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  1. Also goes to show how managers need to be given more time so that they can have a few transfer windows. Last summer was a bit mad just because we had to make but still signed the likes of gregory and byers. Now we’ve signed vaulks and stockdale. We look to be going places and moore probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves for the signings he’s made. Now it’s up to him to figure out the best starting XI so we can do the business on the pitch.
  2. I know its Rovrum but Why would he leave a championship side to come to us though?
  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if Alex Hunt will be out on loan. Don’t know too much about Vaulks as a player but from what I’ve read he’d be a ready made replacement for Luongo, so not exactly bad backup. Big season as well for Adenrian, looked decent at the start of last season.
  4. Should have gone for him a couple of seasons ago IMO.
  5. why? Better than the usual drivel most new players give.
  6. I just think signing Stockdale suggests DM doesn’t have complete faith in Dawson who by all accounts did superb at Exeter. Being the age that he is, I’d be surprised if he lasts more than 2 seasons with us and not sure what the contract situation is but could easily find ourselves in a pickle. I can see exeter or someone else in L1 signing him permanently. I appreciate it’s a balancing act between younger players and experience, especially in the goalkeeping department where you are fighting for only 1 position.
  7. Think ‘upgrade’ a bit harsh, but good to see we are out of the traps in the window - even if it’s for a pensioner.
  8. Googled him and the first video that came up was ‘I apologise to the fans’
  9. I’m in two minds about it somewhat and just to play devils advocate, what if/when we are really struggling injury wise towards the end of the season and, to avoid further damage, we make subs to save players for the next games. Especially when its Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday?
  10. Never realised there was an ‘old’ milwall ground, their ‘new’ ground isn’t exactly anything to write home about
  11. Without trying to be cynical but can only think it benefits, yep you guessed it, the richer and more powerful clubs. Not a huge problem for the clubs in league 1 or 2, not even the championship but the likes of man city et al will benefit tremendously. They’re always moaning about the fixture pile up throughout the season, well go cry me a river. Must be really difficult having to watch the likes of De bruyne and Salah every week. Timewasting will become ridiculous as well. But if we are having 5 subs, does it allow more people to sit on the bench? Can’t be 1 without the other surely.
  12. Yep fair enough, but it’s a fact that that he’s 37 and too old for this squad that’s in real need of young players.
  13. From what I understand there is interest…. Interest from DM in signing very old players. On what planet do the club think he’s good enough if wycombe don’t want him anymore. Unless he’s come into play second fiddle to Dawson.
  14. I agree. The avg age of the squad really needs to come down, we definitely ran out of steam at the end. Obviously not all down to age but can’t help but think it was a factor.
  15. Only deserves game time if moore thinks he’s up to scratch and above others. Should have nowt to do with loyalty, age, background.
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