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  1. Rhodes being linked with Norwich in the daily mirror this morning
  2. I’d rather pay than travel on the official coach many times I’ve needed a beer after watching Wednesday and the last thing I’d want of four hours on a coach listening to fish cake dissecting another abject performance
  3. they are on a massive cost cutting exercise as they wont be getting parachute payments anymore. reports from last November say that two thirds of their income was from parachute payments with the wage bill of about 40m can't see huge investment on transfer fees
  4. They were linked early doors with a loan move for Rhodes though. Wonder if that might happen now they have some cash to spend
  5. no chance - the sky love in with Lampard will begin Oldham -v- Derby will be picked and then a tie from the south section
  6. Think someone on here mentioned Conor Goldson from Brighton as an option. Fee agreed at 3m with Rangers
  7. To be fair that was 5 years ago Since then 1 season as Marseille, 2 days at Lazio and 5 months at Lille. Add to that no experience in England and it’s hardly a mind blowing potential appointment. Still think big Mick will end up there
  8. Not Wednesday related but Brighton have had a 2m bid for Paddy McNair rejected. Would have been a decent option for us but can’t see us paying any more that for any player this summer
  9. Villa no chance next season. 4 first teamers returning to parent clubs, Terry will do one and they have to flog players like Grealish to get somewhere near breaking even with FFP. Derbys owner already said they have to sell and cut costs. Add to that they are about to give Lampard his first job which either could be a stroke of genius or could be a Waddle /Barnes type of appointment expect Stoke to be up there and probably United will be top 10 again
  10. yeadonowl

    Westwood Going

    Harts error ridden season and his £120k per week salary aren’t helping his cause
  11. yeadonowl

    Westwood Going

    Rather Westwood leave than Fessi Bannan or Lees we have to be realistic and realise we are going to loose a couple of players
  12. yeadonowl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Snodgrass by a mile (dis) honourable mentions for Saiz and also Marvin Sordell from Burton after his disgraceful challenge on Westwood and then breaking Coutts leg
  13. yeadonowl

    800k for Fred

    It may seem a lot of centre halfs but out of that list Pudil can't play 3 games in a week, Van Aken isn't going to be fit for the foreseeable future, Lees has had months out in both the last 2 seasons, which leave us with 2 kids At the moment we are 2 centre halfs down from the end of the last season. We need at least one in
  14. rumoured to be interesting Rangers as well
  15. To be fair if it is 50% then it’s going to be circa 20k a week off the wage bill would imagine a loan fee as well