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  1. I watched second half and they played - well Liverpool were truly awful - so pigs looked respectable - up front though, pub League. couldn't believe Leon Clarke appeared late on, he duly skied their best chance, a sitter (think Simonsen)
  2. I know one WH fan who says there’s already threads talking about Pig fixtures. They’re deffo up for it
  3. Dean Henderson.....hahahaha....England? hahahhahahahahaha hahaha!!!
  4. “We’ve just come up from Division 1” “they've won Champ League winners” “Just come up from t pub League” Even THEY don’t believe they belon in Premier League Did I hear one of em saying they’d end up in top 6!!!
  5. Theyre too dim to realise it, but our loss to Leeds did em a big favour - theyre miles away As usual they choked - they’ll choke in playoffs as well...and it’ll be a record-breaking choke
  6. Dreadful judgement he is allowed to influence the match like that.
  7. Don’t see the problem given grunters top the championship...
  8. Pretty much sums up OT....he’s poo is Jaoa oh...he scores two
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