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  1. Reading the thread and just sicked in my mouth. If the pigs signed Westwood.
  2. Aaron’s is a poor mans raheem Stirling. Lazarr is a decent mobile left back with a useful left foot.
  3. Wow. Such pace in that side. It would take 45 minutes for them to get from one goal to the other!
  4. Reach is a no brainier for a premier side. £15 m or so. He turns out good then it’s great, if not they can sell him to a relegated side. If they’re relegated then they’ve a top championship player.
  5. Has Jeremy Corbyn taken over as finance director? we’ve spent up. We need to trim our costs until we’re back on an even keel. Rather than kicking the can down the road for a much bigger melt down.
  6. Thoughts with Fox. He’s never played as a professional footballer...
  7. The problem we have, just as last week is that we seem to want players at the back who aren’t that comfortable with the ball to pass to player who aren’t that comfortable with it either as therefore hide. Stop Baz and they’ve no easy ball on. Playing like City is based on lots of easy passes, everyone giving and playing easy options. Palmer, Lees, Joey, Lucas don’t want to receive the ball under any pressure. That’s half the team out (since someone has the ball). Forestieri is the best at this, will receive the ball anywhere, give us relief and an outlet.
  8. If we remain could people I can’t remove tell us to wear red and white? Leave. Destiny down to me. Ta.
  9. If it’s in the Guardian it’s simply Daily Mirror drivel re written to blow smoke up the arses of champagne socialists with a sprinkling of ‘diversity’ in every other sentence.
  10. 9 million plus hopefully Rhodes. Get some young/fit and hungry players in.
  11. Simpson on loan. By far our weakest position RB
  12. I’m a little disappointed that there was no analysis of January Transfer net spend on here. I’d like to know the variance if possible.
  13. We’re weak at RB. Onomah, Hector and Penny have filled holes. Reach, FF, Baz, lees, Fletcher would get in most teams and we have plenty of other options up too. We we have to give it our best as a collective.
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