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  1. Found this at a car boot years ago . He can have it back if any knows him
  2. I’m sure our good friends over at S2 will chip in with a fair few thousand as they seem to get same treatment. Good to come together on this one
  3. Love that’s the only thing you can hear
  4. If for any reason we get Newcastle in the the cup I think it would be quite fitting if we sang wank3r for 90 minutes
  5. Had a £20 punt on the 9-1 to finish top half bet . I’ll go for 9th keeps it interesting
  6. Always thought that was from the owlerton conection was there ever a live owl at the game back in the day ? You older Wednesdayites might remember
  7. Did we ever have a live owl that would be brought onto the pitch before a game? Just been to a friends parents house where they had a stuffed owl in a glass case and he said it had something to do with Sheffield Wednesday??
  8. Not been for a while but watched on telly . Sounded though we walked out to different tune ?
  9. Maybe do killers mr bright side after his initiation song re-hash the words to fit over to you
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