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  1. Don’t think that can be true I think you can only play for 2 teams in one season and he’s played for Leeds and came on as sub yesterday for Arsenal
  2. Keiren Lee is shot as a player for me Typified in the first 10mins yesterday when he burst forward and instead of pulling the trigger from outside the area he just tamely lost the ball Hes tried to come back, it hasn’t worked and now we need to move on. Too many people think he is the player of years gone by when clearly he isn’t If we are going to make any kind of push for the play offs we need more from midfield. How many goals have we got from central midfield this season?
  3. Midfield is the issue for me. There is no genuine box to box player there, no goals and a complete over reliance on one player to create everything Yesterday Blackburn just passed it round us, even when it was 11 against 11 You can completely re engineer the forward line but it still doesn’t sort the major issue with the team
  4. Monk couldn’t change it after bringing Lees on as he’d made 3 subs by then Personally when Dave come on I’d have taken young full back off and gone 3 at back with Fox, Borner and Iorfa with Hutchinson then coming on for Murphy for a bit of bite in midfield. Play the game in Blackburn’s half and at least have a go
  5. Super sport channels are the South African version of Sky sports they are the tv company providing sky with the coverage of the England cricket tour of South Africa at the moment
  6. Don’t see this as a problem just yet Palace happy to let him go and now they have Tosun in as well This just looks like DC driving his usual hard bargain
  7. Also think we will utilise the loan market better. Pay loan fees to get better players Mix that with good free transfers and look to pick up bargains Cant see us paying north of 4m anytime soon
  8. IFollow only. West Brom is the game being shown on the international channels
  9. Look at Norwich’s subs He usually takes Pukki off on the 80 min mark. Nketiah is going to get 10 mins a week Waste of time going there
  10. Bizarre move going to Norwich Just means swapping the bench at Leeds for the bench at Norwich Don’t Arsenal want him to get game time
  11. Daily Mirror now reporting that Palace will sign Tosun from Everton as early as tomorrow morning Might be another indication that Wickham will be allowed to leave
  12. Loads of boozers near the station. Just don’t wear any colours Buses to the ground run just down the road from the Scarborough under the bridge
  13. With the news of Birmingham’s impending FFP issues could then be on the brink of a fire sale in January? Guess they’d rather loose Jutkiewicz than someone like Bellingham
  14. Looks like Scott Sinclair is going to Preston on koan Pretty sure he was mentioned somewhere on the thread
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