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  1. Iorfa has been shocking he can’t be a starter all season
  2. 3rd goal was class played a 1 2 with the gk the megged her with a back heal
  3. Yep I’ll be a lot more confident if both those startvour first game next season
  4. I really really want to back him I like the guy but this team will look quite a bit different next season I’m sure if it and the league will be as tough if not tougher peterbourgh derby Bolton Ipswich Portsmouth Barnsley mk dons loser of the final and no doubt a few surprise teams it’s never gonna be easy sadly I also don’t know who else would be better suited because it would be silly to start all over again I hope bannan stays but I can’t see it he deserves to be playing higher and I think the look on his face at the end confirmed he won’t be here to me
  5. I actually like him but to say too six was the aim all season I remember him and almost every players at start of season saying top no1 was the target
  6. There we go he said it we regroup and go again
  7. Injury time goals conceded say no more cost us the league title never mind a playoff semi
  8. We will probably come out like we did against Portsmouth
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