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  1. For anyone asking or wondering ….. yes we really are crap
  2. I mean what the bell is this poo I’m watching it’s horrendous
  3. All over the place from back to front it’s been atrocious
  4. Should be at least 3-0 down 8-11 games so far they have conceded first
  5. Hope hunt is switched on today he’s up against a top player
  6. And I dont mean kachunga, he won’t start anyway as there other winger is back from injury
  7. Dunk key is awful with the ball at his feet, you can tell he knows it as every time he looks to pass anywhere he holds his arms out like I can’t pass there
  8. Every single away game will be like this they all think it’s there cup final
  9. Well we never came back last season to even get a point til last game so let’s see
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