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  1. The other promotions were marked by some significant inidividual contributions, Curran (79/80), Jones and McLean (04/05) and Antonio (11/12). I wonder who will emerge this season. No one really doing it yet?
  2. A table showing our last 3 promotions from this division. A slow start on each occasion. I think this season seems very similar...
  3. .... he's had a free season ticket for the last 9 years. How much as he robbed from the club? Seriously though, from our Wednesday mad family, a huge thank you to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club for once again allowing dad his seat in the North Stand. He is 89 this year and the club have given him a free season ticket every year since he was 80. He brings 4 generations of family to the club (who all pay their way!). So with all this negativity around the place, money troubles, over-paid players, embargoes and different opinions just remember... WE ARE ALL WEDNESDAY
  4. Photo of 1935 FA Cup winning team with trophy signed by all players and staff. Its in a frame a frame along with original programme and ticket, as well as original cigarette cards and photos of some of the players.
  5. We have a framed presentation of the 1935 Cup Final programme, ticket and original cigarette cards and photos of some of the players. Looks really nice. Also have Barcelona away and ticket. This is perhaps the Holy Grail for the Wednesday programme collector?
  6. Can't remember too much publicity regarding the Kovacevic money. We certainly didn't receive over £6m when he was sold. It must have been the subsequent sale from Sociedad to Juventus in 1999 that made up the rest of the money. Also, I don't think we paid £4.25m for him in the first place. We probably had to pay Red Star more when he was sold by us to Real Sociedad?
  7. There are some very small clubs in the country with far better records than we have. Tells you something of our Youth policy and general mismanagement over the last 20 years.
  8. This may have been covered before but there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding Sheffield Wednesday's record transfer fee received. I understand that its not always clear what the exact final amount the club received for a player but many sources on the internet has Chris Brunt £3m as our record fee received. This site has him down in 5th place :- http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday/rekordabgaenge/verein/1035 ...and suggests we received £6.8m for Darko Kovacevic. Presumably this was additional fees following his big money transfers in subsequent years? Was a little surprised at some of the other amounts on that list too Emerson Thome £3.4m How accurate is any of this?
  9. I'm in my mid-forties and attended many games pre-disaster and afterwards watching Wednesday where I didn't feel safe. That includes crushes on terracing, poor entry areas, inadequate turnstiles, poor policing and, probably the biggest factor, the stupidity of other fans and fellow Wednesday fans. I now take my sons regularly to Hillsborough and elsewhere and I'm thankful that that was then and this is now. I'm not going to add to any of what's already been said regarding the over-zealous SAG but clearly they've got a job to do and won't compromise. Even if a lot of what they do is clearly way over the top! What we all have to remember is what our Chairman has done in the last two years regarding the finances of the club. The income levels are much higher although many would argue he has gone too far with his price rises. That being so, does anyone really believe that he will stand by and let almost 10,000 seats go begging? We all hope of course that we don't spend many more years in this division. The reality is that we may need another one or two years to bridge that gap. I personally don't think the chairman will wait that long to spend significant amounts on the ground to bring it up to scratch. Money spent on the ground would be capitalised in the accounts and wouldn't count towards the clubs losses and so wouldn't affect the FFP rules. After all, he will spend £9m on one player in the summer. There's no doubt that the finance director and the rest of the board will have looked in detail at the plans unveiled in 2009 raising capacity to 44,800 at a cost of £22m. Perhaps this won't be achieved completely until Premier League football returns. If Mr Chansiri is still our chairman in a couple of years time, surely changes WILL have been made.
  10. Suggestion for next season - whichever division we are in. House 1,500-2,000 away fans in the west side of the North Stand accessed from that side. Build walls internally in the north stand on top and bottom concourses to divide fans and a column of stewards in the stand itself. NW corner remains vacant for segregation and safety concerns. Additional 5,000 SWFC fans then housed in West Stand. Wednesday fans on all four sides of the pitch, better atmosphere and bigger potential attendances. This would possibly need some improvements to the turnstiles for the North Stand on that side of the stadium. Its what every other club in the country would be looking to do, why not us?
  11. Can't see the logic in this? http://www.themag.co.uk/2017/03/2-shocks-newcastle-fans-hoping-go-sheffield-wednesday-police-intervene-newcastle-united/
  12. I think the scheme has ended. We've simply asked each year about dad's renewal and they have granted it for free. However, he has spawned 3 sons, several grand-children, great grand-children, nieces and nephews who all now follow SWFC and pour money into the club. So I guess its a little payback by the club!
  13. My dad's had a free season ticket for the last 7 years. He is 87 and the club have certainly looked after him since they introduced the scheme for the over-80s a while back. It would be interesting to know how many still benefit from this?
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