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  1. How longs hutch gonna last 30 mins I’m going for
  2. gingerknob1

    no 1 keeper and captain

    It will be Westwood in goal surely
  3. gingerknob1

    new shirt

    I’m gonna get one for my little lad tomorrow if they have his size
  4. gingerknob1

    Megastore today

    are Kids size home shirts still in stock age 9-10? Anyone know ?
  5. 5 million he’s costing
  6. Phil Foden is on Leeds radar
  7. Lewis baker gone to leeds
  8. gingerknob1

    1st fixtures

    Bolton away
  9. gingerknob1

    Championship Fixtures

    Strangely I want Bolton away
  10. Congrats on the the new job, when do you start and could you send bale here on loan?
  11. I think it’s done awaiting a work permit they’ve done well if it’s true to get him
  12. gingerknob1

    Westwood Going

    If true I think we will miss him,if he’s fit for a full season at another championship club we will see just how much