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  1. Well done to Barnsley! all any of us could ask for is a fight to the end. Even if it was a game when you already KNEW you were relegated....so much value in a performance to remember - one to be proud of going into summer. If I were Barnsley, I’d be chuffed my team pulled out those end of season performances.
  2. There’d be nowt could be said by anyone at Wednesday that would be an acceptable statement. less said the better...
  3. Harris done really well on left side...got some great crosses in...that’s where our goal will come from
  4. Christ Lees...move forward at least another 10yds before you release it. Go into the space if it’s there
  5. Wickham threw that INTO penalty box....we need to use that to our advantage
  6. Quality post Snooty. Thanks also for stepping up with OMDT game after game. i always laugh if you’ve been late with OMDT post...we narrowly avoid saying “get out of bed and do the effin OMDT you lazy scroat”....you narrowly avoid saying “ffs...you useless tos*sers, you COULD DO IT YOURSELVES you know”
  7. Rodgers did his work to make pigs look as average as they are...this game will be a useful look at how to dispatch sheff Utd next season Ndidi bossed midfield. Had Barnes put away one or two of the Vardy passes, it’d have been a cruise. Vardy hit post...but his strength was setting up chances - should have been 3-0
  8. If Vardy scored or Hirst came on and scored, I’d want to know about that and laugh scornfully...not that I’m bothered
  9. Let’s hope for a better second half...looking like the sh*itty stalemate of those playoffs
  10. Rather than flick ons, for which theres no takers (ffs why do we keep thinking THERE IS) if It’s a punt forrard aim for a trapped ball
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