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  1. Most things with Chansiri seem to come out of the blue. Look at the Moore appointment, no news out of Hillsborough to suggest anything before I set off for work that morning and then I pulled into the works car park 35 mins later and we had Moore in charge.
  2. And any blade that mentions one's been in jail just remind them who owns them.
  3. Surely anyone with even a shred of business acumen is better than Chansiri?
  4. Does this mean they could be more fuck8d than we are?
  5. The fact we have a banner on the Kop essentially thanking Chansiri for relegating us is ridiculous
  6. Think some people are happier taking some kind of weird "I know better" morale high ground they get a kick out of than actually looking at the bigger picture and how virtually everything to do with this club is sub standard and its down to one man...
  7. Getting toward the ridiculous now, Past 2 matches I've had the grand total of 56 shots, 25 on target, a combined xG of 4.36 and scored one goal.
  8. Is this all part of the "deeper problems" that's been mentioned by the 2 previous managers?
  9. Any fan base that sings that wooahh wooahh woahhh song I struggle to take seriously
  10. Don't know if it's the latest update but I've noticed recently I can have 30 shots and maybe score 1 or 2 goals and it happens majority of matches, far too often dominate a match and don't score or only score 1 goal and then get suckered punched by the other team scoring a jammy gpal in the last 10 mins who've only had about 3 shots all game. Does happen in football but nowhere near as often as on FM22. Also noticed my players shoot or head the ball over the crossbar 75% of the time all of a sudden.
  11. If this was Football Manager I'd have shouted Bullsh*t and turned it off by now.
  12. Not at a Wednesday game but during the infamous England v Iceland Euro 2016 I was in a bar just off the Egg Roundabout in San Antonio, Ibiza. They'd made the fateful mistake of having a free bar so given the way the match went you can imagine what it was like, Needless to say when the projector showing the match went off suddenly it wasn't difficult to start a chant of "Fu**ing useless"
  13. Work in Leeds, Can't begin to tell you how satisfying this is after last season Did put the idea forward to them at the beginning of the season that United did similar, then had 2nd season syndrome and got relegated, but there was no chance of that happening to them according to the Leeds fans in our office
  14. Is it a sport or is it now sports entertainment?
  15. Changed the rules to make it interesting, shocking
  16. Hilarious that they escaped real financial turmoil a few years back, When they were in that Embargo they didn't tell anybody about, By finding Tufty and his balls firing them up the league and now they look in an even worse predicament than before
  17. Reminds me of when Chansiri started having his little hissy fits to the press, Hope this is the beginning of their spiral down the League/s like it was ours because it looks like their low point could be even lower than ours Couldn't happen to a nicer club.
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