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  1. Rhodes

    Only have to look at how effective Nuhui was in the first half against Preston to see playing as a lone striker is not the way forward. whether it’s Rhodes, Fletcher, Hooper or whoever they need support. Forestieri isn’t that support striker and is best left in a free role personally I’d try and get shut of Fletcher and possibly Hooper before Rhodes only because their fitness record is terrible
  2. Westwood in demand?

    We have to be realistic, we are going to loose some first teamers over the summer if we are to bring in new players Thr expensive injury prone ones (Abdi, Fletcher, Matias etc) won’t be easy to shift. Rhodes, Boyd, Jones etc nobody will want so we are down to who can we do without. if it’s a choice between Westwood, Bannan, Lees or Fessi then unfortunately Westwood is the one I’d let go
  3. Basement Bargains?

    Their chairman is very vocal on social media and likes answering questions from fans of all clubs. He’s said on many occasions he turned down circa 5m for each of Maddison and Marriott. Seems to think that the prices will be up there with Gayle and Asombalonga fees
  4. Basement Bargains?

    no chance with Maddison they want at least 8m for him
  5. Basement Bargains?

    possibly McNair from Sunderland
  6. #SWFC - new Injury Update

    According to Howson Bannan will train today and tomorrow and if unscathed will be available for selection
  7. Butterfield

    He was awful. his job in central midfield is to be creative. He creates nothing. that one ball in the second half when he just booted into he kop sums him up for me. Complete waste of a shirt
  8. Kieran Westwood

    He’s missing on average 20% of every season with injury its not going to get better with age saleable asset who wouldn’t need replacing if a decent offer came in
  9. Championship Team of the Season

    Amazing that Cardiff are second in the league but have no players in team of the year yet Fulham and Villa contribute nearly half the team. Terry shouldn’t be nowhere near that team and Sessegnon isn’t a full back
  10. Josh Morris - 500k

    Peterborough want 7m plus for Maddison their chairman is very vocal on Twitter about how much he rates both him and jack Marriott
  11. End of the road for Rhodes?

    If he ain’t going to get game time then get him in the U23s for a few games. See if he can score some goals and get some confidence back
  12. I’m sure Pearson signed a 3 year extension at Preston last week
  13. Sam Winnall

    if we are going to swap him with anyone then i'd be trying for Anya
  14. Saiz at Leeds by a mile Apart from the spitting incident, his constant diving followed by waving imaginary yellow cards trying to get people booked. Absolute tail tugger
  15. Were the subs right today?

    I thought he was 15 mins too late taking Nuhui off He was blowing from about 60 mins in woild have maybe brought Clare off when we went 1 up and brought Jones on