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  1. Cook drifting in the betting Dingle Mick now favourite
  2. A lot of Cardiff fans seem to think Craig Bellamy will get the job after good work with the under 23s
  3. Would these managers get work permits? Ivic doesn’t meet the criteria to automatically qualify so we’d need to appeal
  4. Very interested to see how he gets on Given our Monks per season comments about getting youth into the squad and the desperate need for strikers then this kid would have been worth a gamble
  5. Into 8/11 from 25/1 about 10 mins ago
  6. Sri Lankan lad at short leg is getting some right hammer Very average bowling by the home team here
  7. Players waving imaginary cards trying to get opposition booked Diving and general rolling around pretending to be hurt Players wearing gloves. If they are cold then run around a bit more!! Not being able to have a beer whilst I’m sat watching the match while it’s fine at every other sport Last one is a bit harsh but when the crowd starts clapping on a given minute because someone has died. Should be reserved for first game of new year to celebrate everyone who died the previous year. That includes kings of Thailand!!
  8. Made Rory Mcardle look like Paulo Maldini today Hardly won a header and can’t hold the ball up, We must look for better
  9. Game is being shown on BT Sports Extra 5 and on ESPN+ Id expect streams to be available in the usual places
  10. Or the manager has already been appointed and he’s in the uk self isolating ready to take over next week
  11. If D.C. employs a foreign coach would they need to self isolate for 10 days before starting work?
  12. If we gave Rhodes away we’d have to pay his contract up which at 26 weeks x 35k = 910k given Windass is injured pointless deal for us
  13. The local Watford paper ran an article on why he was sacked Defensive football mentioned in there https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/sport/18958888.go-wrong-watford-vladimir-ivic/
  14. Fell out with the players Fell out with the board because of lack of transfer funds Defensive football Over use of authority on the training ground Surely this goes against everything Chansiri wants
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