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  1. This lot haven’t got an ounce of fight in them Absolutely no interest in the club, the fans or staying up That has been clear for months The sooner we get shut of these over paid wasters the better
  2. He’s a defensive midfielder who can’t tackle He serves no purpose in the side as he can’t pass and doesn’t score goals When the ref sent off Lansbury he effectively made it 10 a side
  3. I wanted to go more attack minded which in the end would have been the correct decision Treat a game like a practice match or have too many defensive players on the pitch against 10 men results in what we saw second half We needed to start the second half with momentum and pace and what we got was walking football and lack of ideas
  4. Playing against 10 men we need to get the ball wide. Palmer never has and never will be a wing back If we are going to be positive then either Palmer moves to centre half or taken off completely. Harris to wing back, Patterson to midfield and Rhodes up top
  5. If the management and whole squad hadn’t spectacularly made a mess of the second half of last season then we’d have been able to take the punishment last season with no loss of league status As it was the recruitment in the summer was hampered and we were left with the absolute crap we signed. Add to this the incompetence shown at both team managerial and board level the whole thing is a recipe for disaster
  6. The Pulis appointment as one of the worse in the clubs recent history The whole thing stunk of Paxio getting one of his cronies in. Pulis has no interest in the job and only came for the cash. A manager of his experience would have known the squads capabilities even before he took his first training session We were loosing games under Pulis and the football was awful. Even if he’d have got a few players in it would have been a turgid grind to watch with no guarantee of survival At least so far with Moore we are much better to watch and we are actually now
  7. You do realise if we sacked Moore that no one will want the job and we would be in a worse position than now
  8. So he had no say in the team selection, tactics or ongoing instructions via telephone throughout the game
  9. We’ve won 2 games under Moore haven’t we? Barnsley & Cardiff
  10. Kachunga, Brown, Marriott and Green have all been a complete waste of what little resource we have had Still can’t understand why we gave green an 18 month deal. Having been unable to secure any kind of deal until we rocked up surely a 6 month deal with an option of a further 12 months would have been more sensible
  11. I’d rather give FDB game time than the complete waste of space Brown Wonder how much we have wasted on wasters like Brown and Marriott
  12. No need to play the likes of Joey, Shaw, Reach anymore. They aren’t going to be here next season Need to see if the like of FDB, Hunt, Brennan and Galvin are capable of performing
  13. Pulis had a premier league track record and how did that work out
  14. Just cos they are highly paid doesn’t make them good players We have another scenario where players are running down contracts and clearly can’t be bothered trying anymore Moore is trying to implement a defined way of playing and we have seen glimpses that with the right players we may actually be good to watch next season If we change manager again it will be a complete disaster
  15. Can’t do that Can only charge away fans what home fans are charged for comparable views Also worth noting that the FA are part of a group of sporting organisations supporting vaccine passports to get fans back into grounds So not only will you need multiple years of season tickets, lots of points you will need proof you have had the jab or have a negative test
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