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  1. I’ll be very surprised if the club don’t make any announcements by the end of this week on who is staying and who is going
  2. Obviously there is no official confirmation on this. However, this post along with the ‘house move’ we saw last week only suggests he is on the move, if nothing else. If this is true, another ludicrous decision by the club. Yeah you can say we might be preparing for life in League 1, but as it stands there has been no official word on points deductions etc, so we should be doing everything we can within our power to finish the season as strong as we possibly can.
  3. Would be pointless sacking someone before the end of the season. in fact, given what’s happening with Covid etc., I actually think it will be more difficult to attract managers than before as they will have to consider issues like family, relocation. Not saying they don’t do normally, i just think there’s more risks involved; regardless of the money.
  4. So if this guy actually ends up signing, that will have been offering an absolutely garbage midfielder another contract PLUS signing a forward who has a goal per game ratio of 0.06. Signing his own death warrant
  5. It seems a bit bizzare that we’ve not had a friendly (other than against ourselves). Look at other teams in our division playing against premier league sides. Why aren’t we doing this? Is it just another baffling decision by the not so wise monk? May as well just be playing wembley doubles.
  6. Don’t really know much about the fella, apart from the driving scandal. From reading the posts he sounds like a bit of a dodgy character. I know we aren’t really in a position to be picky, but he’s got a goals per game ratio of 0.06 so for that reason alone I’m out. There must be some better free transfers/loans out there.
  7. So glad this didn’t end up in ‘Could he do a job for us’
  8. League 1 written all over it
  9. There’s so many aspects to this issue it’s more complex than what people seem to realise. From what I’ve read on here before it’s been a combination of: 1) Not having ‘his own set of players to bring in’... Sadly I disagree with there was an opportunity in January to bring in some players that would help the team. Yes you could argue he has had his hands tied, but so did Bruce and we managed to bring in some very good players under him. 2) Only having one real option up front. I don’t think this can be put at Monks door because with fletcher we are extremely one dimensional and the age he’s at, we cannot carry on with this. However he’s our best option currently. 3) Mis management of the squad he inherited - The ongoing issues with Westwood and Hutchinson. He clearly didn’t gain the respect of 2 of our best players. With a good, experienced manager I’m not sure this would have happened. 4) Signing players that clearly aren’t good enough for what we need - Da cruz, Windass and Wickham. 5) Defensive collapses - This is a strange one, we were incredibly tight at the back up until Christmas and then for some reason it all went downhill. I think this is down to the players themselves because i genuinely don’t believe individual mistakes can be put at the managers door, and there have been far too many which have cost us dearly. Whilst Monk has had his hands tied, I think the club also do in some respects because firstly we aren’t in a position to be paying top wages for a manager with a record like Bruce/Hughton. Secondly, I don’t think there are many candidates out there that would be worth replacing Monk. We should have gone after Rowett, but we didn’t and I think the club will regret that. Overall, clearly in a perilous position and one I don’t believe there is much room to get out of.
  10. Would rather have Hutchinson for one month a season than pelupessy for the whole season
  11. I’ve said before that as much as he’s been crucial to us this season, we need a new style up front. He’s given 110% in every game he’s played for us and he’s been magnificent, but time for a change IMO. If he leaves, my only concern would be that Nuhui starts up front every game and we don’t alter our style of play.
  12. Probably not many, which tells its own story!
  13. You never know. We have hammered both forest and Middlesbrough away, beat leeds away, played very well against West Brom despite losing. We beat Bristol City as well at home. Not all doom and gloom. Oh and just i was looking at the table for the first time since March, what on earth are Milwall doing 2 points off the playoffs 😂
  14. I assume the match day speaker won’t be there... Be funny if they still did the walk out music though. Out of curiosity what is the song? And the one for the second half which seems to change every season
  15. I hope Odubajo plays well then as he was suggesting he felt pressurised by the crowd.
  16. We can feel sorry for ourselves, but the fact is every other clubs are in the same boat. This may all come as a blessing in disguise, assuming we aren’t relegated.
  17. Just don’t get it taken off you at customs
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