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  1. E-cash

    Contactless is incredibly insecure i got rid of all mine a year ago
  2. Not sure anyone’s going on about it? They fielded a very young side who didn’t give a good account of themselves - we gave some valuable game time to Matias Joao and Abdi. That’s about it really It was a victory against the scrubbers but doubt many Owls would be over excited about it.
  3. The young players they sent over played poorly It was a no lose situation , given we were fielding Joao, Abdi and Matias - a chance for them to impress and come up against more experienced professionals. They choked. Despite their coaching staff knowing some of em had played in games earlier in the day (apparently) they allowed them to play till they hobbled off injured....professional development a la sheff Utd.
  4. Scuttle off scummy scrubber....Wednesday is your sea cadet evening isn’t it?
  5. Any observer of that game could see plainly that it was men against boys...because it was. However, young as they were, they were the team and coaching staff sheff Utd lot sent to Hillsborough. Younger or not their 2nd half effort was lamentable...it ended up as a capitulation - young as they were, your players didnt play anywhere near a level that you’d reasonably expect given theyd been offered a chance to impress. If some of them had played another match earlier on that day, your coaching staff knew that...why didn’t they manage substitutions, rather than waiting till they crawled off injured. I’m calling you a bullsh*tter cause you squeal about their ages etc when in fact what actually happened was they played well beneath any ability we’d have expected....your coaching staff were poor tactically and failed to look after your players.
  6. Looks like for Wednesday it’s less about strict rules on player ages, more about professional development....it’s obviously accepted, otherwise there would be objections re ineligible players. The League itself is called Professional Development League 2
  7. As usual, you’ve missed the point and sought out a negative against Wednesday
  8. I’ve talked plainly on ‘Owlstalk’, same as ‘Owlsmad’....since 2013 Your problem is....you can’t tell the truth
  9. No probs - let’s forget about capitulation then...
  10. Yippee!...you armchair-watch sheff Utd and you’re fond of using blog terms
  11. Smell coffee...dic*kwad sheff Utd CHOKED Hope that’s clear enough!
  12. I doubt you’ve sought out opinion from fellow blades, who saw the game. As it is, your notion of being genuine...bullsh*itt
  13. I watched the match tonight scummy scrubber...did you
  14. Whether they have or not, they have a problem with conditioning judging by the 2 or 3 that shuffled off with hamstring problems
  15. Less than I thought there’d be...from both camps. Aside from a goal they took well just before HT, scrubbers were gash. Even taking into account a strong Wednesday squad, they were cowed, panicky Having sussed them out first half, we totally bossed the game...should have been a much bigger score. Their coach should take responsibility for a 2nd half captitulation. Their goalie had a powderpuff kick - when we pressed high all way thru 2nd half, just about everyone was stood in their half of pitch when he kicked out from goal It was a turkey shoot