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  1. Heffernan gets you 20 goals in league one next season.
  2. indiana

    New home shirt

    I'm taller than you (6'4") and about a stone heavier (12.5) and a medium fits fine.
  3. indiana

    Vancouver Owls ?

    There are a few European run bars in downtown Vancouver that will show games, although when I was living there it was during the World Cup so obviously there was a lot more focus. I watched a lot of games just at the entrance to Robson Street in a Greek-type bar/restaurant. Depends what you want to watch though, for example they'll have the Confederations Cup but I doubt you'll get the Euro U21 tournament.
  4. Call it 'The Double' and make it a 2 DVD set with the win at Hillsborough.
  5. indiana

    Euro 2008

    We speak English in Czechland. Up the CZECHS!
  6. indiana

    Euro 2008

    Czech Czech... Czech Czech Czech... Czech Czech Czech Czech... REPUBLIC
  7. I've entered a new team, and it says the Owlstalk league doesn't exist anymore. It was probably a friendly league. James - you should start a new Owlstalk league that just focuses on the tournament itself. We'll say I won the friendly 'warm-up'. Post the code on here for the new league so we can all sign up again.
  8. I emailed them, and they said that I only registered for the friendlies or something? I never had a say in that to be honest, I just registered a team. So it looks like I start on zero now after apparently topping the league. What a crock of poo . Who would register 'just for the friendlies' and not the whole competition? Why is this even an option?
  9. I can't access my team either, as others have said it appears to have dissapeared off the face of the earth. Although I am in that league table above.
  10. indiana

    Euro 2008

    I'd set a deadline for the final three places, and if a load of people are interested do it on number of posts.
  11. indiana

    Euro 2008

    Go on then, count me in. Indiana.
  12. Is this just for the pre tournament friendlies or the whole competition?
  13. One of the best sites in football (if not THE best) is an entire stand or stadium waving a scarf above their head in unison. Would be great to recreate that at Hillsborough.
  14. Watching the game on the TV the other day for me just emphasised just how poo poo ours and United's kits have become. Think back to that Semi in 1993... thats how Wednesday and United should look. Please can we have those kits back?
  15. The quality of our shirts has been absolutely garbage since we went from Puma to Diadora. The material... the look.... the lack of a decent collar... the sizing.... To be honest, for me anyway, it's really effected the clubs image. I don't think you'd see someone wearing a Wednesday shirt these days and other fans would pick it out and think 'Wednesday'.