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  1. Not particularly experienced though are they, how many games they got between em
  2. What?! That was his best attribute, don’t know which games you were watching
  3. Just shows how poor and slow our recruitment has been. I’ve said from the beginning its more a case of getting bodies through the door in positions that needed genuine attention, specifically up top, left back and keeper. Yes we’ve signed alex hunt, which admittedly is a great result, shodipo and adeniran but it’s not where bodies are required
  4. When was the last time we had a main striker injured at the start of the season?
  5. Fair play to him, like every other player he’s been treated poorly over the last 6 months from a financial perspective.
  6. It’s not ideal but it’s about time dawson was brought back in, on the basis of last season Wildsmith was much worse than when dawson was between the sticks
  7. Thing with Bannan is yeah he will want to play in the premier league and I can see them paying those wages just because they will now be able to. Swansea looks less likely for me due to his wages and also the fact their manager has just left which surely put recruitment up in the air
  8. I’d forgotten that We had signed those, are they any good though?
  9. Assuming we don’t make any more significant signings (i.e academy/u23s), what is the current lineup first league game of season? Dawson palmer dunkley Iorfa (left back required) Bannan (doubt he will still be here) Luongo Hutch Green Patterson?
  10. What’s worrying is that he’s the only striker. Turning into a bit of a sick note this kid, ffs Wednesday get a move on
  11. Take it you are in the chansiri out camp then
  12. They’re all bang average but would certainly wanna hold on to Patterson as we have no strikers whatsoever
  13. Haircuts and the shirts of the mid noughties era were nothing to be proud of
  14. Apparently he knows the club inside out
  15. Never really understood the hype around Alex Hunt. Seem to recall him coming on as a sub when we played Man City in the cup but then that was about it Clearly not or never will be good enough if he can’t make an impression on the first team
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