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  1. Wish some of our players have the composure to choose chest-control of the ball rather than just heading it forward to the opposition...t9 his credit, Dave did this often, holding play up nicely
  2. I’m pretending commentary is east European....turned it off!
  3. That forward Berk...what a fat thundering lump he is!
  4. Hahaha!! nowt funnier than a choking pig....and holding the world record for losing penalty shootouts as they do, good to see second string chokers maintaining standards.
  5. That pig goalie... Diving 10 minutes after ball passed him....Kes!
  6. Well done to Barnsley! all any of us could ask for is a fight to the end. Even if it was a game when you already KNEW you were relegated....so much value in a performance to remember - one to be proud of going into summer. If I were Barnsley, I’d be chuffed my team pulled out those end of season performances.
  7. There’d be nowt could be said by anyone at Wednesday that would be an acceptable statement. less said the better...
  8. Harris done really well on left side...got some great crosses in...that’s where our goal will come from
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