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  1. You probably think that Ratsherrn is a decent bier too. You have been turd for years, are going down and that stupid Bundesliga clock thing will have to be dismantled. Looking forward to the derby next season.
  2. Its a dog nob hair antenna. The slightest breeze. A sort of guidance system so that it can shag other dogs.
  3. You would be like "Am i speaking to the duck in that gif where it pecks the dog on the nob? No sir. You are speaking to a giraffe. I am very busy eating leaves that are really high up on a tree.
  4. I have no idea, Perhaps you should ask the duck.
  5. We will trounce the smelly biscuit baking scumbags. 4 - 0 The Wednesday
  6. We beat Cardiff a few days earlier (or later) 5-0. It was the easter weekend.
  7. Do they let gargoyles in for free at t'Lane or summat?
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