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  1. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. There’s plenty of chances to make substitutions if things aren’t going to plan.
  2. Much sympathy for their fans and staff, never good news this especially at this moment in time. Hope they can recover
  3. Planning to use it for tonights game, is there commentary and if so who by?
  4. If Pelupessy starts, might as well lump on the baggies.
  5. Want it to be middlesbrough, Dingles, Hull But will be Luton, dingles, Hull
  6. If... Chris Maguire becomes an astronaut
  7. Again, there will be several clubs in our division in the same boat. Others will be in a much worse position, specifically L1 &2
  8. In the context of the second half of the season, then yeah maybe. But the squad need to be judged on the season overall, in which case 2 games of not losing is jack all in the grand scheme of things
  9. If westwood is already here Whats the point? Even if we could afford his wages it would be ridiculous as it would just put wildsmith further down the pecking order, which his performances don’t even deserve. It would just be another financial misjudgment and a repeated mistake we have made far too many times in the last 5 seasons.
  10. Agreed. But how often on here has there been widespread appreciation of the players efforts when we’ve been dominated by another team but still put in a big shift? Vast majority of people, myself included, are straight on Monks back etc.
  11. When they got relegated from the prem, I knew they would be in free fall.
  12. Odubajo seems to be always out of position, his pace sometimes makes up for it. Surprised Urhoghide hasn’t had much of a look in actually. Centre back is an area that needs strengthening IMO. If Iorfa/Borner get injured, we are left with Lees who has struggled big time this season. I know its only ‘ 2 games in’ but we seem to have a system that works. We should be trying to strengthen by getting players that are suited to this system as opposed to the previous shoehorning approach
  13. Interesting one with Lees. Lets say Borner/Iorfa get injured, who do we bring in? No more Hutch/Thorniley
  14. Indeed. They were poor; dominated most of second half and would have been a travesty if we didn’t leave with the 3 points. Surprised we took Luongo off when we did and left Lee on considering he was on a yellow. Special mention for Wildsmith, couple of superb saves and could be on his way to cementing the number 1 shirt
  15. Don’t have all the stats but pretty sure we do well on sky, unbeaten this season how about previously?
  16. He definitely has lots of potential from what I’ve read. IMO too much of risk given what potentially is at stake between now and the end of the season. Not sure how long the ‘pre season’ will be, but that would be the time to assess him properly.
  17. Well we will only need a mini bus next season given the numbers likely to have left
  18. It would be interesting to know the travel plans. Surely the lads must have travelled down yesterday and stayed over in a hotel, given the long travel and early kick off - could be wrong!
  19. Lets hope he continues to play well and not give up the number 1 shirt. Now his is chance following Dawsons poor form this year. That said, could we somehow expect westwood to return at the beginning of next season? Should be fully fit by then and everyone knows he is one of the best keepers in the division.
  20. Yep. But equally if he scores 5 or more by the end of the season then you can only see him as the number 1 striker. Unfortunately Wickams injury record suggests he can’t be consistent and will not manage to make enough appearances during a season.
  21. You should have just said they have all been released by Watford or Southampton, would change a lot of people’s opinions. Look at when the blades took Leon Clarke (who was he at before they signed him, wasn’t us)... He then turned out to be a decent effective player for them. This clubs certainly isn’t in a position to be picky. We need numbers in the squad at the moment, and any players we sign that have proven their worth elsewhere would be a bonus (not just because they were on a free and to make up numbers)
  22. Always good to have options but wouldn’t throw in against Bristol or West Brom either.
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