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  1. Aarons has only managed a total of 90 minutes since joining Wycombe, and that was on Saturday sounds like he's either been injured again or not deemed good enough for league 1
  2. We charged then £33. it was a double discount game for members who could get a kop ticket for £23 you can only charge the away fans the same as a home fans for a comparative view. blackburns cheapest stand is the one that runs down the side of the pitch opposite the tunnel according to their website and therefore not the same view as behind the goal Blackburn are trying to capitiise on ours and Leeds typical large away following by charging a huge price
  3. really don't think this has anything to do with "revenge" Blackburn have simply looked at which clubs are likely to bring the most away fans and decided to ramp up the costs for them clubs I emailed Blackburn last week to ask for justification for £40 tickets in the championship and unsurprisingly I've had no response I'll begrudgingly pay it as the overall day including travel costs are quite low in comparison to somewhere like Swansea or Bristol City
  4. for me if I was Monk I would have told him on Wednesday morning that he was starting on Saturday alongside Fletcher Winnall started against Everton and missed a series of chances and again on Tuesday missed a vital chance when it was nil nil. Nuhui has played 2 sets of 90 minutes in the space of the last week and isn't overly known for his fitness. Also tends to be better used as an impact sub We are playing a supposedly weaker side at home where we will be expected to dominate and create chances. We should be able to play 2 up top without being dominated in midfield. we should be good enough to get our wide men involved and get quality into the box, as we did at Boro last weekend If it doesn't workout then so be it he can be cast aside, with FF back for the Cardiff game but I don't think we are loosing too much by having another look with the new manager looking to play a style which is more suited to the way Rhodes has previously scored a boatful of goals
  5. Issue I have with Hooper is that he only played 10 games a season. We can’t have players like that anymore Used to live about 5 mins from football, moved away years ago
  6. Must have missed the announcement of a championship club picking up Hooper on a free Would have been insanity giving him another contract with his biscuit legs
  7. The 3 games he’s been in charge we have just looked so much more organised Today we played two big lads up top and played more direct but it worked. No more tippy tappy across the back four, we played on Boros final third and they couldn’t handle it Couldnt care less if we play like Barcelona or Wimbledon just as long as we win
  8. He was part of a really good team performance today he will create goals throughout the season if you play him out wide and chip in with the odd goal
  9. You do realise for us to give him a free transfer we’d be obliged to pay the remainder of his contract? He may as well stay here and play if and when needed His attitude still appears to be professional unlike Abdi so we may as well have him around the squad. We will need him when injuries start
  10. I’d play Reach this week again his old club. I’d he's still ineffective then drop him to bench the next game players have a tendency to rub their old clubs noses in it. He got the winner up there last year and he may well do it again tomorrow
  11. When it’s Rhodes misses sitters he gets pelters Bottom line is the that tonight he played less than half hour and already he has his own thread apportioning blame While ever he is a Wednesday player he should get out support
  12. There is an app called LiveFootballTV that shows all the details as well
  13. got to admit its starting to annoy me that people are just buying tickets and then immediately selling them just to keep up the priority points if you can't go for genuine reasons then send them back to the club there are plenty of fans on 500+ points who aren't getting a look in for some games
  14. surely an opportunity for the likes of Pelupessy, Rhodes and Thornily to get some form of run out
  15. Beatties record with Monk is very good Came in at Leeds and Chris Wood has the best scoring season of his career with 27 goals At Birmingham Jutkiewicz now looks a much better championship striker and Adams was turned in to a 15m asset Don't care if Beattie had a spell at the lane, if he can improve our forward line then get him in
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