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  1. DC moved the accounting year as a last role of the dice to avoid sanctions just in case we got in the play offs. He has said all along we are in trouble if we don’t go up Last 2 years we have reported losses of 9.7 and 20.5m. So guessing the latest accounts will show a higher loss again circa 25m we are miles over the limit. Birmingham were punished 9 points for similar excess of the 39m rule so a precedent has been set. They have also had their 2 previous years losses capped at 13m meaning that as long as there losses don’t exceed 13m next time they will be deemed to comply For us we can achieve this by knocking 7-8m off the wage bill via end of contracts and possibly selling 1 or 2 DC in my opinion would be better releasing the accounts and take the punishment which allows us not to enter an embargo
  2. Doesn’t matter who it is we have to seriously consider offers for any player Release all the out of contract (apart from Westwood and maybe Palmer) and try and let Bruce build his team It may take 2 or 3 transfer windows to sort this ageing injury prone squad out but we now have a proven manager to do the job. The fans job now is to support the team and let him get on with it the best way he sees fit
  3. the thing with Westwood is that I'm sure the club if they wanted could build a contract that is heavily bonus related to make up the difference from 16k a week to probably what he is on now (circa 25k a week I'd guess) also at his age a 3 year deal would look quite appealing especially with his family settled
  4. Forget Davies he’s part way through recovering from a ruptured achilles injury. At 33 year old with an injury like this I think we should be looking elsewhere
  5. Danny Williams injury record at Huddersfield is worse than Abdi’s id like to look at players from the division below the who maybe could make the step up like Jamal Lowe at Portsmouth or Herbie Kane from Liverpool who is on loan at Donny
  6. We have got to take advantage of getting rid of players who have been on the edge of the team whilst they have been here when we can Since he has been here he’s offered very little and the odd good performance shouldn’t cloud judgment about his overall fitness and ability Matias and Boyd need to be let go and new blood introduced to the squad. This team needs overhaul not resignings of past failures
  7. One of if not the worst signing in my 40 years of watching Wednesday Terrible player, terrible attitude only here to take his over inflated wages. One of the mercenaries that nearly cost us our whole existence
  8. If loosing Joao and FF is the price to pay to keep Hector and Aarons on permanent deals whilst keeping Westwood, Hooper, Bannan and Reach then I’m happy with that Add to that the removal of Abdi, Jones, Matias, Boyd should be able to give Bruce some room for manoeuvre in at least the loan market
  9. If it’s commentary only that explains why ours is the only game not showing on my iptv
  10. Just re read Swiss Ramble on Twitter re Birminghams last years accounts Birmingham’s wages alone in the last financial accounts were £38m!!!!! Turnover was 19.1m 7th biggest loss in championship history and the 3rd largest for clubs not getting promoted
  11. So with the figures taken from the published document today 15/16 1.98m loss 16/17 12.94 loss 17/18 33.86 loss so this means that come next year the 15/16 figures will be replaced by the figures from 18/19? if that’s the case then Birmingham are going to have to make a profit of 7m just to stop getting another points deduction i cant see this being right as Birmingham are going to be getting points deducted for the next 2 seasons at least
  12. It reads as if no more punishment will be dished out over these losses and they are free to spend again
  13. that's exactly the bit I don't understand. Birmingham lost approx. 35m in this years accounts alone. Surely in a rolling period of 3 years this figure will still be with them for the next 3 seasons and therefore they will breach again also says that they will be appealing so can see this being reduced to 6 points or are the EFL saying once you have breached a points deduction will be applied and then your 3 year period starts again. If that's the case I wonder if DC and SB agreed to take the points deduction for next season and then with a reset position just spend heavily in the summer
  14. Try Your Reservations Mine were showing in there
  15. A choice of Boyd or Matias playing is like choosing to be punched in the mouth or kicked in the nuts
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