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  1. Both teams they've beat are in the Relegation zone...i'm not worried...yet.
  2. Meh, Minor set back, If they don't go up this season they're screwed.
  3. Aren't they just the plans they came up with in their first premier league season? Can probably barely afford to buy new bog roll at the minute let alone build a new stand at the Bumhole Stain
  4. 9 new players who've all played at this level or above is underwhelming?
  5. Is that Chansiri banner still there?
  6. My Grandad is adamant the original Hungarian guy told him it was pronounced like Beers
  7. Have for a few years now, Called Club Doncaster, I think they also make the Rugby League Clubs and the Belles, Makes the decision for that style even more baffling.
  8. Isn't that what they had last season with a different sponsor? If not its very similar
  9. The fact that the biggest insight into our club is an 11 year olds instagram account epitomises the mess we are
  10. No Premier League side plays like that, highest tempo league in the world, 95% of our players play in that league so why play 300 passes amongst the back 5 before going anywhere and then turning back as soon as a Scotland players withing 20 yards? We'll never win a major tournament with Southgate in charge.
  11. Feels like the entire ITV coverage is set to make out like Scotland are a decent side and isn't asking why England are playing so slowly and negatively
  12. Are the Blunts gonna go with ManBearPig for theirs?
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