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  1. People need to chill out maaaaaaan
  2. Preferred this to the Contender theme tune if i'm honest.
  3. Is anyone surprised the pigs are defending him? This is the same fanbase that viciously defended a convicted rapist and in unison sang about his rapey exploits from the away end at Hillsborough, they're a different breed.
  4. I know we're slightly biased but they must be one of the top 5 scummiest fan bases in the country surely?
  5. Straws are being clutched heavily here
  6. Have they been getting tips from the Kremlin?
  7. If that's true we are absolutely OK to laugh
  8. I'd expand this to any player who needs to receive treatment needs to leave the field for a period of time, stop time wasting dead.
  9. Racist, Homophobic etc chants yes but I think this is starting to take it a bit too far.
  10. I think the argument needs to be made that compared to the other teams mentioned the past 5 years have been frustratingly dreadful, that will play a part. Against Brighton we were having our best season for 15 or 16 years and we were absolutely outclassing them, don't forget the pigs got 16k for a playoff in league one not that long ago.
  11. I think considering how nervous the crowd obviously was the atmosphere was pretty decent, we'll see how good the atmosphere is at the stain when forest are running em ragged
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