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  1. Emojis must have a transparency layer. Save them in the .png format and it happens automatically. You saved as .jpeg so there's always a rectangular "bounding box", as seen above. That means Hargreaves has to to separate them from the background again, which you already did and which he won't do because he is a lazy sod. I would be happy to provide assistance with any other queries on how the internet works. Anyway, Us 6, Them 0.
  2. Why has it underlined the word "cöck"? I'm on a list now. Thanks owlstalk fannies
  3. Rotherham lasses make lady diana look like a nun in comparison and she was well famous for her insatiable thirst for cöck
  4. We will win thirty five - nil at football, drink all the beer and shag their lasses afterwards.
  5. I bought one. An entire section is roped off on the north stand and I get my nob sucked by attractive women.
  6. Our Laura. who was born in Hamburg, what is in Germany has just sworn on her mams death, who is Polish. That her father is a fanny. The magic that is Christmas
  7. I would like to see a collection of blue and white, Father Christmas themed garden gnomes, with the faces of our 150 best players on. Because of the ruined anniversary. You would be able to get Fessi, Johnny Fantham, Derek Wilkinson, Nile Rodgers out of Chic, That striker who doesn't like us anymore because his lad didn't get a pro contract, Eric Potts and err, some other ones. But there could be 150 of them, dead easy. Might have to put Peter Eustace in to make up the numbers, but he could go for a fiver, or free when you buy a Brian Joicey gnome. If you want to annoy your neighbours, you can get a Lemmy out of Motörhead (Youth Academy goalie U15) gnome what looks really scary. It costs £357.99 though, so you need to be in a dispute where the folks next door keep moving their garden fence inch by inch, under cover of darkness, onto your lawn. The Lemmy model comes with an auto dialler that randomly calls 999 to report chip pan fires on random addresses in your street at all hours.
  8. Barkin mad. We are on the telly and allsorts. Sheffield Wednesday will beat the fizz out of the these flippers, shag their wives and drink their beer. Death to chickentown flipping motherfuckers said I spelled a word wrong and won't let me put it on. Fannies
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