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  1. Was reading earlier that James Wilson wants out at Old Trafford in pursuit of first team football. Not suggesting that we have any hope of signing him, but it made me wonder it probably makes them less inclined to release Will Keane at the end of the season. If we were to sign Keane, it would no doubt strengthen our strike force, but would it really make us promotion contenders? Lets say we signed Mcgugan and a tricky winger close season.
  2. Goes without saying that his injury record is abysmal. If Semedo sustains the level of performances he has shown this season, and Melo turns out to be the player that SG believed he was getting, it might actually benefit both parties to have Hutch just as a squad player that can come in every now and then. Just like Ledley King, had they try to play him every game when he was fit, he would have been forced into retirement far younger than when he actually did. I reckon it will be a similar case with Hutch. Not only will it sustain his career, but it may improve the performances when he does play. Thoughts?
  3. In my first game, the referee got floored... It wasn't by Phil Bardsley
  4. I'm not suggesting we should, was just a question. Clearly the manager is far more important than just one player.
  5. Why would you want to see one of our young talents play alongside a bunch of no marks?
  6. Would people take poyet if it guaranteed us Connor wickham next season?
  7. We are better than kenwyne jones... I think Sunderland getting relegated could be a massive bonus as he's more likely to leave, but he's not one of those players prem teams would jump at straight away... What's all the hype about wood? Has he even played this season/done anything of worth? For me, Keane and Vardy
  8. Probably been seen by many of you before but I've just seen this for the first time.. Palmer looked a right character!
  9. If any local brewer such as thornbridge had any business acumen about them, they would create a Wednesday ale or a piggy ale, sell em at both grounds. Would make a reyt fortune on match days. Could have all the legends on the bottle. Sadly I don't know anyone in the industry to pass on this idea!
  10. Image coming soon refers to swfc player to score a hatrick this season
  11. Suarez signed a new contract at Liverpool last season
  12. I think just tounge in cheek for 'put it to bed'
  13. A museum would be good, I can't help but feel our location would undermine us though. I mean, how many people actually visit our ground when it's not a match day. It would only generate income and be sustainable if it was used daily.
  14. Why is your memory so good?! Why is your memory so good?!
  15. To be fair Lavery had a massive injury as he was breaking into the team
  16. Great shout Underdog by kasabian - seems to be SG's card this season
  17. To be fair last time I suggested a player on here we signed him a week later
  18. Certainly surplus to requirements down at Arsenal. Incredibly raw, barely had loan experience never mind first team, but has a shed load of potential. Could be worth a punt for a loan? For the promotion push we clearly need more experienced players, however looking at our squad he is certainly a player we could do with. Thoughts?
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