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  1. Harris v Angel Rangel. How old is he? 42? Big Dave could show him a turn of pace! Lol
  2. The bbc just make anything up to fit their agenda. Ignore them and any news about our ground. They ignore the marxist coup and cry as Bojo stops 4 days of trying to overturn the referendum.
  3. He must be a remain supporter ...
  4. Palmer is our first choice left back; he’s pretty consistantZ Iorfa being out right back giving most the back up to both spots. Thornily can also play there, as can reach who’s not guaranteed a midfield spot. If if they’re offering £1million plus, let him go and sign a player with a run down contact in January or loan a prem left back.
  5. Bullen is our interim manager until October when Steve Bruce returns following his ‘working vacation’. Lol
  6. I’m really impressed. What is the length of his contract ? (Please be long)
  7. Which players are the musts for this season?
  8. We need a left back, Hector another CM (if we’re playing three)l to cover lee and bazs) plus a wide player to cover reach, FF and Harris. Sell Rhodes and Winnall to fund. Fox too if anyone would take him
  9. We need to start buying players and selling them for a profit. What a terrible summer 2/10. I give us 2 because I think the three signings are give it take what we need. We still have gaps mind. And need to oust a forward.
  10. Would be a good appointment. Knows the league, very well connected. Could get us a few loans from wolves I am sure
  11. I’ve just looked at the list. Get him appointed. There are few better options. Then get behind him. It can’t be worse that Dros.
  12. What are the PL going to do? Fine newcastle £20,000?! Thats probably their top end limit.
  13. It seems to be racist. It ensures black managers get given chances because they’re ‘under represented’ they’re not from wider society. Yet theyre massively over represented as players. So let’s have 4/5 debuts to white players, 1/10 Asian players and so forth.
  14. Well they want to Interview a Bame candidate because they’re under represented in management. As players, black/mixed race players are massively over represented. Look at the debuts of youngsters. Why are white, Chinese and Asian players given more of a chance? To match the proportion of society. You can’t have it both ways.
  15. The English Football League has made it policy that clubs must interview at least one black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) candidate when searching for a new first-team manager. —- i wonder if that’s proportional with player debuts. Like 4/5ths are white, 1/10 Asian, 1/20 Chinese and 1/20 black /mixed race. I bet it isn’t. I bet this is just racism that’s ok.
  16. What about Adomah from villa. On a free. He’s be a good paced, powerful attacking option. I think we need two. Two centre mids, a centre back and two full backs. Minimum.
  17. The rubbish is very much from remain thanks. Threats of economic Armageddon- just like when we didn’t join the Euro completely made up. Self determination is a basic human right. Forcing upon us this one nation, flag is nothing but nationalism. Nationalism is a group of people, religion, nation, political union etc. If its just free trade, deal if it’s power - absolutely not. Simple really.
  18. Why? We decided to leave the EU. Some people didn’t accept that.
  19. Yeah but at least if we ever lost a game we could just replay it until we get the result we like. Apparently they’d appoint ms Abbot in charge of the accounts too.
  20. They shouldn’t be. They’ve spend £130million and Mitrovic aside have little to show for it. Their wage bill will be huge. Parachute payments will skew it im sure, even so they’re in trouble.
  21. If Fulham are going to buy one get one free with Héctor, we should buy him and sell the free one to Fulham!
  22. Reading the thread and just sicked in my mouth. If the pigs signed Westwood.
  23. Aaron’s is a poor mans raheem Stirling. Lazarr is a decent mobile left back with a useful left foot.
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