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  1. 3 hours ago, Dutch McLovin said:

    Should have taken the money we were offered last year 

    Disagree.. He was one of our more consistent performers this year even though it was a shocking season. Whatever we may have gotten for him it wouldn’t have been worth it given that we would have had to play Odubajo all season

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  2. Also, are there any players at the teams that got relegated worth looking at that we might be able to get on a cheap. Whatever happened to Lyle taylor by the way? I know Barnsley survived relegation at the last moment I was also hoping we might have gone in for woodrow in January. At that point they looked relegated and we could have got him on the cheap. Now that they’ve stayed up they will demand more money... Oh the Wednesday way

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  3. 4 hours ago, bolton9owl said:

    I’ve heard today that Bolton Wanderers have already signed 8 players since their league was suspended. I appreciate that as they are regrettably now in League 2 they are probably not looking at high quality players but it does beg the question that we need to get a move on.

    in the knowledge that we need quite a few new players and I only hope that  DC and co.are busy behind the scenes.

    Living in the North West I don’t hear local gossip about who might be on our radar and even the rumour mongers have gone quiet so I hope it’s a case of keep it quite and out of the gaze of journalists etc until the deals are done.


    I get what you mean but I think our transfer objectives will have been put on the back burner until last week purely because, if we were expecting to win the appeal we probably had better players in mind. We now have to accept that any of those players will not likely want to come to a club on a 12 point deduction. 

    Although saying that, most transfers these days are heavily influenced by agents. Higher fees and wages offered by a particular club means they will get more money so will try and move players to said club.

  4. 2 hours ago, Kopparberg said:

    I suppose we did get Wickham in after who won’t have been cheap. 


    Chansiri always tries to help out his manager every season IMO, in whatever way he can. I can’t fault him in that regard. 

    You say that, but with Fletch, Foriestieri and Hutchinson gone we have cut our cloth significantly. 

  5. 34 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:

    Fox was rumoured for Norwich I think.

    So they were interested in both Fox and Rhodes in the last couple of seasons. Are we missing something? Not saying fox isn’t a decent player but I’m surprised they are looking at him considering they will be pushing for promotion next season

  6. 11 hours ago, WAWAWUTO17 said:

    Promoted back to the Premiership with the help of parachute payments. Love the level playing field in this league 👏  Teams like us, want to spend and can't spend. Bloody Joke

    I hate it as well. But technically it’s money that they have ‘earned’ and generated by playing in the premier league, so in theory it’s not spending above their means. I’m not saying it’s right though.


    The whole system needs a complete review, from a moral perspective if anything. Then again, there’s no morals in modern day football so will be like this for years to come I imagine.

  7. On 26/07/2020 at 16:37, MichaelSwfc1867 said:

    Listened to this yesterday, it was a good listen. Surprised to hear that Tommy’s first professional contract at the start of the 2006/2007 season was only £100 a week, he was basically told by Sturrock take it or leave it and he signed it because he was buzzing to be playing professional football at a team the size of Sheffield Wednesday.


    Said that Irvine constantly made him and Beevers watch videos and he over analysed everything to the point he didn’t play his natural game and was overthinking his every move or pass because of it and says that it didn’t help his game at all.


    Says that Megson totally froze him out and it was down to him basically just not liking him, he was forced to play with the youth team and then around March time he was told to stay away from the club completely. Says this hurt him a lot as he loved the club but it did leave a bitter taste. Apparently Megson wanted him to be shouting at other players and pinning them up against the wall etc when they weren’t performing, Tommy said that wasn’t his character and that he showed what he was about on the pitch in terms of workrate etc and from that moment on he was frozen out.

    £100 a week in 2006 even in league 1? Sorry but i just don’t believe that.

  8. On 26/07/2020 at 18:06, DSandersonOWL said:

    Much as I want Monk out I would certainly not want a dinasaur like Megson to ever come back.

    His dad was a goodun tho.




    Finally someone that speaks sense. Sometimes i struggle to tell the difference when people on here say ‘bring mego back’ if its a joke or serious...

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