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  1. Yellow away kit tonight for the Owls too, lovely
  2. My initial reaction was a sense of foreboding about tonight, they've got some good players and a good manager at this level. And, Peterborough is one of those backwater shitholes where we could struggle. Maybe my opinion clouded by having to go there once andi it taking absolutely ages. Then I think, why am I concerned. We are in better form, have options to refresh midfield if needs be and looking at their wins, were against two of the weaker sides. If Gregory fit enough to start, will be more confident as I think we'll need more than one goal for the 3 points tonight. 1-2 to Wednesday
  3. Agree, although there's always the argument that cream rises to the top. My opinion on the academy is that it doesn't happen overnight, after years of chronic underinvestment it has improved since Chansiri arrived, although that bar was set very, very low. Still not what it should, or needs to be. And, will always play second fiddle to EPL clubs, who get first choice of the better talent.
  4. Dele-Basiru, Adeniran, Bakinson, Famewo all relatively young, similar ages to Alex Hunt and Galvin for example. Moore will play youth, but maybe our youth are not good enough? We've had several players in recent years we had hoped would make it, most now plying their trade in lower or non leagues.
  5. He's always going to be around as long as Chansiri is here. But, his influence diminished and Moore has more control. I think the Tony Pulis debacle dented Paxo's credibility.
  6. Can see the Wilks one happening, always thought it would end up being a last minute compromise. Personally, I'm open minded, but I'd be astonished if Chansiri ever considered Hirst after his acrimonious departure.
  7. Still getting match fit. That said, did an awful lot of work off the ball today. Played his part, along with others earning the right to play, when Charlton tired and gaps appeared.
  8. At the moment it does, yes. Byers started well again this season, carrying on from last. Vaulks, Dele-Bashiru didn't play badly, did an awful lot of work in the first half, but Byers made the most of the space when he came on and imposed himself on the game.
  9. Thought he was good today. Even handed, let the game run and didn't really notice him. Which is how it should be
  10. It's where we need to be, doing very nicely at the moment, considering we've had a reasonably tough start, fixtures wise
  11. Great 3 points. I'd call that a resilient performance, had to work hard off the ball and got our foot on the ball second half, which was much better. One piece of quality won the game, but need to credit Moore for smart substitutions and a few tactical tweaks. Today we saw the difference 5 subs can make. That'll do, another clean sheet and 3 points. Happy with that.
  12. Poor first half, but Charlton have been decent, pressed well and looked lively. We are often a yard off the ball, hopefully as Charlton tire under the heat we might see more of that ball. The biggest problem is up front, non existent. Windass will make runs but nobody capable of holding up the ball or winning a challenge. That puts pressure on the rest of the team, when forward balls are not on, goes backwards. I know people will like Paterson because he runs round, but we need more than that and to be fair if he had any positional sense whatsoever would need to run less as he may actually be withing 20 yards of the ball. Not wanting to single him out as he clearly isn't a striker and not his fault, but when playing with someone so obviously out of position, like playing with 10 men. Hopefully a better second half and we can fluke a goal from somewhere. It is like watching paint dry though at the moment, we are slow in comparison and lacking ideas in the final third
  13. Now it feels like a match day! We are short up front, not expecting Gregory to start, but hope our strength in midfield compensates. Charlton coming to play football, which should suit us. Not an easy game but hopefully a good one and hope we come out on top. 1-0 to Wednesday.
  14. I was thinking about the merits of the RB Leipzig youth scouting system more than Newcastle though
  15. Don't disagree with you, but maybe they aren't good enough? Can't say as I've seen Bondswell, but also been at RB Leipzig before Newcastle and they don't mess about, know what they are doing with youth players, so must have something about him?
  16. Stockdale Ihiewkwe Heneghan Palmer Hunt Dele-Bashiru Vaulks Bannan Johnson Windass ? (Anyone to fill a shirt, probably Paterson)
  17. Think we always needed two attacking players in anyway, before injuries. Squad isn't balanced, 6 (7 if A.Hunt included) competing for 3 midfield places. Only 3 competing for 2 attacking places (2 of which injured and the other with his knee strapped up).
  18. Simple answer: Yes. But... Difficult one as the transfer window is still open. On a general point of do I trust Moore and think he is capable of promotion...Yes. As we stand. No, we don't have enough attacking options at the moment and that will cost us points.
  19. Don't think there is any evidence we are interested in Stockton (Nixon suggested likewise the other day), nor should we be. He's 28, spent most of his career moving around the lower leagues and hardly had a stellar goal scoring record before last season? Suspect Moore is pinning his hopes on a late u-turn by Hull on Wilks or young EPL loan players. Either would be welcome, but doesn't solve the problem of two very difficult games coming up this Saturday and Tuesday with both our centre forwards injured and Windass training with his knee strapped up. Too late of course to do anything now, but was obvious all summer and may cost us points in the next two games (plenty of the season left to make it up though if it does).
  20. No. Don't wish to be disparaging and credit him for a very well taken goal. But, 50 minutes against Sunderland reserves isn't going to change my opinion. He'll be back in the wilderness soon enough, struggling to make the matchday squad, never mind trouble the starting 11. He's very obviously a wide attacking player, not a centre forward and as we don't play that system, should be moved on and replaced with a player to suit the way we play and who is going to compete for a starting 11 place.
  21. Thought generally he was composed on the ball, but couldn't ignore that little confused moment on the edge of our box in the first half, which was a nervy moment, for example. Overall, he had a decent game.
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