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  1. Bluestripe

    We will beat Wolves

    Can’t disagree...gonna be 1-3
  2. After 6 or 7 yrs in pub league, how arrogant could you be as a sheff Utd supporter to NOT expect to be discovered in Championship. It’s like it’s a surprise....jeez!!
  3. Bluestripe

    Barry Bannan

    Listened to game on RS today. Late on, commentators talked about the need for an experienced Wednesday player to ‘marshall’ us to the end. They said Bannon bawled out Matias for taking a long shot rather than keeping it deep in Hull half?
  4. Tbf to Liam,...as coherent and more funny than plenty of others (a 9yr old OWL with a couple of blade mates?)
  5. Hutch is an intelligent footballer and by now should be clocking HOW he’s being viewed by us and the club. Time and again I’ve watched him do stuff on the pitch that lifts my heart...influence the whole game. So I can’t automatically line up behind a call for us to part company, yet why isn’t it obvious to him that showing same commitment tempered with subtlety, guile, crafty (less ALL IN) is a good strategy. i can’t believe Sam thinks...”this is me..take it or leave it”
  6. didn’t say it was as good as - I said “It lines up respectably”
  7. That lines up respectably with the screamers we’ve enjoyed from Bazza, Wallace or FF
  8. Can’t stop talking about The Wednesday MASSIVE...you know it!
  9. Can appreciate the point your making...never played footy at any decent level, but could see that resuming proper/full training could throw up problems in other areas. If we harbour PL ambitions then during that journey, we should also be bring in/raise calibre of SWFC medical/physio squad to help mitigate the above....protect our valuable playing assets. I bet somewhere there’s plenty of professional(s) who with contemporary (modern & best practice) methods could look after our squad better than what we have currently
  10. Gonna message BB telling him no to run so hard to greet N stand fans each game...save thi energy lad!