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  1. Wouldn't turn my nose up like some muppets on here. We are a few injuries away from being a mediocre side like we were last season. Anyone know anything at all regarding hutch/lee injuries? Didn't Hutch have a fitness test at boro but fail? If so why is he still not on the bench?
  2. Well just been on our website and there's nothing about paying on the gate. will call up in the morning
  3. According to the daily Mirror may will sign for 'league one side 'rotherham...
  4. Mandaric said in an interview with the guy on Radio Sheffield that the delay was with the Football League. What more do they have to do to convince people?
  5. Source? And don't reply with something from a newspaper
  6. Cheer up pal..... Lets all go and have a cracking time at Brighton and cheer on the lads. Im as frustrated as the next man re takeover, lack of signings, but at the end of the day has anyone given any thought to the fact that it may have given our current crop of players to gel and work together, getting to know each other. I would actually say that compared to this time last season, we have a better team spirit now that miserable git DJ has left, we aren't relying on loan signings either
  7. Anyone else think Antonio is just the first player to have noticed the ship is sinking before its even set off?
  8. I think the majority of people on here would rather have BM than Antonio. As long as we replace Antonio with equal if not better quality then it can only be a good but of business. Would rather see the money spent on the striker though if im honest
  9. Someone in another thread was saying SG was wanting to lower the average age of the squad, but that trialist is getting on a bit?
  10. Someone in my family works for him, said it yesterday. Was just putting it out there like
  11. I don't think they would lie about that sort of thing to be honest
  12. It's a muslim festival. This is just what Bullen said
  13. No financial activity can occur until Eid is over, and this is the reason for the delay apparently... According to Lee Bullen.
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