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  1. Eddie Waring sounding rugby playing motherfuckers That Desmond Chansiri can fuckoff anorl
  2. Just got in from work. What the hell is going on?
  3. They should poach Jos from FC St Pauli. Please Please Please
  4. Some people just can not be relied upon. Snooty, pull your finger out you idle sod. Either Nev or Utah posts the OMDT themselves or we make this the OMDT. Mods, pin and rename. Who are we playing anyway? I bet it's some reyt loppy buggers who deserve to be thrashed six - nil because they shag they own mams. The rascals.
  5. That word doesn't exist in the German language. The original article uses the word "umentschied" which is a very uncommon way of saying that he changed his mind about staying at Bielefeld.
  6. You can see the individual strands of hair and allsorts
  7. It doesn't cause offence. You want it to work, right? We all want it to work. Save the motherfucking graphic in .png and it just works.
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