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  1. Hillsborough can be as hostile as Helmand at times.
  2. Must detract from the experience of having their best season in 50+ years when their first thought isn't to absorb and wallow in it instead it's taken up by thinking of us.
  3. How are they going to get round FFP with that?
  4. Might be a dumb question but....Is this in praise of Chansiri or ridiculing him because of our situation?
  5. Is it just me or did they start to become incompetent around the same time they changed their name from The Football League to EFL?
  6. As has been mentioned earlier I think there's a strong possibility we've mixed up with the bacon strips here, They pressure teams throughout the match and have annoyingly but unfortunately quite deservedly been lauded by every pundit going for getting in the faces of teams trying to play out from the back. On the other hand I remember being annoyed at how little we pressed teams this season. The match against Barnsley at home we harassed them for the full 90 minutes but from my memory this was an exception to how we normally played this season.
  7. Think it's fairly obvious why he's not more involved in the family business...
  8. Streaky Bacon Home Kit, Pig Skin Away Kit? Seems perfect for them 😂
  9. So the only reason the Premier League has a problem with the takeover is one of their broadcasters has an issue with them? Not the other glaringly obvious ones?
  10. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/10183163/wendys-is-coming-to-britain-and-well-soon-be-able-to-feast-on-the-american-chains-burgers/
  11. When we were looking at getting promoted and they were staring at a 4/5th straight season in League 1 I was chatting with a colleague of mine who favoured the baconators and I remember realising how little thought I gave them compared to when we were battling them in the promotion season. Looks like they're not having the same thoughts...
  12. Toytown Fan doing a bit of Rectal Rimming in this one....
  13. Not sure if it's been mentioned but just generally market the club better, I unfortunately through work see a lot of the various stuff United put out and they make such a massive song and dance about literally anything they do whereas we don't. For instance looking on the shop website there's the new training gear for this season available now as well as some new casual T Shirts and Polo shirts yet I've seen nothing on the club website, or social media to tell fans. Also the 6 match bundle deal as far as I can tell has largely only been advertised at matches which means most people seeing will probably already have a ticket for the games. Advertise on Social Media, in the Star, I remember seeing adverts for Season Tickets on billboards a few years ago. Surely any expense would be covered if 1% of people who see the ads buy the 6 match bundle?
  14. Can fans complain? Or does it have to be the manager or club?
  15. Anyway if getting it without sponsor on it?
  16. Some people just like to go against the grain and disagree with things for the sake of disagreeing
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