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  1. selbyowls

    Westwood Going

    Didnt realise he was on that
  2. selbyowls

    Westwood Going

    Dont know if its already being said on this thread but if Jo Hart is struggling to find a club, imo cant see there being many takers for Westwood.
  3. selbyowls

    Fernando Forestieri

    Dont know if it as already been said but ff apparently refusing to play at Norwich City due to us buying and paying inferior players more money well after his comeback performances he is worth more money than any other player at the club, so not condoning his actions in principle he was correct. As a club we need to do what ever to keep him at the club while ever the performances are happening.Build the team around him.
  4. selbyowls

    Adam Reach

    Player of the season, probably we would have got relegated without him. Not long ago he was the scapegoat on here.
  5. Happy Birthday Tricky Trev big thank you for the memories.
  6. you got to have something to be happy about
  7. surprised he played yesterday thought he might to refuse to play again
  8. Showing my age and or or early signs of dementia. Anyway I think the only thing we have in common with United our hatred of WHU.
  9. And we have paid for their new ground.
  10. If I remember correctly Allan Hanson stated on match of the day "he should not play in premier league again" I dont think it was DW decision probably Dave Richards.
  11. Waddle surely is your favourite.
  12. selbyowls

    #SWFC vs Chelsea in 1984

    If my memory serves me right they were waiting at Paddington when we got off tube, dont think intercity owl train went to Chelsea after that, but that was earlier than than 84 as I went to the 84 game on the inter city owl coach.
  13. selbyowls

    Naah then Colin!!

    True but 2nd and 1/6 for automatic promotion.
  14. selbyowls

    Naah then Colin!!

    Hypothetical. He would not manage in Yorkshire as he lives in south west reason he left Rotherham. Personally I would not want to see him as our manager. But I think most all of us would take who ever or what ever to get us back in premiership. Anyway good look tonight Colin.