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  1. If as you say you were the better side against Reading last Saturday then I’d hate to think what the score would have been if Reading had actually turned up
  2. We will be down by Xmas playing dull unattractive hoof ball like this There is no plan, no tempo, no creativity in the team If Bannan gets marked out of the game we have no one capable of changing a game
  3. Just had my call For someone who was asking the call came from a 0370 number
  4. same old problems for me last night the quality in the final third was just not there. there was only one real occasion that we managed to get the ball out wide and produced any kind of quality. the rest of the time the cross were either over hit or didn't get past the first man. it's basics and something that players playing championship football should be able to do we all moan about the strikers and there poor goal return but when we were chasing a game at home in the second half last night Brentford's keeper might as well taken out his deckchair and newspaper in the
  5. Palmer should be playing instead of that clown Odubajo
  6. Odubajo is a terrible defender so why on earth is he marking their biggest threat
  7. Got to admit that was my first thought knowing my luck his mate was Abraham Aardvark
  8. Here comes Brewster You know what’s coming next
  9. Mitrovic now misses pen unbelievable how a professional cannot hit the target from 12 yards
  10. Report from the land of no morals my service has worked fine. No buffering, full match build up from about 2.45. Only issue is that it’s Birminghams coverage but they have been very complimentary just need to finish our chances now
  11. They can shove the morals where the sun doesn’t shine How dare they preach when fans are still waiting for last seasons refunds
  12. Being reported Millwall trying for to do a deal for Zahore. Surely they can’t afford more than 25k a week
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