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  1. I don't think I can personally reverse a trade -- but I can clear a trade you both agree to (basically both players going back).
  2. OK -- here's the race to create the random draft order: https://100yardrush.com/v/RoKkYsO293
  3. 9pm on Wednesday. Speak up now if you've got any issues with that.
  4. With the league filled now -- what are we thinking about a draft day? Is Wednesday evening good with everyone?
  5. You offered first so you're in. DM an email address and I'll send the invite.
  6. We still need a new entry for 2020, we have an odd number of participants.
  7. Currently we have an odd number of teams so we'll need a replacement before we can set a draft date. Any takers?
  8. Who's in or out? I will set up a date and time for the draft.
  9. Anyone want Kenyon Drake? I need a receiver.
  10. What's Bez even on about? He's got the #1 pick.
  11. Works for me. Everyone else OK with either of these?
  12. We've had another team opt not to participate (Honedog Giants) so as things stand I'm going to roll with 14 teams this year. If another team drops out (please let me know if you can't be involved this year ASAP) I'll consider adding a new team. Still open to new draft dates. Suggestions please.
  13. We still need someone who is seriously committed to joining. I'm also open to a new date for the draft -- any consensus on that?
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