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  1. What's great is over the last two months, we have been asking who was the least worse. But today it could have been any one from 5 for mom. Well done all at swfc
  2. No great mystery, he is a bit older, no longer at his peak plus he does not have the luxury of quality players around him. All our players are struggling to to play well in this team. If we can get something for him in January we should take it and start a rebuild.
  3. The current crop are not good enough as we all know. But at least half of our match day squad will be lucky to get a professional contract again at any level. It hurts now and we will be relegated, buts let's hope we can get a new squad of players who give a f@#k. Bannon Reach Westwood, I will be glad when they have gone.
  4. We have changed managers numerous times, players have left, brought players in with lesser ability. But we still have the same outcome. Bannon and Reach are the the two players with the most ability but is it time to rip the plaster off and if possible offload them in the January window and start again with a new identity for the team. ?
  5. The players, the manger and the tactics have all been very poor tonight. Even players with limited ability should not stop running, working, closing down but they have gone through the motions. Early days for our manager but he should have made a positive change after the second goal. So for me it's the worst I have seen us play in over 40 years. Someone please convince me im wrong and give me hope.
  6. Fair point. Hopefully he will get his chance and come good
  7. I know he has not had a run of games but Brown as been very disappointing. I hoped he would pull the strings in midfield, play through balls for people to run on to but his touch looks awful and sometimes he looks lacklustre.
  8. Liam Palmer let his man run off him for the first goal, lazy or naive. Probably both. But a very poor tactical desicion to bring him on for windass, only ever going to be one outcome.
  9. Big Jack became our manager at a low period in our history. He gave us hope by bringing in good individuals and good team players to make a team that could win football matches. If only we could find a Jack now. Thanks big man and RIP
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