for Danny Simpson. If we were pushing our luck I’d ask about Andy King as well
  13. yeadonowl

    The youngsters - quality

    Got a feeling that we will see a lot of the youngsters this season in the hope some of them prove to be good championship players and therefore become saleable assets at the end of the season
  14. yeadonowl

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Don’t play any of our key players. So I wouldn’t play Forestieri, Lees, Bannan or Reach. These need to be tested for next weeks league game Add to that Pudil can’t play Saturday, Thursday, Sunday so he shouldn’t play Van Aiken, Palmer, Jones and Nuhui can all come back in. Give Matias 90 mins as well
  15. Really don't understand how Villa are getting round FFP They posted losses last year of circa 70m and had a wage bill of somewhere around the same figure. They have already borrowed against this years parachute payment so that's all gone as well Irrespective of cashflow issues they must be miles off FFP