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  1. Of course, but we won’t find him. Our scouting system is the equivalent of david blunkett going fishing.
  2. Agreed. I think if a manager was approached by us and bristol city, unfortunately the latter is a more attractive post due to the everlasting issues at S6. Of course we are a bigger club, but I think this old rhetoric is getting far too old now
  3. It works when you take your chances and not having to risk throwing players up top leaving gaps and getting caught.
  4. Whoever was advising Chansiri about the financial situation, so maybe his son
  5. Couple of million? Suppose now more than ever optimism is needed
  6. And replaced by whom exactly? The problem is the financial mis management of this football club.
  7. Nothing to do with monk this result. Set us up well and we should have been more clinical in the first half.
  8. This could be the game that sends us down, assuming we are punished by the efl
  9. Just shows what happens when you aren’t clinical enough
  10. My only concern re the tom Lees situation is that, if he were to leave at the end of this season, it would leave us very short in numbers at the back. If we face an embargo, the prospect of having only Odubajo as a replacement is incredibly worrying. Any up and coming youngsters that could be thrown in? I think we are okay for wing back, its the ‘Back Three’ where we will need to focus on strengthening, as well as centre mid and striker
  11. Yeah, i mean those cardboard cut outs will get to us all mate.
  12. A lesson to people that they shouldn’t believe everything they read on here 😂😂
  13. The whole point of a cap is that it’s applied universally, not on different circumstances.
  14. The memory being that 2 years ago everyone thought he’s the next best thing
  15. 12th tier of english football... Can someone explain why this hasn’t been moved to the ‘ideal summer transfers thread’
  16. Having watched the 3 games so far, i have to say I’ve enjoyed it for the first time since before Christmas. Odubajo made a point that he feels pressure from the fans, but at this level there is no hiding place and any decent pro shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the pressure and expectation at the club. Its interesting that the feeling on here has been positive, in regards to what is happening on the pitch. Is it because we aren’t there at the ground and we have the luxury of watching the games as if we were all sat in the in the commentary area? Does it give fans a better perspective of things? It might be stating the obvious but had we all been there tonight, the post match feeling would be incredibly different. Vast majority on here would be immediately slating monk and the players. Obviously no fan wants to see their home team lose 3-0, but I genuinely think watching on tv gives fans a better perspective.
  17. Was a blatant penalty looked like odubajo dragged their lad back
  18. We’ve done well to be honest. Wickam has looked a handful, I’d be tempted to bring rhodes off mid way through second half and put da cruz on
  19. Depressing how staying in a mediocre championship by the skin of our teeth could be considered as glory.
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