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  1. If we had a thread ‘players who have signed for us- who were NOT good enough’ we could break all thread records...
  2. He’s my favourite player for us now. He’s literally a Brucey bonus. Top guy.
  3. I guess we pay a fee that WBA give to him to pay him off. I want hungry realistic players here. We’ve been there done that with paying wages as retirement packages
  4. He’s got good technical ability, work rate and can strike a ball. Delighted and ecstatic at the win.
  5. I hope we get off to a good start. I worry we won’t and we’ll never get near to safety. norwich to go up.
  6. very true. Good shout with Harris. He’s done well since being here so hopefully he’ll put in a word. cardiff / Birmingham/ then Sheffield or Middlesbrough- that’s gotta help too. Geographically.
  7. I’d love both of those. especially Murphy. Didn’t Zahore play upfront for Cardiff when Warnock got them promoted? He signed Madine as extra firepower to get them over the line.
  8. I agree. that said we can’t afford a bad start. We need to be out of the traps, let’s hope something happens soon.
  9. no brainier. Adds goals to the side, keep up last seasons form and he’s worth much more too. him and a striker and I’ll start to believe. I’ve been let down for the past twenty years but I’m a sucker for punishment
  10. optimal forward line too. We might not have them both fully fit all season. goals goals goals
  11. the amount of fake news around is appalling. Reach has never been or will be a striker any more than Tom Lees will be.
  12. Could I suggest we start signing players from the bottom of the list this time. Having taken no 1 last time - no. 200 maybe a better option
  13. How did Dele play? Very excited to see him. it sounds like penny looked lovely too? well done to all.
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