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  1. Another way of putting that is not following trends. Pep has the best players in the world, who can play out from the back. So why does almost every youngish manger try to do the same and it generally does not work out to well. Look at what diversion you are in, what will get your team winning more than you lose. And try to win games instead of trying not to loose them.
  2. I grew up about 400 yards from where Mick lived. As a youngsters seeing a fans favourite walking about the village was great. As I got older, I got to know him a little bit and he was a really friendly bloke. As another poster as put I walk past his grave occasionally, and always pay my respects to him.
  3. Stand out moment for me was Drew Talbot's late goal, which allowed us to enjoy the last few minutes. Normally Wednesday's don't give us that privilege. But pouring out onto the streets of Cardiff with no one in a rush to get home, was a a great experience.
  4. Release Loungo, not value for money. I'm not disputing he is not a good player, but in his time here , he has not been on the pitch nowhere enough for a new deal.
  5. Although it was a competition that none of us got excited about, with a bit of luck Moore might realise that are fringe players are not good enough or care enough. Hopefully whenever possible he will play his strongest side from now on. The other worry is that most of them that did not preform, were brought in by Moore.
  6. I know one sets out to be nasty but, let's give his interviews a bit of slack. For all we know he may still be struggling with long covid and his though process. I know it's sounds hard to listen to, but for now have a think about it before being to harsh. Enjoy the game.
  7. Moore is a poor to average league 1 manager, is tactics prove this. The player recruitment in the summer fooled us all, most are average l1 players and that's why they are at Hillsborough. We are mid table, it suggests that we are where we should be.
  8. I hope he is embarrassed and Moore drops him.
  9. I hope Moore does not try to say bpf feels bad and will learn from this. He needs to make a point of dropping him.
  10. His defence should have told him but unforgivable. Send him back if possible and hope Wildsmith can do a reasonable job.
  11. I went mostly for the current squad. Can we vote again after 5pm.
  12. Best away to Blackburn ( what a night ) Worst Palace, last match of the season ( we all knew it was inevitable).
  13. I think most fans will agree there are green shoots there, some players will thrive and some may not. But we have always maintained that we the fans are the constant positive at our club. Let show it, give all the players our backing and see where this season takes us. Let's enjoy this season.
  14. After reading a few negative posts, I think some need to step back and realise England are in a final. Most on here would not have been born in 66. So just enjoy the day, the build-up and hopefully the game. Tomorrow we may talk about the what it's but for now I'm going make the most of today. Come on England.
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