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  1. You can't come in owls talk and say 'very good source'
  2. Hopefully more time than people have given Steve May. Sort of annoyed me that he hadn't heard of us though.
  3. I was gutted to see us miss out on Jesse lingard, then again it was unlikely for us to get three of their players.
  4. This is better than the 25th December
  5. The only coverage we got today on the bbc was you know what
  6. I must say I for one am extremely happy with how the last few days have gone in terms of players coming through the door. Certain fans suggesting we need a winger, but actually when being realistic I think whoever has been behind the transfers (director of football or otherwise) has strengthened where required. Helen has been decent over Christmas, I'm still undecided regarding Maghoma. I think if we really do need a winger we can perhaps target one in the loan window. Was surprised not to see anyone come in for Kirkland, and was even more surprised that we let mani diseruvwe leave to Chesterfield as the kid showed serious promise in the development squad . I think if the owners mean serious business then should invest long term in the academy, you only have to see what it has done at southamoton who were in a similar position to ourselves not too long ago. Up the owls, in gray we trust
  7. With Sam Hutchinson seemingly ready for contention again, would you put him straight in the team against Bolton ahead of Semedo? People say he's one of our best assets when fit, but personally I haven't seen enough of him to justify sticking him in straight away as I feel his inuries degrade our confidence and rhythm.
  8. Wouldn't we be doing exactly the same though. I'd be really surprised if we do sell lees now especially as camel has gone to theAfrican CON
  9. Just had his contract terminated by crystal palace. Wages aside, would people take him? His age is arguably against him but I think he could seriously do a job.
  10. According to them, Maghoma is a striker. Petty yeah, but it just seems to be a constant string of errors from them clowns!
  11. Why them and not us? What is it about these small clubs and their retail park football grounds that attracts investment ? I think this is a question that bewilders us all.
  12. I hope this isn't what SG is waiting by his phone for....
  13. He's basically a scouse Rodri, doesn't have the build the championship requires
  14. My mate is an Argyle fan and he was highly thought of down there, is it what we really need though?
  15. Just seen Lavery on Division Street and he seemed to be walking normally which is good.news I suppose
  16. That being the case, would people like to see him sent on loan to somewhere like Chesterfield to get up to speed?
  17. So longer than a season by which point he is no longer our responsibility!
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