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  1. Have for a few years now, Called Club Doncaster, I think they also make the Rugby League Clubs and the Belles, Makes the decision for that style even more baffling.
  2. Isn't that what they had last season with a different sponsor? If not its very similar
  3. The fact that the biggest insight into our club is an 11 year olds instagram account epitomises the mess we are
  4. No Premier League side plays like that, highest tempo league in the world, 95% of our players play in that league so why play 300 passes amongst the back 5 before going anywhere and then turning back as soon as a Scotland players withing 20 yards? We'll never win a major tournament with Southgate in charge.
  5. Feels like the entire ITV coverage is set to make out like Scotland are a decent side and isn't asking why England are playing so slowly and negatively
  6. Are the Blunts gonna go with ManBearPig for theirs?
  7. The sheer idea that there could still be Chanisiri fanboys blows my mind
  8. How about Merch? Get the Chansiri out flag printed on T shirts, Mugs, Car Bumper stickers etc etc, Then use the proceeds to fund the Media campaign. Could all wear the T shirts to the first home game we're allowed back. Presuming the clubs still functioning by that point.
  9. https://www.unicornstairlifts.co.uk/news/morgan-cuts-ribbon-on-new-bramall-lane-disabled-supporters-lounge/ Shithousery or just tone deaf?
  10. Fairly certain the Disabled lounge at Bumhole Stain was/still is called the Chris Morgan lounge...
  11. This might have already been mentioned but if Pulis got sack after his meeting with Chansiri, what happened to the SWFC Supporters Trust after their 2nd?
  12. Always makes me laugh when he makes these wild claims about how much money he's spent. I suspect the £350 million claim is a bit far fetched but even so how is claiming you've spent that much money and making a football club worse something to be proud of? Like he's putting a number on his own incompetency.
  13. Just gonna leave this here...https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-united-wednesday-simon-jordan-19261611
  14. I get giving him the rest of the season to ensure we stay up but do we honestly expect the club to move him on when he's run his course and we need to build?
  15. 4 years old, Sat in my Mickey Mouse dressing gown, watching Wednesday on match of the day, I think playing Southampton, when we had Carbone and Di Canio up front. And its been all downhill since then.
  16. I pray to Jesus, Allah, Ganesh and any other deity that has existed since the dawn of time this is true.
  17. Hillsborough can be as hostile as Helmand at times.
  18. Must detract from the experience of having their best season in 50+ years when their first thought isn't to absorb and wallow in it instead it's taken up by thinking of us.
  19. How are they going to get round FFP with that?
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