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  1. Roll on 6th may

    Have a little hope. Aren't we still in cup.
  2. Newsome should summarise on Leeds "when I was at Leeds"
  3. Penalty Danny Murphy said so
  4. Inept TV research

    bbc and sky both as bad as each other, they have not got a knowledgeable pundit between them.
  5. The Magic of the FA Cup

    Died for me on 20/5/1993 not been the same since.
  6. Late run for the play offs?

    https://m.skybet.com/football/sky-bet-championship/event/20605642 1000/1 get a tenner on
  7. Sam Winnall Recovery

    Our physios are to busy
  8. We will be relegated

    Hope players are more positive
  9. Adam Reach

    Agree,not long ago he was the scape goat, good job we have him. How can anyone think he's awful !
  10. Butterfield

    Shows the mess Wednesday are in,send him back and get Winnall back! Oh apparently we cant!

    Would it be an upset if we beat Swansea City?

    Lets be positive got the worse side in premiership or a league 2 side at home, could be a lot worse. Leicester City away <safe in premiership so wont rest players>
  13. This should be JR post not a Is the goal poacher position past its sell by date.
  14. Who do you want in the next Round?.

    Weren't it september !
  15. Barnsley away

    So we can play away at Barnsley and Leeds United can play at the lane at the same time, but Wednesday and United can't play at home for a 4th round fa cup tie on the same day against 2 sides not renowned for trouble!