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  1. Sky video

  2. My first derby

    Noooo...You don’t understand!!
  3. My first derby

    Hahaha! can just picture that look of anguish!
  4. My first derby

    Soooo jealous not to have been at that game!
  5. Message to Carlos.....

    Don’t disagree, but didn’t think Huddersfield were that great.
  6. Let this post be a lesson

    Ahhhhhh just lovely!
  7. Excellent planning Mr M! if you’re looking like this later on, don’t be scared....it’ll be a faulty mirror
  8. Song for tomorrow

    ...be remiss not to welcome comeback (ahem) kid...Ched Oh sloppy seconds he likes it, oh sloppy seconds Oh sloppy seconds, he loves it...oh sloppy seconds He’s on his way...he’s on his way To the fire escape, he’s on his way She dint know it when he came Filthy pig is back at stain All I know is Ched is on his way
  9. Song for tomorrow

    Loving Sh*t Neil Warnock you're just a shi*t Neil Warnock Shi*t Neil Warnock.....your jus5 a sh*it Neil Warnock
  10. Back at work on Monday?

    Bet he didn’t feel a thing
  11. This ticket gone now
  12. Pigs tho