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  1. I had to make 2 purchases today Even though me and my lads tickets are joined via the friends and family link, and the system let me buy both at the same time, it only showed my credit when I came to pay I ended up just buying mine and then logging into his account and buying his separately. His credit then showed Little bit of a pain but it only took 5 mins to sort out
  2. Or Snow is falling All around me On Boxing Day A team from Burton we should be meeting But match off Due to broken undersoil heating
  3. Suppose at the moment HMRC are owed £20m If Derby get wound up they loose £20m If they accept £10m then I suppose initially they loose £10m but in real terms it opens up the floodgates for every business in the land to use the Derby decision as a form of defence and therefore HMRC would loose potentially billions in the long term Unfortunately for Derby most of the money appears to be due to preferential creditors, which I’d be suprised if they are negotiated down. The secured loan on the ground might be the only one they can negotiate a bit
  4. Would rather bring Hunt back then bring Shaw in Was never 100% convinced by Uroghide. Was either very good good or fairly poor
  5. If Wing is being recalled then surely the sensible move would be to recall Hunt
  6. Just means I won’t have to get up during the night Hope he doesn’t get messed around and can play for the scorchers in BBL
  7. Can’t see HMRC writing off such a large amount Would set such a dangerous legal precedent
  8. Plenty of teams have come from the championship and stayed in the premier league. Crystal Palace, Burnley, West Ham etc etc I mean Leicester even won the league Any players signed after promotion should have a wage reduction built into the contract to account for reduction of income. Either that or a release clause If, and I hope it happens, Leeds are relegated this season. They will be entitled to parachute payments of let’s say £50m next season. Add into that the probability of selling Phillips and Raphina for £75m. How can that be deemed a fair and level playing field for the championship?
  9. Your first sentence highlights the issue The premiership accessibility is very limited. In a usual season 2 out of the 3 places would be taken up by a team with a parachute payment Yo- Yo clubs are being rewarded not only for their promotion season but also getting a 3 year kicker for a season of abject failure Parachute payments need removing with the players contracts amending to include wage reductions so the relegated clubs can meet their FFP obligations In all likelihood’s a relegated side will also be able to sell a couple of players for huge money to cover any shortfalls
  10. Just got 2 Crewe tickets Showing as 49 left in the block nearest the corner flag
  11. Instead what you have now is teams like Fulham being able to pay Mitrovic 100k a week in the championship and over £10m for Wilson
  12. Bit more of an interest for me. Inglis is my step sisters oldest, so we’ve got a big family interest hoping he gets picked Will make the ashes a bit more exciting for us
  13. I’ve got a bit of family interest in this Hoping Inglis gets the nod Be good to see a Yorkshireman behind the stumps
  14. What are the media saying about the replacement? Bits I’ve seen from Ponting and Warne don’t seem to favour Carey Fans commenting on Cricket AU social media also seem divided on the replacement
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