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  1. Son's team every time. That medal and memory is forever. The last couple of years have proved loyalty only flows one way with football clubs.
  2. He has us over a barrel, he runs the club how he wants and has made a right old mess of it on and off the field. He says sorry it's my fault and want us to trust him to get it right. If it was a supermarket we would shop elsewhere, but he knows we won't. So until he gets fed up and sells or winds swfc up completely.,We are stuck with him. A bleak future awaits.
  3. It's done, we all expected it. The chairman and the players let us down. Let the anger go, they do not deserve any more emotion from us. Enjoy the summer and look forward to a transfer rumours thread ( in hope we get some decent players).
  4. Really disappointed, but sacking Moore give Chansiri a get out jail free card. He is the problem
  5. The chairman has relegated us this season, but Dunkley gave him a big helping hand today. He is a liability.
  6. Renew Hutchinson's contract ? It's a no from me, but you are correct on the rest.
  7. All of the above, but the worst thing for me is, we do not know if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We can get rid of managers and poor players but the chairman is still there and I am worried he will carry on making the same mistakes.
  8. I think most of us accept that we are down, and hopefully most of the players will be gone at the end of the season. So instead of playing the style and formation that is clearly not working, I wish he would play attacking football for the rest of the season and see what happens. We have nothing more to lose anymore.
  9. Confirmed Shaw is leaving and announced Hutchinson is getting a new deal on the same day. Our football club is truly broken.
  10. Borner has gave that impression since day one. He reminded me of a boxer who has took a huge punch and just waiting for the bell to save him. Never seems to know where he should be or what he should do.
  11. The result is not down to him, but he is not interested and going through the motions till he leaves should not play again.
  12. Mid week away match at Blackburn Rovers 1980 ( I think ) we won 2 -1. Taylor and Mellor scored.
  13. Lead singer is a season ticket holder on the kop.
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