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  1. Would you be ok with your boss saying, “we are only paying you 50p for the work that you do today, the end result is the same, at a fraction of the price”.
  2. Dead at 65. Sheffield legend and true musical innovator. My thoughts go out to his wife Lynne. Waiting in line at the Leadmill to see Tack>>Head play in 1989, Rich turns up, "Hi pauli I knew there would be a queue , brought a bottle of Jack" . The people behind me start to make a fuss, so I tell them "he's 50% of the Cabs, have a swig of his whisky". I left for Germany shortly after that. This dying thing gets a bit worrying when it starts coming for your mates. Rest in Peace you crazy fücker.
  3. Just what the world needs right now, another Kanye West album.
  4. Or perhaps just transferred to an alternative universe. Keith Richards called him the Salvador Dali of music. I considered him a personal friend. 9.5 min of swirly psychedelic reggae from the master...
  5. Up and Bangin' with Chilli It should be the law that people listen to that collection.
  6. Junior Murvin, produced by Lee Scratch Perry at his Black Ark Studios. I still have my 1975 vinyl copy and a CD. There's an entire album of awesome. Scratch later produced the Clash himself and told them to turn their guitars down.
  7. 2 Tone was recycled Ska. Sure, it was good, but mostly covers of Jamaican originals from the mid to late sixties. The Beat came closest. Stand down Margaret. Look it up on YouTube
  8. A Rega Planar 1 turntable costs 350. Lanny is just starting out.
  9. Does anyone want to buy an Official Matchday thread? For 75 quid, you can buy an all in one gimmick turntable that looks like a suitcase. It will plow the grooves of your record collection with 5 or 6 grams of downward pressure. It doesn't sound like much but it will eventually destroy your records. Apart from that, the arm is made of horrible wobbly plastic. Mine tracks at 1.78 grams.
  10. Series 4 is on Netflix now and our reluctant superhero is back. Meanwhile his two daughters are taking down drug gangs and the soundtrack is glorious. Funkiest thing on TV
  11. My first generation Apple AirPods now crap out after ten minutes. Battery indicator says 100%. Then it says 0%. Testing some Klipsch* T5s at the moment. *Klipsch send me stuff for evaluation. Not an endorsment or advert.
  12. Sure thing LLP. First and foremost I love music. I love talking about hifi too. Not the insane hifi where you buy a loudspeaker cable (just the one) for 32,000 pounds. That actually exists. It is a thing. There's no audible difference for a human between a shielded copper 4mm2 cable that costs 5 pounds per metre and a twisted silver plated multi strand. We can't hear it. Dogs might but they don't speak rock and roll. Dogs probably listen to Johann Sebastian Bach or would if they understood how to operate a record player. Just have fun with it.
  13. Definitely a decent turntable - that's your source and it's interacting directly with your precious records. The Pro-Ject model above is absolutely fantastic for it's price class and ready to go right out of the box. Maybe one of those micro systems might be a solution? You generally get a combined amp, radio and CD and two small separate speakers. You will need a phono pre-amp because it will likely only have line in which requires a far higher voltage than what the turntable can deliver. I've seen pre-amps for around 35 quid. They can go into the thousands. Mine was just under 200 and also lets me rip vinyl to digital. Don't get something with plastic speaker boxes, needs to be wood. Another option could be used off ebay or similar. I've noticed people who are into vinyl tend to look after their systems well and upgrade a lot so there's always decent gear to be had. If you are going to start hanging around record shops, get to know people who run it and their customers. We are a strange but friendly bunch. It's how I got my Ayon valve amp, the seller even gave me a spare set of brand new matched tubes.
  14. Pro-Ject Primary E turntable 150 - 200 quid. Klipsch R-41PM active speakers with a phono input 350 quid or so. That's a very nice and compact system, it will sound really good. A separate amp and passive speakers will give you more flexibility. Something like a Yamaha AS201 doesn't cost much. and is more than decent. Order on Amazon and you can return stuff if it doesn't live up to expectations
  15. I have a Sonny Clark T-Shirt. He passed away in 1963. Loved getting tutted at by 90 year old blokes.
  16. °°° Video unavailable. It's Grant Green's chill out jazz album, "Idle Moments" Go buy a copy. I have four.
  17. Cool The radiation from the plasma injectors has caused a warp core breach This is your fault
  18. I want to hear what the musicians and producer heard in the studio, or as close as possible. Heard those Blue Note titles on everything from cheap all in one turntables and systems that cost the same as a house. If someone records their music using this new format, fair enough. Weird and sparkly.
  19. According to Apple this is bigger than going from mono to stereo. 3D Dolby Atmos sound but only on Apple and Beats headphones. My favourite label, Blue Note has allowed Apple to make new digital masters from some of their top titles, they didn't say what the source was. It sounds like they punched it up by 6dB and put the treble on full. Weird and sparkly. You can't do that to recordings from the 1950's - 60s.
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