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  1. So basically it’s almost like we knew the outcome of all of this when we appointed Monk is that what you are saying
  2. As above... With vast majority of the fans wanting Monk out the door, who will really want to come and take on this mess. Just have to back Monk now at least until November. Hopefully he’s given chance to bring in some more young players. We have been in far worse positions... Up the owls
  3. We don’t need to ‘get more out of it’... We need to rip it up and get up to scratch with all other academy’s in this country. Our facilities and scouting system are abysmal compared to the pigs. Look how many players they have produced over the years, and how many premier league standard players have we produced via our set up? Vardy doesn’t count either
  4. Wasn’t saying it meant more to them, was just purely stating the fact
  5. I have sympathy for them. Just watched the Sunderand til I die documentary and it really just shows how much it means to people in that neck of the woods. It’s the most deprived part of the country and it’s their lives. Newcastle have such a big fan base and a fantastic stadium. They have an absolute **** of an owner and I hope someone eventually comes along and gives them the financial power required to make them compete for Europe. I’d rather them than Man City anyway.
  6. It’s just more camouflage for our players to hide behind
  7. Sign of things to come? And what are those things exactly?
  8. I agree mostly and we really shouldn’t be trying to get rid, firstly because we can’t really expect any big offer. But when you say ‘up there with the best’ have you actually been watching us the last 2 seasons?
  9. Monk’s initial cover letter must have been convincing before we got him as a manager must have been good then
  10. Website says ‘came through the ranks at city’s renowned academy’... Forgive me but what do they mean by renowned and what homegrown talent have they actually produced, can only think of Phil Foden and Micah Richards.
  11. Lets hope the stadium announcer has time to revise as I can see Urgonwhatever starting next season 😂
  12. Anyone else mis read this as ‘London Dykes’
  13. I mentioned Chris Hughton the other week and got slated, Eddie Howe is even more ridiculous!
  14. As we all know, there is absolutely no certainty we will be in the championship next season. However, looking at the teams relegated from the premier league it makes you think that the league will be even weaker than this season. The only clubs I can see vying for automatic promotion next season are Norwich and potentially fulham if they aren’t promoted this season. If Brentford aren’t promoted they will struggle to keep hold of their best players so I think they might not challenge. With Bournemouth, I can see Eddie Howe being poached and again their top players (Ake, King et al) all being poached as well. Watford are a shambles of a club, demonstrated by their last minute decision to sack pearson. Clearly our club is in a perilous situation, but if by some miracle we avoid a points deduction and are able to attract a new manager and recruit sensibly then you never know. Leeds and Forest have both been in bad positions as clubs and have been able to turn it around, Forest despite missing out on a play off place at the last stage.
  15. It wouldn’t be that bad if we had a tight defence and were keeping clean sheets. When you are both shipping goals and not scoring at the other end then there’s only one direction you are going in the table
  16. Sounds great, what else do we need to investigate😂
  17. None of them are worthy to wear it
  18. There’s no denying he has a good record. However, i think it’s pointless discussing possible replacements until we know the outcome of the EFL verdict
  19. what you expecting? The club are hardly gonna make an official statement apologising for the crap second half of the season
  20. There’s a bit of space in the Wednesdayite car park, although i understand they’ve submitted a planning application for some houses
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