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  1. Don't particularly dislike him ,idolised him as a player, just don't rate him as a manager. You're not going to change my mind and I respect your opinion. As far as the context of this discussions concerned, I'm still happy to trust Moore's judgement on the player were looking at.
  2. I'd take Moore's judgement over Pearson any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Other opinions valid, but I've never rated Pearson as a manager. Leicester cheated, cleaned themselves via administration, bought promotion (still an achievement, not diminishing that) and he kept them in the EPL. As for laying foundations for the title, that's rather subjective and think others take much more credit.
  3. No idea, whatever the agreement allows them to sign players, outbidding championship teams for players, some reportedly on north of £30k pw previously (Hourihane). I suspect length of contract may be a consideration for some, a 2 year deal for players in their mid 30's likely to be a selling point for them.
  4. That's like watching someone play pressing R2 permanently (sprint mode, for those who don't play FIFA on a playstation). The lad is fast, don't expect much end product but offers something we don't have a lot of and unpredictable.
  5. I don't place a lot of trust in Pearson's judgement, I do believe however that our recruitment team and Moore have earned my trust in their judgement.
  6. If it's a permanent transfer shouldn't be Derby as they supposedly aren't allowed to pay fees. That's said they are also supposed to have a salary cap of £8.5k pw (Hourihane and others must have taken one hell of a wage cut!)
  7. Ipswich the main competitors on paper, but I also think McDons will have another good season, despite losing good players, they've invested wisely. I think our squad stacks up against anyone's though and nothing to fear.
  8. Agree, on a free could be another astute signing. I'm not too bothered about Pearson's comments, a great player, but odd manager and doesn't seem the progressive type. I suspect the stick or carrot approach to man management goes over his head, just like the ostrich he likes to bang on about, it's either the stick or f*ck off I suspect.
  9. Yep, with a heavy heart I agree, in the sense that I always want young players to come through to the first team However, looks miles away from the quality needed, did moderately well in spells in non league and largely anonymous in L2. I suspect now it's about maintaining some value in him, be that a fee or compensation.
  10. Good signing. Plenty of experience for a young lad and if I recall correctly, looked decent and scored a good goal against us a few seasons ago?
  11. Odd, extended his contract to gain a fee, now seemingly forgoing that to save paying his wages as surely he wouldn't sign a new contract. I'm a bit bored of this now TBH. If we can't do business with a difficult selling club, think we should move on. He would be an interesting signing, but not sure he's worth waiting for.
  12. Agree. Perhaps silly I know, but wonder what the EFL stance would be if there was collective agreement for all clubs in a league to clean themselves through administration and all start on -15. All debt free, all with no sporting disadvantage.
  13. I think his best position is further up the pitch, than we've perhaps played him in the past. He's isn't going to be defensively minded, or spray passes around the pitch, his strength is getting on the ball and running at the opposites. His goal against Bournemouth a perfect example of what his game should be about.
  14. It's a controversial opinion to some, but I agree with you Our budget is finite and there are other areas of the squad which needs strengthening as a greater priority.
  15. He's a decent player at this level, agree we played him in unfamiliar positions, but don't think he's got the aptitude or application to perform consistently. He'll have a spell, possibly at the start of the season, fade in and out of games and likely be injured for a while too.
  16. I'm not sure, they've lost a few but also signed replacements, some with potential. Twine was a relative unknown before last season and Parrot didn't set the world alight in previous loans. I think they have invested well and will be contenders.
  17. Yep, if he's keen to get move should do it the right way though.
  18. Positive news, but I dont think personal terms were ever the stumbling block. Although good to have this clarified. If he's that keen, why not submit a transfer request. May force Hulls hand, who seem to the the ones holding things up.
  19. Agree. For my money us, Ipswich and McDons stand out. Derby are an unknown. It may actually work in our favour having Derby as the focus this season. When they come to town other teams will raise their game, like they did with us last season. We may not be such a novelty as already played most teams last season.
  20. Thoight their better players had been cherry picked, or left on a free under TUPE rules?
  21. Hopefully once back in Sheffield, we can get recruitment back up and moving again. Would be nice to get a couple in next week.
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