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  1. Theyre too dim to realise it, but our loss to Leeds did em a big favour - theyre miles away As usual they choked - they’ll choke in playoffs as well...and it’ll be a record-breaking choke
  2. Dreadful judgement he is allowed to influence the match like that.
  3. Don’t see the problem given grunters top the championship...
  4. Pretty much sums up OT....he’s poo is Jaoa oh...he scores two
  5. We’ve lost enough games late on for our defenders to know YOU HAVE TO stop/take out strikers at such key moments. Barnes picked the ball up in his own half...we had enough players to stop him. Tactically, Lees had PLENTY of time to see the danger unfolding...coming at him.
  6. OP cited Jo’s substitutions as the reason why we lost points...you said Kirby on for Onomah was a bad decision, so I’m taking it you felt Jos substitutions cost us points. Sorry if I’ve misunderstood you
  7. Exactly...Baggies had had a poor game up to that point - no surprise they’d throw the kitchen sink at us...we’d been handling stuff like that comfortably earlier in the game and our defenders defended really poorly Lees is nowhere near as confident the player he was 3 yrs ago.
  8. We had plenty of players positioned to stop a one-man attack. i get the frustration, but to blame it on the substitution misses the point that someone needed to stop/take out Barnes
  9. What....did that have any bearing on the poor defending?
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