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  1. So how many chances and headers did fletcher win or miss today?? Pretty much none whoever was up front today was on a hiding to nothing If Murphy scores when he should, if Bannan scores when he should we would be saying what a good away win its not popular but we didn’t loose today because Rhodes didn’t score. The issue was bigger than that
  2. And there is the problem we had all this possession and created the square root of sod all
  3. If we did the same thing we would call it professional and seeing the game out Bottom line is we weren’t good or clinical enough to break down a well organised defence play against 10 men and you have to move the ball from one side to the other to create the gap. We tried that but we were so slow doing it meaning they could easily re organise. We could have played for another 90 mins and probably not scored
  4. Final ball today cost us We got into crossing areas so many time to only pick out a Millwall centre half Fletcher hardly won a thing all day and seemed to cut a frustrated figure by the end Still think Murphy or Bannan should have done better with their chances.
  5. Bannan and Rhodes on at half time Reach or Lee and Murphy off Fletcher desperately needs some support Murphy has hardly had a kick first half
  6. Can see someone like Adkins getting the job Hughton will probably wait for the Stoke job
  7. Difference is Lee has been here years knows the club, knows and has the respect of players and fans alike Sol is a grade A bell who only cares about Sol and if it doesn’t go his way plays the race card If Sol wants to progress then take a job in league 1 and work his way up. All he’s done so far is moan about not getting a top job
  8. Go Go Gadget arms top left or is it Mr Tickle??
  9. We have 2 games in a short period of time Keep the midfield 3 as it was yesterday for the Millwall game giving Bannan a little extra time to recover for Luton rest Hutch, Reach and Lee. Bring in Bannan, Luongo and Pelupessy last thing we need to do is risk Bannan if he’s not completely 110% fit
  10. I’ve been to both games now and the difference for me is the pure pace we now have our wide Harris has scared both Readings and Barnsley’s full back whether he gets the ball to feet or over the top. Now we’ve added Murphy we ha e pace on both sides and also both wide men want to run and beat a man. Both of them attract 2 men to them every time they get the ball allowing space for others We also now have lots of options on the bench it’s only two games against two bottom end teams but we do look a very good side
  11. Lazaar was rumoured to be heading to Italy yesterday to try and sort out a transfer
  12. Still got 3 weeks to get this and some of the other kids out on loan Could also get Pelupessy and Van Aken our out of the door if we can
  13. To be fair none of our strikers have scored regularly for years
  14. Aaron Mooy to Brighton on Loan!! Dog botherers won’t be happy with that, their fans thought he’s worth 20m and he’s in the last year of his contract
  15. Might see Pelupessy and Van Aken move back to Holland by the end of the month, no rush to get them out today
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