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  1. Sty Central SUFC v Hudds 2nd Half Pig: Dunt tha worry wi got Prem League players! Sow: Ah know…but theer 1 up Pig: Get tha nose outa mardy trough silly bi*tch….fat lad Billy’ll mek it reyt Sow: Squeeeeal….chr*ist almighty, eee’s only gone an scored in 93rd minute! Pig: Get thesen home…mix some oats Sow: oh fuc*k….Chrissy Chrissy Chrissy!…you fill up mi senses… Pig: DON’T BELIEVE IT - you spawny bast*ards 1-2 Sow: oh fu*ck…same owd Same owds
  2. F*eck me not watching it, but from a spectators view, comments are either morbid depression or mildly encouraging.....cheers!
  3. Utterly utterly gash...pigs are just awful. The lack of effort, ambition is embarrassing. I hate having fu*ck all else to watch other than this shi*te
  4. What a strange time to feature Carlos Tevez on the stadium big screen
  5. Let’s have a quick start and nick an early one
  6. ...what with CV news..all good really Still, always the PIgs to laugh at
  7. Pls calm down about Pelupessy....Greeks (like all latins) renowned for their self control. He knows he’s on a yellow....he’ll be careful...ffs get him off now!
  8. 0-2 at half time would be nice ..owt else happenin tonite?
  9. We’ve seen playoff records set by Pigs. Having already established a PL unwanted, Pigs will further disgrace themselves. Pigs are Pigs...
  10. Leaving aside the leeds Utd choke which handed Pigs 2nd auto spot.....wilders shocking selection of new blood costing £120mill, let’s agree it’s been a disaster. Week upon week, players who created a record-breaking PL sequence of failure are now appearing on world football screens, with NO heart, no ambition. With new depths of failure yet to plumb, isn’t talk about the market worth of sheff Utd football a joke?
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